Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

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At last the long awaited Chilcott Report has been published and although the media have largely skimmed over the main points, the findings mainly confirm what has been known in the public domain already and that is that the war on Iraq was pre-planned, the “intelligence” was talked up, the allegations of weapons of mass destruction were false, the UN inspectors were not allowed to finish their job, war was not the last resort and Saddam Hussein posed no threat to America or the rest of the world.

Tony Blair was made to face the press and the families of those soldiers who lost their lives as well as Iraqi families who also lost loved ones in that conflict and as much as he played to the camera with his quivering lips and tearful eyes, the message was the same, he would do the same again, he made the best decision he could in the circumstances and he believed the world was a better place for the decisions he made. It was all about him. He was not in the least sorry nor was he contrite about his actions, he just looked like the cornered rat he is.

Well Mr Blair the evidence is stacked up against you. The man is not only deluded but completely maniacal, psychotic even. This mindset has taken hold in public life like a virus right across Parliament across all parties. There are just a small handful of truly decent people in the House of Commons and they are being forced out by those who also have psychotic tendencies. There is a good case for everyone wishing to be elected to parliament undergoing extensive psychiatric and psychological assessments for several months on end, so they can’t just give glib answers, so they don’t get to put the rest of the population in such positions again.

What makes my blood boil is the notion put forward by one parliamentarian that Blair would not face the full force of the law as there is no case to answer and its never been done before. I would beg to differ. King Charles I was beheaded for behaving like a tyrannical absolute monarch, among other things. I wonder what planet these people think they are on? If a King of England can be beheaded because he overstepped his powers then a government minister, a Prime Minister can also be tried in a court of law and imprisoned or worse (and I am of the mindset that a public hanging is very applicable in Tony Blair’s case).

On the evidence presented to the Chilcott Inquiry it has been shown beyond reasonable doubt that the Iraq war was pre-planned by at least 8 months beforehand. This proves mens rea or intention. The arguments and sending soldiers into battle gives actus reas or the act of. Both of these are necesary components in criminal law and I would say that Tony Blair committed an act of murder by government by planning and bringing together all the elements needed to put forward the case for war and then sending people into another country that Britain had no business being in and killing thousands of civilians who did not ask to be killed.

I would go further and say that the fitting punishment for someone in his position would be a public execution, even though hanging was outlawed in the late 1950s, I think we can make an exception in Blair’s case. I would force every MP, every top civil servant to watch Blair hang as a warning to all of them not to overstep their authority and certainly not to go on misguided adventures at the expense of other peoples lives. Another would be that all the money Blair has made throughout his life, and his wife as well, all the properties he owns be sold and the funds distributed to all those in the Iraq war who lost loved ones. I would leave Blair with only his underpants, destitute and homeless for the rest of his sorry, miserable life.

I totally get why the Americans feel so angry about the Iraq war, although it doesn’t excuse George W Bush from his part in the whole sorry story. Tony Blair was seen as someone who seemed intelligent and his wife is a barrister who subsequently became a QC, so even if Blair was sold on the idea of going to war and backing Bush, his wife should have counselled him against doing so, so she too is culpable. Again, the fact that the whole Iraq invasion was pre-planned shows that 9/11 was an inside job and that George W Bush should also be tried for first degree murder. The punishment they meter out is for the American people to decide.

The saddest thing is that both Blair, Bush and other politicians fail to see or understand is that when Tony Blair and George W Bush conspired to go to war and effect regime change in another country they effectively killed off any notion of democracy. That was when not only people lost their lives, people also lost the way they lived their lives and the effects of this are still with us today.


A Cross Hairs Moment, The Most Important Decision for Humanity

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We have officially witnessed a watershed moment in history that has been building up for several years now, which is the massacre in Paris of 129 people by professional mercenaries who were armed and funded by the same people who seek proxy wars in the middle east, the USA.

Through having a proxy army in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia that calls itself IS, among other names from time to time, the US has encouraged a war of attrition, fear and utmost brutality that have put fear amongst the populations of these countries. The only countries with the willingness and capacity to eliminate IS, Russia & Iran are having some notable successes much to the chagrin of US policy makers.

