Time to Breathe, but not relax

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What a rollercoaster couple of weeks there have been in the UK. First the decision to leave the EU followed by David Cameron’s resignation, then both the Tory and Labour parties holding leadership elections and now we have a new female Prime Minister.

I have to confess to heaving a sigh of relief to see the two most hated government ministers finally haul their sorry arses out of Downing Street into oblivion, their names? David Cameron and George Osborn. The biggest shiesters to have ever dragged British Politics to ever lower depths since Margaret Thatcher, who herself was a soulless hypocrite and sleaze mistress par excellence. Cameron was effectively sacked by the British public and Osborn was sacked by Teresa May. Good riddance to both of them.

Time alone will tell whether she means any of what she said on the steps of 10 Downing Street as she entered to become PM and on that the country will reserve judgment. Her speech resembled that of David Cameron’s when he also took office, one nation that works for everyone. What he achieved was one nation rent from top to bottom as he pursued the Rothschild family interests above the interests of the UK. Divided and sub-divided many times but the feeling is one of a little more calm than there was previously.

However, events on the European continent and in Turkey leave me and others feeling nervous that the same could happen here with our own homegrown muslims some of who also have sympathies with IS, and relief that however things go for Turkey, one thing is for sure any idea that Turkey will join the EU while it harbours IS sympathisers including its dictator president, is a distant dream.   I just hope Angela Merkel feels very proud of herself knowing that she is also harbouring and encouraging these savages to come to Europe and then distributing them around the countries of Europe.  This is the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan coming into action so that white Europeans are either killed or bred out.  Unless European people realise this and get out of the EU however they manage to do this, Europe will cease to exist in 30 years time.   All because one man hated his white European ancestry and white Europeans and so many influential people supported him in his endeavours such as the Rothschilds, Winston Churchill and the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith.  One thread that joins the present time to that time is encapsulated in one word, eugenics.


A New Dawn for the EU?

Celebrations, democracy, democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

23rd June 2016 was the day the UK voted to leave the EU and I am proud to be counted as one of those who voted to leave. For many young people who don’t have the benefit of recalling the UK as it was before joining the EEC as it was then, they are fearful for what the future will bring, thinking that if only we voted to remain things would turn out ok. For those who can remember the UK as it was before joining the EEC, its a very different story.

I am one of those who can remember the UK in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s before the EEC morphed into the monstrosity it is now. While it wasn’t a perfect country in terms of the economy there were real, skilled jobs with real pay and although people weren’t wealthy, most people were in better health than they are now as they ate better rather than relying on ready made meals from supermarkets, there weren’t so many overweight people as people did physical work. When women had babies they weren’t forced to go to work because food, goods and services were inexpensive enough a single wage from a married couple was enough to provide for a family and keep a roof over their heads. Young people could go to university and be educated for free. Those people who wanted to improve their careers could go to adult education classes and gain qualifications for a nominal sum of money, as most of the courses were subsized by the local government. It was unheard of for old people to be left without care when they wanted it or to have to sell their houses in order to pay for care when they became too infirm to care for themselves.

Working life was easier too, people were not expected to work all the hours of the day for next to nothing, to sacrifice family life. You worked a 35 hour week with an hour for lunch and felt you had the energy to do other things at the end of the day and week rather than being so exhausted you just don’t have the energy even to talk to people. Jobs were plentiful and you could walk out of a job and in a week or two get another one.

Certainly as someone who came from an immigrant family I didn’t have a problem with people as I was growing up. Occasionally I’d be told to go back to where I came from but I quickly learned to have an answer to those sorts of comments, such as, “you mean my mother’s womb?” I would certainly tell any Europeans here in the UK to remain in the UK and continue your lives as there wouldn’t be any backlash. You came legally, you work hard and the UK benefits from your quiet, good culture that emphasizes family life. This is very much respected. Those that do make life difficult are in the minority.

Writing this on 24th June the immediate effect has been that the stock markets have dropped dramatically. I don’t see this as a problem. We’ve had markets drop before and then bounce back. In this case what is dropping is the fact that those in the banking industry who have been chasing smaller and smaller returns hoping to somehow fool the rest of us into thinking that the economy is healthy are now having to face reality. It isn’t.

8 years ago when the banking sector collapsed because of failed mortgages when the banks were helped out by governments around the world, none of these institutions reformed their practices. It’s been business as usual and they have continued to print money like its going out of fashion. This kind of stupidity is now coming home to roost and there will be a bumpy ride for a while but it will even out and we can work out how banks and money should be a part of society that services it rather than inflating money out of all proportion and creating debt and misery and calling it “growth”.

In time these same markets will stabilise and life will be better than it is now, for certain.

What is so nice is that other European countries also want to have their Exit Referenda and I hope they get these and vote to leave as well. I have previously said that to expect 28 countries to all fit into one type of superstate is a foolhardy exercise. All 28 countries of the European Union have their own cultures, geography, traditions, language and food which is to be celebrated in itself, but to have a one-size-fits-all model for all of them and expect them to shoe horn themselves into is complete lunacy. Of course it provokes tensions.

