For the love of humanity

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This week saw the hosting of the G20 Summit in Hamburg. Angela Merkel felt the need to school Donald Trump in democracy which is a bit rich coming from her since Merkel’s government has seen widespread shutting down of any debate or demonstrations by Pediga last year and earlier this year. Pediga were rightfully demonstrating against the islamification of Europe which was a decision taken by the EU elite without democratic consultation of the people of Europe. Neither Italy, Greece, Germany, France nor Spain were asked whether they wanted to accept the majority of Middle East countries coming into Europe en masse. Any discussion of the subject was and continues to be swiftly shut down. That’s not democracy that’s dictatorship.

The main press flew in a flurry of who sat next to whom, who spoke to whom, deciphering body language like a gaggle of school girls discussing the newest boy band or latest fashion items. However the real and big news was that meeting with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The Donald has long admired President Putin and his ability to maneouvre away from the constant bickering, prodding, cage rattling that dominated the Obama years and steered Russia into becoming a more modern country able to take leading parts in international agreements for trade and commerce as well as political diplomacy.  Not to mention setting up BRICS.  In short Trump admires Putin’s ability to look at the bigger picture and it shows.

Since Trump’s election as US President there has been a hysterical outcry that the elite lost the election in the US, have sought to blame everyone but themselves for this loss and can be equated to an arrogance displayed in politics around the world. The cage rattling has amplified to stratospheric proportions hoping to unsettle Trump so the Democrats can get back to doing what they do best, being undemocratic.

That the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was a success and they have agreed to stabilise and co-operate on several issues that have a real impact on the lives of so many people worldwide is the real success story of the G20.  As leaders of the two biggest nations on this earth I think both men understand the importance of the effect their policies have on people worldwide and as long as Donald Trump remains in the White House this is a positive outcome for everyone concerned. Sabre rattling by the military branch of the US government does nothing positive for the world and only goes to emphasize just how dangerous, out of touch and unstable the US really is. In a few years I hope things will have died down considerably as those who are in governments around the world realise that ordinary people don’t care for being marshalled into ever more conflicts that have nothing to do with them nor anything to do with the governments either. The “need for control” by governments only exposes their own weaknesses.


Sense at Last – or is it?

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After his speech at the UN last week it seems Mr Putin has struck a cord with Obama as the whole American cover has been blown wide open.   There is no pretence at “bringing democracy” to the middle east countries, nor that the US has been training, arming, funding and supporting IS/ISIS/ISIL and whatever name they give themselves this week and next. There is no pretence that America is only interested in starting WW3 on European soil with Poland at the forefront as before (słaba Polska, kiedy zdasz sobie sprawę, Ameryka nie jest twoim przyjacielem?).

For his part Mr Putin’s air strikes have done more damage to in a week than all of America’s “great efforts” have in four years to these terrorists funded by the USA.   In return the media in the US and UK have ramped up the words of disapproval and condemnation of actually getting rid of the problem that caused the hundreds of thousands of refugees to cross the Mediterranean sea to the safety of Europe; and the world is now asking the question, “Whose side are the American’s really on?” Everyone except the servile idiots of the UK Government who are still too busy congratulating themselves on how clever they are at having got back into government last May.

This, together with the conditions of the Minsk Agreement that was reached earlier this year have shown Jean-Claude Juncker the reality of the situation and there seems to be a shift in his stance towards the USA rhetoric of slowly strangling any signs of life in the EU economy.   Russia is not the enemy, Russia was NEVER the enemy in the whole situation over the past couple of years.   I have been resolutely on the side of Russia because it is so blatantly obvious who are the wronged parties here, Russia and the EU.

I sincerely hope this is the case and that the speech given by Juncker in a refugee shelter in Passau will translate into momentum for a positive outcome for all EU citizens. If Juncker can lift sanctions against Russia as soon as possible and also scrap TTIP, TISA and any other transatlantic “trade” treaties with America these will restore some semblance of normality for EU citizens who have borne the brunt of such a brutal time in EU history.

The “austerity” that was forced onto EU countries by the IMF/USA must now be written off throughout Europe. Not a cent more should go to these discredited institutions that have done NOTHING for EU citizens but forced them to endure relentless hardships not seen since WW2. The Euro currency also needs to be dismantled as it has become a straightjacket for those countries unable to adhere to the fiscal disciplines demanded of it. These two actions have caused so much division in Europe and mistrust.   The influx of refugees from ME have not helped matters and the added tension caused by TTIP, TISA and other such trade agreements have fuelled nations in wanting to take back their own fate which is why there has been speculation over an exit by the Greeks, Spanish and also looming is the UK referendum over remaining in the EU.   This has culminated in the last few days with NATO announcing they will set up HQs in Europe facing Russia in the near future.   This does not bode well for the future.