The above has laid the ground very nicely for the next stage of the proxy war that the US has been pushing for in recent years, that is the war within Europe. By having young, healthy men of military age invading Europe in a concerted manner under the guise of, and among genuine refugees, they have come not just from Syria but across Africa in countries that have not been in occupation by EU countries, and Pakistan and Afghanistan. I’d like to know what geographical commonality there is (other than they are all muslim countries) that makes these people think they can just come along into Europe spreading their open hate of us & bloody wars.

Europe itself is now lost, to all intents and purposes.   Schengen has been disbanded in all but name. The only countries who are able to see this invasion for what this really is, are those who were occupied countries themselves until quite recently, i.e. former Communist bloc countries. Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Austria are the only countries whose people have not been brainwashed by political correctness and have no fear of the accusation of “racism”.

For the purposes of clarity, racism is a term used to prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. As it is the sole intention of IS to completely dominate, subjugate and annihilate the European people, who are the racists now?

This, together with the pincer movement of financial subjugation used by the ECB and IMF in Europe have now brought Europe and the world to a place where a careful choice has to be made between capitulating to the so-called “world order” as ordained by US strategists that will rain down terror, slavery and eternal poverty on its population (thereby ensuring that TTIP will be accepted as the lesser of two evils, even though the US will openly flout such agreements to its own advantage), or giving Washington the middle finger, aligning EU military efforts against IS with Russia & Iran as it seeks to rid the world of this evil scourge and seek to live peacefully within our own borders, trading with each other as we have done for centuries, in friendship and common purpose.

Poland has to wake up if it isn’t caught up in all of this, the Poles will realise soon enough what “good allies” the Americans really are.   President Putin has asked that those who desecrated the war memorial at Warsaw’s Skaryszewski Park be found and punished. This should be done. Although the memories are still recent and within living memory, it should not cloud the fact that Poland is now being frightened into activities against its own interests and against Russia.   It will need all the help it can get from Russia very soon and must now do what has been requested for the sake of good relations with its neighbour.

Polska musi się obudzić , jeśli nie jest się wciągnąć w to wszystko , Polacy będą realizować szybko, tyle , co ” dobre sojusznicy ” Amerykanie są naprawdę. Prezydent Putin poprosił, by ci, którzy zbezcześcili pomnik wojny w warszawskim Parku Skaryszewskim być odnalezieni i ukarani . Należy to zrobić . Mimo, że te wspomnienia są wciąż niedawno iw pamięci dziennym , nie powinny zaciemniać faktu , że Polska jest obecnie w działalność przeciwko przestraszył własnych interesów i przeciwko Rosji . Będzie to każda pomoc może uzyskać od Rosji bardzo szybko i musi teraz robić to, co jest wymagane w imię dobrych stosunków z sąsiadem.

The Price of Everything is Money

democracy, democratic rights, Economics, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

Is it me, or has everything shot up in price over the last few months? Around April/May I was able to afford one meal out per month on my modest salary, now I can barely make one end meet the other. I have cut back to the bone and will, in all probability not be able to pay my water bill this month.   I wonder how many other people have made similar connections in the UK or even around the world?

In the UK this phenomenon can directly be attributed to the Tories getting back into government in May as there were enough gullible people who voted Tory, and are now beginning to regret this.

Public sector workers are being made to pay for the profligacy of the bankers who are still laughing all the way to their over-inflated bank accounts.   The working poor across all sectors of society are being used as a scapegoat for all the ills of society. Those people who are unable to work through ill health are being demonised for being dependent on state benefits and help with daily living and yet instead of investing further in manufacturing and industry government has a “hands-off” approach and couldn’t give a damn. The only sector the Tory government are interested in propping up is the financial sector.

The slice of cake we all have in order to be able to live is getting smaller and smaller and we are told to make do with less and are a burden to society. I note sections of the press announced that the £100 heating allowance and the £10 Christmas bonus given to pensioners is going to be scrapped as “they’ll all be dead soon anyway and won’t be voting again” around the time of the Tory party conference didn’t even draw a murmur from commentators. I wonder whether that comment was to test the waters or whether government are seriously considering going one step further and culling anyone over the age of 65 regardless of their health.   To which my reply is as long as the Royal Family are the first to be culled in such a manner I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

In the previous 5 years public sector workers have been had to take a pay cut in real terms (1% of fuck all is still fuck all), tax credits are being cut back, tax relief on pensions is seriously being considered by Osborne (the next step is stealing pensions under the guise of a tax, it will come) the housing market is so overheated the bubble is about to burst, however I have been saying the same thing for the past 15 years, but it seems saturation point has been reached, there aren’t enough millionaires, never mind billionaires willing to buy properties at present. If they do buy to rent, when the bubble finally bursts (and it will, sooner than later) they will still be unable to recoup their losses through the rental market.   This is not a good time to buy property unless you are going to live in that property and aren’t worried about house prices.