The worst thing of course is that the Germans have been so obliging in ensuring the demise of the European Union itself by first of all continuing sanctions against Russia which is the biggest trading partner of Europe, and then for that idiot cow, Merkel to welcome the world into Europe, triggering the Caudenhove-Kalergi plan into action. The worst act of deviousness has been to bully Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with fines of 250,000 Euros for each rejected “refugee”. For the last 250 years a good part of Europe has sought to kill off the Slavic people through wars, starvation and occupation and still we come back. Now they want to kill off what remains of the Slavic people through rape and interbreeding and head cutting by people who have no intention of integrating into society, but imposing their own beliefs, religion and traditions onto European and Slavic people.

Once Europe has taken back control of its own countries there will be repercussions for Germany and it will not be welcomed with open arms. Germans are a nation of bullies who should never be trusted with anything. Having now welcomed all these head choppers into Germany I hope they will learn their lessons well.


23 czerwca 2016 był dniem Wielkiej Brytanii przegłosował opuścić UE i jestem dumny, że liczy się jako jeden z tych, którzy głosowali opuścić. Dla wielu młodych ludzi, którzy nie mają korzyści z przypominając Wielkiej Brytanii, jak to było przed przystąpieniem do EWG, jak to było wtedy, że boją się tego, co przyniesie przyszłość, myśląc, że jeśli tylko głosowaliśmy pozostać rzeczy okaże się ok , Dla tych, którzy pamiętają Wielkiej Brytanii, jak to było przed przystąpieniem do EWG, jej zupełnie inną historię.

Jestem jednym z tych, którzy pamiętają Wielkiej Brytanii w 1960 roku, 1970 i 1980, zanim EWG przekształcił monstrum jest teraz. Mimo, że nie był to idealny kraj z punktu widzenia gospodarki nie były prawdziwe, wykwalifikowanych miejsc pracy z prawdziwymi wynagrodzenia i chociaż ludzie nie byli bogaci, większość ludzi były w lepszym zdrowiu niż obecnie, jak jedli lepiej zamiast polegać na gotowych posiłki z supermarketów, nie było tak wiele osób z nadwagą, jak ludzie zrobili pracy fizycznej. Kiedy kobiety miały dzieci nie byli zmuszeni iść do pracy, ponieważ żywność, towary i usługi były na tyle niedroga pojedynczy płac z małżonków było wystarczające, aby zapewnić rodzinie i utrzymać dach nad ich głowami. Młodzi ludzie mogą iść na studia i zostać wykształcona za darmo. Tych ludzi, którzy chcieli poprawić swoje kariery mógł pójść do dorosłych zajęcia wykształcenia i kwalifikacji zysk za symboliczną sumę pieniędzy, ponieważ większość kursów zostały subsized przez samorząd. To było niespotykane dla starców być pozostawione bez opieki, gdy chcieli, czy musieli sprzedać swoje domy, aby zapłacić za opiekę, kiedy stał się zbyt niedołężnych dbać o siebie.

było łatwiej też nie oczekiwano ludzie życie zawodowe do pracy wszystkie godziny dnia za bezcen, rezygnować z życia rodzinnego. Pracowałeś 35 godzinny tydzień pracy z godziny na lunch i czuł miałeś energię na inne rzeczy na koniec dnia i tygodnia, a nie jest tak wyczerpany, po prostu nie mam siły nawet rozmawiać z ludźmi. Praca były obfite i można wyjść z pracy i za tydzień lub dwa dostać inny.

Oczywiście, jak ktoś, kto pochodził z rodziny imigrantów nie miałem problemu z ludzi, jak dorastałem. Czasami chciałbym być poinformowani, aby wrócić do skąd jestem, ale szybko nauczył się otrzymać odpowiedź na te rodzaju komentarze, takie jak “masz na myśli łonie matki?” Ja na pewno powiedzieć, żadnych Europejczyków w Wielkiej Brytanii pozostanie w Wielkiej Brytanii i kontynuować swoje życie, gdyż nie byłoby żadnych luzów. Przyjechałeś legalnie, musisz ciężko pracować, a korzyści dla Zjednoczonego Królestwa od swojej spokojnej, dobrej kultury, która podkreśla życia rodzinnego. To jest bardzo szanowany. Te, które mają utrudnić życie są w mniejszości i zasługują na bity, skoro oni dostać ich osłów wyrzucony są mniej prawdopodobne, aby utrudnić życie.

Pisanie to na 24 czerwca Bezpośrednim efektem było to, że rynki akcji spadły dramatycznie. Nie widzę w tym problemu. Mieliśmy rynki spadku przed i potem wraca. W tym przypadku, co spada, jest fakt, że ci w sektorze bankowym, które zostały pogoni za coraz mniejsze zyski w nadziei, aby w jakiś sposób oszukać resztę z nas do myślenia, że gospodarka jest zdrowa muszą teraz zmierzyć się z rzeczywistością. To nie jest.