The situations mentioned above have been festering like a boil with so much venom aimed at so many parts of society, the rich, poor, disabled, old, young and most of all complete distrust of politicians. The latter has been earned by the secrecy in which the above trade agreements have been discussed in and has to be addressed forthwith.

I have said this previously the EU is a wonderful institution for normalisation of trade within Europe and beyond, but we need to pick our partners carefully.   We have to understand that the EU is not a collection of counties or districts that can be bundled up in the same way the USA was. Each country within Europe has its own history, language, geography, wildlife and the talents of it’s people who make the best of those resources are the richest jewel they have. Individually each nation is proud of these things, collectively if shared in a common cause (i.e. to become better, stronger friends and partners) the EU has the opportunity to really make something wonderful of itself. However to think that each country either individually or collectively could be shoehorned into a conglomerate of a union is foolhardy. I also think that to attempt to do so would be the end of the EU.

Polska musi zdawać sobie sprawę , że nie każda historia opowiedziana przez USA i Wielkiej Brytanii spowoduje okupacji Niemiec lub Rosji , te czasy minęły . To jest czas, aby budować mosty , przyjaciół i zrobić dobrą przyszłość dla wszystkich. Świat zmienia się szybko i musimy zmienić się z nim. Być trochę mądrzy.

Bombs, nukes & other assorted big boys toys

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The Labour party is having its annual conference with a new leader, Jeremy Corbyn and, predictably he has said he would not want to push the nuclear deterrent button, which is causing a great flurry of excitment.  Some commentators are arguing that if he doesn’t it invalidates actually having a nuclear option, others are apoplectic at the mere suggestion of not employing it.   Corbyn makes the observation that it didn’t do anyone any good when the twin towers were attacked with planes in 9/11.

It’s strange that ideas among politicians have become so entrenched in a thinking that is actually outdated, they find it hard to even consider an alternative way of living.   I have said this before on this blog and elsewhere, THE COLD WAR IS OVER.  There are no “Reds under the bed”, no bogeymen who will somehow threaten how you live.   The world and the people in it are sick of war being waged against this country or that, because you don’t like them or how they live.   How about just letting people live how they want to and if you don’t like how they live, don’t go on holiday there.  Nobody is forcing anyone.

Jeremy Corbyn makes a good point that Trident and the use of other nuclear devices as deterrents are so outdated, as it the mentality that goes with it.   Just because I’ve got a bigger weapon than you isn’t really going to stop you sneaking up and taking me by surprise another way.  Its an absurdity.

Having said all that I welcome President Putin’s address to the UN yesterday and his honesty in setting out how he sees the situation and how to move out of the impasse created by US actions so far in Syria.   The current refugee crisis has been created by the US, Europe cannot cope with the sheer numbers of people coming in, something needs to be done to stop IS which is causing so much terror across Africa.

IS, ISIS, ISIL and other names they call themselves are a by-product of US and Europe-wide policies in the Middle East that have caused so much unnecssary bloodshed, and gone onto create a Frankenstein of a monster.  It is absolutely correct that these groups are eradicated completely.   These were created by people who thought they were being very clever at the time, and now it has come back to bite them on the arse.

The help given by the Russians is very much welcome and I hope it all goes well.

The point I am trying to make in both of these arguments is that most of the time people just want to get on with their lives, they want to live comfortably, be able to provide for their families and have a good life where they feel part of a community.  What they don’t want is to be controlled into every minutae of their lives that strangles creativity and the simple act of just living.   They certainly don’t want to live in perpetual fear and being drip-fed images and ideas of how scared they should be because of A, B or C.

Is it too much to ask politicians to stop peddling the same ideas we’ve been fed for the past 100 years and just allow people to have a little happiness in their lives.  You remember happy, don’t you?   It’s time for CHANGE.  The real thing, not just the word or sentiment but the real thing, CHANGE.