Since 2010 MPs have awarded themselves a payrise in excess of 10% save for last year when it was “only”9%, the Queen has got a handsome raise in her allowance and a new state coach (why she can’t take the bus to open parliament I don’t know) and yet this week the EU and UK politicians have fiddled the financial figures to tell us mere mortals that inflation is at 0% – REALLY???   I have had to switch to using discounters in my weekly shop, I buy food I can prep myself, my list of “treats” has rapidly diminished and I still have difficulty in making ends meet.   Osborne has had his nose bloodied by the House of Lords for trying to cut tax credits to the working poor, yet I wonder how much MPs will award themselves this year?

If it is the case that the financial sector is the only one worth government putting any effort into, then it should be taxed so as to be able to prop up the rest of the country that either has work in other industries and the rest of society. In short, everybody should have a bigger share of the cake.   Payrises should be uniform across the board.  MPs are less skilled than many workers in the public or private sectors and certainly have no greater skills that give them the right to award themselves more money than the rest of us.

Telling the working poor they must make do with less money while the rich swan around in their limousines is totally unacceptable.   The rich have systematically stolen from working people and the most vulnerable in society and should return this with interest.  I think the time has come to discuss the prospect of not just a living wage in its proper sense of firms paying people a real salary as they did before the Tories came into government, responsible capitalism I think it’s called.   There should be a guarantee that anyone who is unable to work for whatever reason, bearing in mind there are fewer jobs around and less money to be spent in society, has a guaranteed baseline income they can live on to meet their obligations for rent, bills and so on.   At present I would say that threshold is around £30,000 per annum in the UK.   Public sector workers should also be supported as there will always be a need for these services, they are essential for the fabric of society to remain viable in all its forms.

Stop Press, Move to the Left, Move to the Right

democracy, democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

I just have to post a quick comment on the anticipated results of the elections in Poland and the results in Portugal.

Whilst I’ve never been a fan of the Duck Brothers (Kaczynski)* when Lech and Jaroslaw were in parliament together, considering them to be country bumpkins who lack finesse in some of their ideas and in foreign affairs and in some of their views, Jaroslaw seems to be on the verge of pulling off a big result.   As his views are rather more than simply eurosceptic as in the UK, he would be joined by other smaller parties in Poland advocating heavy taxes on banks and higher spending on welfare for the majority of its people.   In this he seems to have hit a cord with the electorate.  However it turns out, I wish Poland well in her pursuit of self determination.

Portugal on the other hand left me absolutely gobsmacked when Anibal Cavaco Silva, Portugal’s constitutional president, took the unprecendented step of banning eurosceptic parties and any move to the left, even though the anti-austerity parties won a staggering 50.7% of the vote.  Led by the Socialists, they control the Assembleia

Anibal Cavaco Silva declared “Democracy must take second place to the higher imperative of euro rules and membership”.   He is terrified that any deviation of the path laid down by the Troika will spell years of further disaster for Portugal, but 7 years of utter hell for the Portugese people and they, among others have had more than enough.

There seems to be a trend started in Greece at the beginning of the year and it shows no sign of stopping.   It will gather momentum until each country in Europe can determine for themselves how they wish to live.   It does not necessarily mean enmity, but a necessary respect that is currently not there and certainly not something any politician in Brussels bothers themselves with.

I have said this before, the financial experiment is over in Europe.  The fiscal discipline is more than can be borne by any country other than Germany, in which case Germany is welcome to it.  By trying to sneak in a kind of statehood of Europe by the back door is the most stupid thing that anyone could even think of doing, and yet, here we are.   The Lisbon Treaty, the Fiscal Compact, the Growth and Stability Pact are works of fiction and unsustainable.  Each country has its own history, culture, language, traditions and topography within which it works and lives and each citizen of these countries is very proud of, and rightly so.   To think that Europe can be one homogenous mass beyond a trading partnership is an exercise in the foolishness of politicians.

*kaczka is Polish for duck, the name Kaczynski is a derivation of that.