8 lat temu, gdy sektor bankowy załamał się z powodu nieudanych kredytów hipotecznych, kiedy banki były pomógł przez rządy na całym świecie, żadna z tych instytucji zreformować swoje praktyki. To było jak zwykle i mają nadal drukować pieniądze jak jej wychodzi z mody. Ten rodzaj głupoty jest teraz wraca do domu do gniazda i nie będzie ostra jazda na chwilę, ale nawet na zewnątrz i możemy dowiedzieć się, jak banki i pieniądze powinny być częścią społeczeństwa, że usługi to zamiast pompowania pieniędzy na wszystko odsetek i tworzenie długu i nędzę i nazywając go “wzrostu”.

W czasie tych samych rynkach ustabilizuje się, a życie będzie lepiej niż jest teraz, na pewno.

Co jest tak miły, że inne kraje europejskie również chce mieć swój Exit referenda i mam nadzieję, że się je i zagłosuj opuścić również. Już wcześniej powiedział, że spodziewać się 28 krajów na wszystkich pasować do jednego rodzaju superpaństwa jest ryzykowne ćwiczenia. Wszystkie 28 państw Unii Europejskiej mają własnej kultury, geografii, tradycji, języka i żywność, która ma być obchodzony w sobie, ale mają jeden rozmiar dla wszystkich model dla wszystkich z nich i oczekiwać ich do buta horn się w zakończeniu obłęd. Oczywiście, że prowokuje napięcia.

Najgorszą rzeczą jest oczywiście, że Niemcy zostały więc zobowiązanie zapewnienia upadek samej Unii Europejskiej poprzez przede wszystkim kontynuowanej sankcji wobec Rosji, która jest największym partnerem handlowym Europy, a następnie do tego idioty krowy Merkel na powitanie świat w Europie, wywołując plan Caudenhove-Kalergi do działania. Najgorsze akt przewrotności było zmusić Polskę, Węgry, Słowację i Czechy grzywną 250.000 euro dla każdego odrzuconego “uchodźcy”. Przez ostatnie 250 lat spora część Europy stara się zabić słowiańskie ludzi poprzez wojny, głodu i okupacji i ciągle wracamy. Teraz chcą zabić co pozostaje słowiańskich ludzi poprzez gwałt i krzyżowania i głowicy tnącej przez ludzi, którzy nie mają zamiaru zintegrowania ze społeczeństwem, ale narzucanie własnych przekonań, religii i tradycji na ludzi europejskich i słowiańskich.

Gdy Europa podjęła odzyskać kontrolę nad własnymi krajami będą reperkusje dla Niemiec i nie zostanie przyjęty z otwartymi ramionami. Niemcy są narodem zbirów, którzy nigdy nie należy ufać z niczego. Mając teraz powitał te śmigłowce głowę w Niemczech mam nadzieję, że nauczą ich lekcje dobrze.

Brexit, To Remain or Go?

democratic rights, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

There seems to be a lot of speculation on both sides of the argument of whether to vote to remain in the EU or leave and each side seems to have an agenda from politicians who simply cannot be trusted to do the right thing for the UK or its people, only to line their own pockets with taxes taken from hard working people and sell off every possible asset this country has, to corporations who are keen to exploit the same hardworking people by paying them next to nothing, in fact nothing at all if they get their own way for the ever-decreasing profits being chased currently by just about anyone who has a modicum of interest in the stock market.

In the last month or so the Leave campaign has been the most vociferous and passionate, but I have to say that against the backdrop of Cameron & Osborn’s tax evasion escapades (even though both seem to be in the Remain camp) I simply don’t trust either of them so far as I could throw them.   The remain campaign has been lukewarm in its arguments and not particularly convincing either, preferring to answer some of the more outlandish claims made by the Leave camp.

Just about every conceivable ill is blamed on Brussels, I would even go so far as to say that even bad weather would also be blamed on Brussels and that if we leave it would suddenly be sunny every day until Christmas.

However, I think the most convincing, factual argument not to remain comes from  a former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson in his Chatham House speech two months ago which is accessible on YouTube.  In it he gives a clear, lucid explanation of Britain’s role in the world at the time the EMU (European Monetary Union) was being implemented which preceded the ill-fated Euro when our trade links stretched across the world.  Not being in the EU would mean we could resume our membership of the WTO (World Trade Organisation) and renew links with previous trading partners New Zealand and Australia both countries provided us with stellar produce and I’m sure would do so again.

I am not someone given to speculation, supposition and the like but want to know more about the probabilities of what may occur.   I am old enough to remember when people in the UK first voted to join the EEC as it was then, although as an 15 year old I can only vaguely remember some things such as food was cheaper, there were plenty of jobs around, many were skilled but not massively well paid and the food was just plain boring.

Fast forward 40-odd years on and we enjoy much better food, easy to get hold of ingredients in our local supermarkets and shops, better standards of living, the ability to improve our living conditions if we adopt European house building models which are more energy efficient and sustainable to build and live in.  More and easier access to jobs abroad and yes, the argument that there may be some migrants who travel to the UK and have access to our benefits system, but is also works the other way around.  If you are unable to get a job in the UK but a firm in France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany or any of the other EU countries will give you a job and relocate you, you are also able to access their benefits system, albeit after a qualifying period in many cases.

We also enjoy cheaper travel to European countries without any hassles, bring back duty-free goods to a greater level than was previously allowed.  We can even access almost free healthcare if we fall ill or have an accident whilst on holiday abroad (so long as you have completed the correct forms before travelling).