The World Today

European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

The headlines this week ending 6th September have been about the Syrian refugees coming from Syria in to Europe, particularly through Hungary in to Germany. Germany’s Merkel has shown how utterly ineffectual she really is in that apart from allowing passage into Europe/Germany she has no idea how to deal with the flood of refugees.

I wonder what the real purpose of Schengen actually is. Is it to allow the unfettered movement of Europeans around Europe in search of work resettlement, or is it that once someone from anywhere in the world sets food into Europe (any country will do) they have unfettered access to anywhere they wish to go in Europe?   This is a much muddied part of the whole idea of Schengen whether deliberately or by accident and needs to be clarified by those who seek to have power over the rest of us, as it is ordinary people who are forced to bear the brunt of what is happening.

The inevitable arguments from socio-intellectuals of whether we should accept the refugees or not, where will they be housed and so on are predictable. Even actress Emma Thompson wrote a poem (ahh, how sweet) and postulated that any hostility was because of downright, old fashioned racism, completely forgetting that in the late 1990s during the conflict in Kosovo, Serbia thousands of white skinned refugees were allowed into Britain whereupon the established press wrote reams of hostile, overtly racist stories all with the same aim of scaring indigenous Brits into thinking they were about to be murdered in their beds and all these bloody foreigners should fuck off back to where they came from.

Such racism has been continued in the established press ever since, leading to the rise of UKIP ensuring those who are easily led by the nose truly think in this manner.   Thankfully not all English people are like that, there are those who are happy for foreigners to come to Britain as they recognise they are needed. Even so, some of these have different reasons for such a pragmatic approach.

The turning point came on Thursday 3rd September with the story of a 3 year old boy who drowned and whose body was washed up on the beach in Turkey. The story then stopped being hypothetical and hostile and became emotive.

It’s rarely that I agree with David Cameron on anything, but I agreed with him on Wednesday that simply taking people in from Syria is not the answer to the problem.   The same was echoed by Vladimir Putin who chided western governments, particularly in the EU, over their foreign policy in the Muslim world.   I certainly recall around 2010 reading in the mainstream press that the USA were pressing for the removal of Bashir Assad because he was not a puppet of the USA and therefore not favoured but that his removal would fuel a vacuum that would be filled by extremists that, at that time were called the Muslim Brotherhood.   This is a good few years before the name Muslim Brotherhood was bandied around in the mainstream press.   Now there is ISIS/ISIL, both of whom were, I am certain, founded by, funded, armed and trained by the USA and other Western governments.

It is the constant meddling of the USA and UK in the Middle East led by Israel who has its own agenda that has led to this sorry state of affairs.   While these floods of Syrian people are running scared for their lives into Europe, there is no policy collectively to be able to withdraw from conflicts in the Middle East, help stabilise them keeping in mind their own cultures and religions may differ from ours. There is absolutely no impact on America for this dreadful nightmare it has allowed to happen. And yet the propaganda machine is in full flow. Assad is the devil incarnate, ISIS/ISIL are “freedom fighters” and so on.

American’s foreign policy is like a child who knows no boundaries but because of its size it wreaks havoc among other adults (older nations) and knows nothing about responsibility.   America’s foreign policy has no benign intentions; nothing accidental is allowed to take part. It destroys because it can and it seems the only countries big enough to contain this schizophrenic nation are Russia and China, both of whom are equal in size, population and political clout.

Yet Europe must also share in the blame as the European Union was an American construct from WW2 where Germany was brought back from reparation for the damage it wrought over the rest of the world far too soon.   I am pretty certain that had Europe been left to its own devices Germany would be paying the price for such damage until very recently. The flip side of that particular coin was and is that Germany is the pet poodle of America. What the USA requests Germany grants without question.   Whether it is in Europe’s interests or not.

One only has to look at the recent “austerity” measures imposed on the poorer EU countries, many of whom are still grappling with this. This is not because of some accident but because it is politically expedient to do so. The trade agreements that are currently being debated in Brussels Pacific and Asian countries are not in their own interests, but in the interests of the USA.

I would propose that in Europe refugees should be housed in the grand palaces of royalty, governments and wealthy individuals who normally benefit from the cheap labour of refugees, that no further burden is placed upon ordinary people. Mostly the USA should open its doors unconditionally to the people its foreign policies have displaced and everyone from the Middle East, Syrians, Egyptians, Moroccans; Libyans and so on should be able to settle for as long as the USA continues to meddle into other people’s lives in other parts of the world.   It’s called responsibility and living with the consequences of one’s actions.