Where do I Begin?

democracy, democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy, London Life, trade agreement

This week has been very interesting and provided a lot of material that should keep everyone engaged in the political scene for some time to come.

America’s continued meddling in the world’s affairs as it alone sees fit remains unabated. That great arbiter of lawlessness and cavalier attitude continues to wreak havoc and undermine the Minsk Agreement by continuing to arm and support Ukraine’s war-like intentions and dragging Europe’s main battlefield into its murky intentions by staging NATO exercises along the Polish border.

Desperate to sustain its hold over the world as a superpower despite its financial problems, pursues European assets through Greece even though Greece can no longer repay its forced loans from the IMF, Obama attends the G7 summit to urge maintain sanctions despite the fact they have no effect on Russia at all. If anyone is suffering it is Europe alone.

I find it hard to believe our so-called political leaders are so utterly spineless when it comes to nurturing Europe’s interests and those of its citizens that it is happy to be led by the nose like a docile bovine creature. Surely it cannot be that the entire world is dependent on the IMF for its continued survival at the expense of its own citizens? If it really comes down to this then we really are lost as a species.

I would like to know how many violations of protocols, agreements, treaties does it take before EU leaders finally realise there is nothing to be gained from aligning itself with USA interests which serve only America’s elite? There have been the NSA revelations by Edward Snowden showing that Angela Merkel’s phone conversations were being monitored (and probably still are), the complete undermining of Minsk 2 Agreement by Ukraine which is dressed up as Russian aggression. Not to mention the rape and pillage by the IMF and former Goldman Sachs employee Mario Draghi, now head of ECB and the complete capitulation by Brussels to US interests in TTIP which effectively sells every European citizen and descendants into slavery which has been negotiated in secret and about to be voted on simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic.

What is amusing is that this last week the Patriot Act was effectively filibustered by Rand Paul which breaks the legality of NSA activities. This is indeed enlightened (for once) and only the idiot dinosaurs in the American Congress bleat about “national security” being compromised. The fact that not a single “terrorist” has been caught by such tactics is irrelevant to them.   This is about fear and control.   That it coincides with Theresa May asking for more powers for GCHQ to allow more spying against its citizens under Emergency Surveillance is really too much and must be resisted.

Which brings me to another, rather chilling story about the next USA elections being chosen not by the many, but by a very few qualifying voters.   Whole swathes of people are being denied the opportunity to vote for the next president of the USA in what are called “minority voting” such as poor people, students, people of colour, among others.   I would be happy to hear from any readers of this blog to let me know the veracity of these reports.   It belies the propaganda that the USA is a democratic country. This is the lie it has pushed for decades across the world and now is being exposed for what it is. America is NOT a democracy. It is very much Anti-democracy. It is a dictatorship and sees itself as the arbiter of how other countries should conduct themselves.

Wherever America has conducted war it has not left anything of value in its wake, only destruction. At the very least where Hitler brought Nazism, the trains ran on time and he created the autobahns, the Americans have no such positive attributes. Iraq is still decimated by the American occupation and ISIS now holds large parts of it, along the north African border chaos rules with various factions making life hell for their citizens causing them to flee into Europe for safe haven.

One has to ask “What are the Americans afraid of?”

It is happy to send its citizens into battle to defend its warped idea of democracy. It is happy to profit by taxation from the labours of these same minority citizens, but denies them the vote.

By the same token one has to question what is the real motivation of TTIP? Through the IMF, the ECB, the forced loans and imposed sanctions against Russia which have no effect on the USA itself, it is seeking to separate the EU from a valuable source of revenue, make it more dependent upon American patronage which will only come in the form of more war and economic hardship. Far from raising standards America’s lack of standards would drive down standards across Europe which is why we are seeing a race to see how quickly various standards can be dismantled in the name of “free trade”.

If Russia feels itself to being “got at”, it has a right to.   Far from cowering into a corner Russia, through President Putin, has reached out into the world and made alliances with neighbouring countries and those further afield with whom it can do business and build mutually beneficial relationships. When President Putin says it has no intention of invading Europe I believe him as it would not benefit him to do so. The world has changed a great deal in the last 20 years, it’s a pity the American mindset hasn’t kept up with the rest of the world. It is stuck in a time vacuum of the 1950’s. The Cold War has ended, its time America realised that.