Furthermore the social aspect of being in the EU shouldn’t go unacknowledged.  The Working Time Directive which is in danger of being eradicated by TTIP and also our Tory government is a blessing.   It was the normal practice for junior doctors to work 100 hours a week and not unheard of for wrong doses of medication to be administered, the wrong diagnoses to be made from sheer lack of sleep.   The prevailing attitude among consultant doctors at the time was “Well I had to do it, so they should as well”.   Old people now benefit from higher pensions as a result of the social reforms that are standard in the EU.  The British government of all shades are obsessed by the idea that if you are old and infirm the remainder of your life should be spent in poverty not being able to heat your home and eat but having to choose between the two.  Any concessions gained by old people are also in the process of being taken back by the government while they hide their wealth in off-shore funds avoiding paying tax.

Children’s toys and equipment are also safer as a result of the EU directives on materials, lead-free paint and other components used in their manufacture.  These are changes to be applauded and we have and continue to benefit from them.

What has to be remembered is that many of those in the Leave camp already have plans that will not benefit the ordinary working people one little jot.  We would be catapulted to the age of the workhouse for the old, poor and destitute, the NHS would certainly be dismantled whereas even under TTIP the NHS does have a letter of comfort that excludes it from being sold off.
I have said this before, with the changes that have been flooding in over since last summer, we have been given a glimpse into just how undemocratic the EU really is, how it is run for the benefit for the few at present, rather than for the many, and how EU bearaucracts are impervious to how much they are hurting poorer countries.   This is mainly being caused by two particular villains, Germany and US meddling in Europe.

Germany has been under occupation since WW2, there has been a military presence there which in recent years has been reduced in number.   Because of the presence of the US Germany is bound to take “advice” from the US on certain matters.   The worst mistake Germany, and indeed the rest of the EU made was to impose sanctions against Russia.   This is the main cause of the EU economy tanking in the last couple of years.   Russia has implemented all of the requirements asked of it in the Minsk Agreement, Ukraine has not, but Russia is still being punished for Ukraine’s mistakes.   In fact the EU is serious considering admitting Ukraine into the EU as a full member.   This is a huge mistake and one that will guarantee the fall of the EU as an entity.  Ukraine is so broke it makes Greece look positively solvent by comparison.   If the EU has wobbled because of the Greek deficit last year, it would certainly implode on admitting Ukraine to the EU.  Ukraine’s debts and size are much bigger and the Ukrainians are, by and large, an agrarian country with few resources.  It would be like putting money into a bottomless piggy bank and it would simply disappear.

EU politicians really must grow a spine and tell the US to butt out of EU affairs, reinstate relations with Russia forthwith as it is the only way to restore the fortunes of all parties concerned.

Furthermore the EU must ditch TTIP, CETA and other such “free trade agreements” as they serve nobody but US interests alone.  We have all been born free people and are not to be give or sold into slavery to corporate interests.  The EU must also examine it’s own attitudes to member nations.   Currently there is a spat going on about Poland’s newly elected government and the Polish constitution which is heading in the wrong direction.  Hardly any mention is being made of the deal between Merkel and the Turkish President Erodigan.

Merkel is happy to hang out a German comedian to dry by using an ancient German law forbidding ridiculing foreign politicians but so quick to point out Poland’s faults.   Surely free speech is free speech wherever it is uttered.   If Turkey wants to be part of the EU it must accept that we have free speech here and it is absolutely correct for politicians and their beliefs to be ridiculed and told they are on the wrong path, otherwise we have a dictatorship not a democracy.    I don’t care about offending other people sensibilities when it comes to expressing my point of view, it is my point of view and my right to say so.  I do care about being told I cannot give my point of view because it offends someone else’s point of view, especially when they are a pathetic despot who locks up journalists because he doesn’t agree with them.  What is allowed for one side is certainly allowed for the other.

When a Wrong Path is taken

democracy, democratic rights

A while ago I reported on how the changes being proposed by the new ruling PiS (law and justice) party in Poland were being criticised, making some partly tongue-in-cheek comments partly in response to what I thought were simply copycat actions that we’ve all seen being implement in the USA. However it seems that events are now turning to a more sinister tone of autocratic, authoritarian rule by a group of political pygmies who all look as though they’ve just arrived from the countryside, and it shows.

The Poland that is being put forward in that the Government wants to have the courts doing government bidding and this is causing a constitutional crisis that is not in keeping with any kind of democratic behaviour seen in Europe in recent years. It maybe more common in the USA but as we all know the US is a parochial, backward continent who practice inbreeding as a national sport. Poland has always tried to show itself as being rather more cultured than that and its a shame that in its quest to try and forge some kind of independence from either Russia or Germany it is doing exactly what it should not be doing in order to gain any kind of credibility in the mainstream world.

Kaczynski, Duda and the other clowns who pass for president and prime minister are going down a path that will only lead to another country taking over Poland’s affairs once again because, quite clearly Poland has neither the brains, nor capacity to be a democratic nation in it’s own right. The question will be which country will it be. Germany is too weak and absorbed by its own problems with the influx of muslims, although they have done and will continue to insist that Poland has space for so many more.

There are reports of marches in Warsaw against the new constitutional changes to the courts. This is in addition to appointing government-friendly Supreme judges a few months ago for which Ewa Kopack was held to account in Brussels.

What I find a little worrying is how US rhetoric is being used in reporting the news, not just this topice but others where it cites “the rule of law” needing to be upheld.

Let’s discuss this briefly. Laws are enacted by governments to keep citizens safe from the abuses of the state or governmental power. However governments in the last 20 years have been very busy in enacting laws, regulations and so-called guidelines to control every minute aspect of everyday life of ordinary citizens, which is certainly what is happening in the USA and UK as well as across the EU since 13th November atrocities in Paris last year. Taking away our liberties is something governments are doing across the board in the USA and Europe every time there is an atrocity.

Poland has an autocratic reflex in some of the baser members of the population and I count Kaczynski, Duda and Kopack among these as they are part of the same political party and work together in this end. However, among many, many Poles there is also another reflex that of “Don’t tell us what to do, how to live” and it is these two reflexes that are being exercised. What PiS are trying to do has nothing to do with “the rule of law” but everything to do with accountability to it’s own people and to the greater community of Europe. If Poland really wants to be taken seriously as a mature, independent country then these concerns must be addressed properly and immediately.
Jakiś czas temu pisałem o tym, jak zmienia się proponowane przez nowego orzeczenia PiS ( Prawo i Sprawiedliwość ) partia w Polsce były krytykowane , co kilka uwag częściowo tongue -in- cheek częściowo w odpowiedzi na to, co myślałem, że były działania prostu naśladowca że Wcześniej wszystko postrzegane jest wdrożenie w USA. Wydaje się jednak , że wydarzenia są teraz zwrócił się do bardziej złowieszczym tonem , autokratycznych rządów autorytarnych przez grupę pigmejów politycznych, którzy wszystkie wyglądają tak, jakby byli oni właśnie przybył ze wsi , i to widać.

Polska , które jest przedstawione na tym, że rząd chce mieć sądy wykonują rozkazy rządu i to jest przyczyną kryzysu konstytucyjnego , który nie jest zgodny z każdym rodzajem zachowania demokratycznego widziana w Europie w ostatnich latach. To może być bardziej powszechne w USA, ale jak wszyscy wiemy USA jest parafialna , do tyłu kontynentu , którzy praktykują inbreeding jako sportu narodowego . Polska zawsze starał się pokazać siebie jako raczej hoduje niż i jej wstyd , że w swoim dążeniu, aby spróbować i stworzyć pewnego rodzaju niezależności zarówno z Rosji lub Niemiec jest ona robi to, czego nie należy robić , aby zdobyć jakiekolwiek dokładnie rodzaj wiarygodności w głównym nurcie świata.

Kaczyński , Duda i inni klauni , którzy przechodzą na prezydenta i premiera idą w dół ścieżkę, która doprowadzi jedynie do innego kraju przejęcia sprawy Polski po raz kolejny , bo wyraźnie Polska ma ani rozumu , ani zdolności jest demokratycznym narodem swoje własne prawo. Pytanie będzie jakim kraju będzie. Niemcy są zbyt słabe i wchłaniane przez jego własnych problemów z napływem muzułmanów , chociaż zrobili i nadal będzie twierdzą, że Polska ma miejsca dla tak wielu innych.

Istnieją doniesienia o marszach w Warszawie przeciwko nowej zmian konstytucyjnych do sądu. Jest to dodatek do powołania rządu w obsłudze sędziów Supreme kilka miesięcy temu, dla których Ewa Kopack został pociągnięty do odpowiedzialności w Brukseli.

Co znajdę trochę niepokojące jest , jak US retoryka jest wykorzystywana w przekazywaniu wiadomości , a nie tylko to , ale inni topice gdzie CITES ” praworządności ” , która chciałaby zostać uwzględniony .

Omówmy to na krótko . Przepisy są uchwalone przez rządy w celu utrzymania obywatelom bezpieczne od nadużyć państwa lub władzy rządowej . Jednak rządy w ciągu ostatnich 20 lat były bardzo zajęty w uchwalając przepisy ustawowe, wykonawcze i tak zwanych wytycznych do kontroli co minutę aspekt codziennego życia zwykłych obywateli , co jest z pewnością to, co dzieje się w USA i Wielkiej Brytanii , a także w całej UE od dnia 13 listopada w Paryżu okrucieństw w ubiegłym roku . Pozbawianie wolności jest nasze rządy robią coś po drugiej stronie płyty w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Europie, za każdym razem jest okrucieństwo .

Polska ma autokratyczny odruch w niektórych członków gorsze warstwy ludności i liczę Kaczyński Duda i Kopack wśród nich , ponieważ są one częścią tej samej partii politycznej i współpracować w tym celu . Jednak wśród wielu, wielu Polaków jest jeszcze jeden odruch , że wśród ” Nie mów nam co robić i jak żyć” i to właśnie te dwa odruchy , które są wykonywane . Co PiS chce zrobić nie ma nic wspólnego z ” rządów prawa “, ale wszystko, co zrobić z odpowiedzialności wobec jego własnych ludzi i do większej społeczności Europy. Jeśli Polska naprawdę chce być traktowana poważnie jako dojrzałego , niezależnego kraju, to te kwestie powinny być kierowane właściwie i natychmiast.

Chicken Brain or Intelligent Homo Sapiens?

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It seems that not just in Europe but across the world we are being increasingly told that in order for countries to survive those with a lower population must accept more people from abroad and not to do so labels those countries, their people and governments as backward and racist.   This is a subject that has been mired in misinformation and childish cat-calling which diverts attention from the reality of the matter.

After WW2 there was a “baby boom”, except in what are now called the Visigrad Four countries who were still under the yoke of communism.  From the 1970s onwards we in Europe have been repeatedly told there are too many people on this planet and we need to curtail the amount of babies each family have.   To this end women have enjoyed emancipation, contraception and the ability to choose if, as and when to have children.  Some women have had babies, raised their families and others have chosen to pursue a career.  We are now at a point where such choices no longer attract opinions as it is accepted women make a profound contribution to the workplace, but there is a fly in the ointment.

Women live longer than men, the majority of care still falls to women although men are also in this position.  In the interests of equality the retirement age for women was raised a few years ago so that many women now have to wait until they are 66 before being able to claim the state pension in the UK.
The Tory Party loves to paint itself as the Party of the Family and yet in the last 6 years and before that when Margaret Thatcher was PM, the Tories have torn families apart and undermined what small gains they managed to get in order to fulfil their ideological goals.

If the retirement age was reduced to 64 for both men and women then you would have proper equality.   Those OAPs (Old Age Pensioners) who felt able to work could do so, but it would free up work places for younger people and would allow grandparents to care for younger relatives if they were able to.  This would be such a saving to the government and would also bring more cohesion to family life in the UK.

The current situation in Europe regarding the Syrian immigration is also another fly  in the ointment.   Germany has a low population because the Germans aren’t interested in having children.  By contrast those former Soviet countries – Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, but particularly Poland, have increased their populations since 1990 and continue to do so.   Angela Merkel is accepting Syrian immigrants into Germany some of whom are genuine, others are not, on the basis that Germany needs immigrant labour in order to keep their economy afloat.   At the same time she is telling the Visigrad Four countries to also accept these immigrants into their countries, all of whom have, quite rightly said “No”.

As I have explained previously here in my blog, these countries recognise this as an invasion of almost military nature.   If the current and future EU is that where “further integration” means subjecting a country to the whims of a single country, then each country has the right to say “thus far and no further”.   Each country is just that, a country in its own right.  Not a state as the USA would have us.  As such each country has the right to decide who it allows into its own borders and under what terms.

However, yet another lie has been exposed for what it is, a lie.   If we need immigrants in order to keep our economies going, then we need indigenous people to have more babies and for the infrastructure of the same to be made available.   Unless, of course, the whole plan is to ensure white Europeans become extinct in place of everybody else!

Forcing mothers to return to work after having babies instead of supporting them at home should never be allowed.  Parents need to be able to have the time to bond with their children and build a family life.   There also needs to be more respect between the genders rather than looking at them as a means to an end.

Despite the Women’s movement in the 1960s and 1970s, contraception and labour-saving devices work practices in the UK have not changed since the 1950s.  Work is still pretty much Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and if you want to get ahead you have to forget you have a family and home and put the hours in.
In order to bring some sanity to the work place I would propose that the working week is no longer than 20 hours in a week on full salary and with holiday, sickness benefits intact.  This would allow people to actually have a life, spend time with friends and family, care for younger or older relatives and more than likely ensure full employment for each country and the economy of each country would rebound.   Now if that was adopted across Europe there would most certainly be a vote to stay in.

The Whipping Boy of Europe

democracy, democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

I love it when there’s shit going on in your own back yard but the attention is diverted elsewhere in the world. At present we have the spectre of David Cameron flitting around Europe talking with various heads of state about accepting his xenophobic proposals against European migrants (who are intelligent, highly skilled and hard-working) to bolster support for Europe in the up-coming EU referendum in the UK; we have the influx of Muslim migrants into the EU which is causing one almighty headache after another; we have tensions within the UK stoked by comments this week by David Cameron that Muslim women must learn English if they want to stay in the UK with many agreeing (including in the Muslim community) against those who are pussy-footing around saying this is racist. We also have a mounting fiscal problem that is far from being addressed, but more on that in another article and then the big story of the past couple of weeks is gaining traction, that is Poland is the cause of concern in the EU political sphere because it has decided to do its own thing rather than conjoin in the comfortable, rather grubby, clubby game the rest of the EU countries take part in and take control of its own media and government appointed judges.

Admittedly, I am on record saying that the latter is cause for concern as it points to a potential corruption of the judicial system, but then the greatest nation on earth America, has had government appointed judges for many years, so Poland is simply following its example. After all, how bad can it be? Surely if it’s ok for America to have politically appointed judges then why can’t everyone else? Why single out Poland?

If it’s ok for the likes of Rupert Murdoch to own more than half the world’s media and regularly, openly decide which candidate he will throw his weight behind in a general election, bend stories to suit his own agenda, trash innocent families who have lost loved ones who have been brutally murdered, then why can’t the Polish government decide what news to publish, have their own agenda and so on, after all the British government do this all the time with the BBC which, as it is funded by taxpayers and government and gained its charter from the Queen should be impartial, but in the last 20 years or so has seen a visible shift in how it presents news, the slant it takes and what stories it airs either by radio, TV or website. Now more widely known as the Tory Government mouthpiece.

From the EU there is not a word about the activities of the UK Tory-led government on how in since 2009 it is systematically eroding human rights by the enactment of the hated Bedroom Tax, is on the verge of displacing social tenancies from council estates to make them homeless, many of whom have children or are elderly. Not a word either of the Snoopers Charter put forward in the House of Commons by Teresa May allowing unfettered access to metadata gathered across all UK citizens in the name of combating terrorism by GCHQ, the latter despite concerns from the USA agencies who did the same thing themselves and conceded that it has no effect on catching those who do go onto perpetrate such crimes.   Neither is there any word against the most spiteful piece of legislation going through the House of Commons at present, that is the Trades Union Bill.

The EU has long been held up as a beacon of civilisation, particularly in Germany where Trades Unions are seen as a partnership in employee relations and, as we have seen in recent months, what Germany advocates for itself, other countries must follow suit.   This singular piece of legislation will erode all the employment rights and good practices it has taken generations to build up, fight for recognition and replace them with something I think only Stalin would be proud of.

There has been a lot of talk, mostly badly informed, of left and right politics.   They are the same. The practices being forced through the UK parliament at present would be very familiar to those who lived behind the Iron Curtain, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (as it was then), Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.   The UK is currently under the most ideologically driven government in generations that is hell-bent on harming the foundations of democracy attracting the voices of Amnesty UK, Liberty and the British Institute of Human Rights but not a word from the EU about this.  (the cynic in me asks whether this is in anticipation of proposals being put forward in TTIP that will, when ratified be incorporated into UK practice and legislation?).

But because Poland dares not to toe the line and strives for self-determination, however clumsily, it is criticised and threatened.   The latest news maybe more revealing than one thinks.   David Cameron has agreed to send 1,000 troops to Poland to train Polish troops and bolster NATO presence in Poland in, wait for it, 2020. By that time the UK will be out of the EU, the EU itself will have imploded under the sheer weight of incompetence, intransigence across so many areas. It is a monster that is unable to move in any direction politically, logistically or financially (save for simple trade) simply because of the fact each member “state” is in fact a country in its own right.

For the sake of completeness and understanding the EU is simply a trading bloc, nothing more.   It can never be a United States of Europe. It is too cumbersome, there are too many factors pertaining to each country to ensure that legislation is equally applied across the board. What works well for one country will not work in another. Certain standards and guidelines can be applied, but politically? Forget it.

I wonder whether this is simply something to take the minds off those in Brussels from more pressing matters, or whether any spark of individuality is seen as a threat. Having listened to the debate in the European Parliament between Beata Szydlo and MEPs there has been a gross misrepresentation of the Polish situation that yet again, for all the fine words the world has for Poland and its people, still considers Poles to be the niggers of Europe.  Barbaric, uncivilised, incapable of proper democratic self determination.   It is also an increasing desperation of not just Europe but its US “masters” that such inappropriate language as “Putinisation of Poland” is used.

America desperately needs a war to break out somewhere in the world so it can justify military spending on an ever increasing scale. Anywhere in the world and so it pushes in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, China and now Europe.  So far nobody is taking the bate.

The question is, does the world want another war on its hands to play into America’s hands and allow its unfettered domination gain further momentum until the entire world is destroyed according to its’ own philosphy, or will Europe as the mature nations of the world decide their own fate, settle the Syrian question with President Putin putting in as much effective effort as possible and return the Syrians to their own countries with the assistance of help in rebuilding and resettlement therein?

Just for the record the current government in power in Poland has corrected a situation created by the outgoing government that put in place judges of its own political leanings, and amended it with five judges of the political leanings of its own, thereby ensuring a fair and balanced outlook and outcome of proceedings.

Polish Media Law

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I’ve been reading about the new media laws being enforced by the newly elected government in Poland and the supposed uproar that they are causing among EU officials and I have to say, it’s a bit rich for EU officials to get upset about Poland doing what other countries are and have been doing for many years. The media, whether it is owned by wealthy individuals who will always dictate what is read, seen or heard by the majority of the voting public, or by the state will have the same goal – that the government line is always heard primarily in respect of government wishes and policies.

The same cannot be said for the politically appointed judges but again monkey see, monkey do. The Polish government is only copying what has been done for many years in the USA. Poland will also reap the accusations of corruption of the legal system in so doing. The best way to counteract that is to have an independent judiciary as in the English legal system.

The English judiciary is independent of political intereference or favour which gives English judges a rare strength and have, from time to time chided the government of the day for ill-considered actions without fear of consequence. This keeps the government honest and the people have faith in the legal system.

The Polish government actions are reminiscent of the actions of communist officials when Poland was under Soviet rule where media, judiciary and education among other things was tightly controlled by policies dictated by Moscow.   In the light of what is happening around the world it is understandable, but dangerous to cut oneself off from the world in these uncertain times where reliable information is key to understanding what is going on. It is a very precarious balancing act and difficult to do well without something unexpected coming along to disrupt matters.

As for free speech, it’s a shame those same EU officials don’t actually believe in it save for themselves in the Brussels debating chamber.I’ve been reading about the new media laws being enforced by the newly elected government in Poland and the supposed uproar that they are causing among EU officials and I have to say, it’s a bit rich for EU officials to get upset about Poland doing what other countries are and have been doing for many years. The media, whether it is owned by wealthy individuals who will always dictate what is read, seen or heard by the majority of the voting public, or by the state will have the same goal – that the government line is always heard primarily in respect of government wishes and policies.

The same cannot be said for the politically appointed judges but again monkey see, monkey do. The Polish government is only copying what has been done for many years in the USA. Poland will also reap the accusations of corruption of the legal system in so doing. The best way to counteract that is to have an independent judiciary as in the English legal system.

UPDATE:  It seems the media laws are rather more sinister than I first thought.  The Polish Government will not only be controlling the media, it will also allow itself to listen in on what people are saying, sending and searching on the internet.  The Polish form of NSA activities the Americans now say they no longer use, but it seems it’s ok for Poland led by idiot members of the Sejm to do exactly what America was so heavily criticised for.  Please learn the lessons of the recent past and don’t be idiots.   The people who voted you in are not your enemy, you are your own enemy.


Czytałam o nowe prawo medialne jest egzekwowane przez nowo wybrany rząd w Polsce i rzekomym wrzawy, że są one przyczyną wśród urzędników UE i muszę powiedzieć, że to trochę bogatych dla urzędników UE, aby uzyskać zdenerwowany Polska robi to, co inne kraje i robili przez wiele lat. Media, czy jest on własnością bogatych ludzi, którzy zawsze będą dyktować co jest czytane, widział lub słyszał przez większość opinii publicznej do głosowania lub przez państwo będzie miało ten sam cel – że linia rząd zawsze słychać przede wszystkim w odniesieniu do życzenia rządu i polityki.

Tego samego nie można powiedzieć o politycznie wyznaczonych sędziów, ale znowu zobaczyć małpy, małpa zrobić. Polski rząd jest kopiowanie tylko to, co zostało zrobione przez wiele lat w USA. Polska będzie też żąć oskarżenia o korupcję systemu prawnego w ten sposób. Najlepszym sposobem, aby przeciwdziałać, że jest posiadanie niezależnego sądownictwa, jak w angielskim systemie prawnym.

Angielski sądownicza jest niezależna od intereference politycznej lub sprzyjają English sędziom, która daje siłę i rzadko mają, od czasu do czasu zbeształ rząd dnia dla działań nieprzemyślanych bez obawy o konsekwencje. Dzięki temu rząd uczciwy i ludzie mają wiarę w systemie prawnym.

Polskie działania rządu przypominają działania urzędników komunistycznych, kiedy Polska była pod panowaniem sowieckim, gdzie nośnik, sądownictwo i edukacja między innymi był ściśle kontrolowane przez politykę dyktowanych przez Moskwę. W świetle tego, co dzieje się na całym świecie jest to zrozumiałe, ale niebezpieczne wyciąć siebie od świata w tych niepewnych czasach, gdzie rzetelna informacja jest kluczem do zrozumienia tego, co się dzieje. Jest to bardzo niepewna balansowanie i trudno zrobić dobrze bez czegoś nieoczekiwanego idzie zakłócić sprawy.

Jeśli chodzi o wolność słowa, to wstyd ci sami urzędnicy UE w rzeczywistości nie wierzą w to zachowaj dla siebie w sali obrad w Brukseli.

UPDATE: Wydaje się, że prawa medialne są raczej bardziej złowieszcze niż się z początku wydawało . Rząd polski będzie nie tylko kontrolowanie mediów , będzie to również pozwolić sobie na podsłuchiwać , co ludzie mówią , wysyłanie i wyszukiwanie w Internecie . Polska forma działalności NSA Amerykanie teraz mówią, że nie jest już w użyciu, ale wydaje się, że jest ok dla Polska prowadzona przez idiotów członków Sejmu zrobić dokładnie to, co Ameryka została tak mocno krytykowany za . Należy wyciągnąć wnioski z niedawnej przeszłości , a nie być idiotami . Ludzie , którzy głosowali można w nie wroga , jesteś swoim własnym wrogiem


A Cross Hairs Moment, The Most Important Decision for Humanity

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We have officially witnessed a watershed moment in history that has been building up for several years now, which is the massacre in Paris of 129 people by professional mercenaries who were armed and funded by the same people who seek proxy wars in the middle east, the USA.

Through having a proxy army in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia that calls itself IS, among other names from time to time, the US has encouraged a war of attrition, fear and utmost brutality that have put fear amongst the populations of these countries. The only countries with the willingness and capacity to eliminate IS, Russia & Iran are having some notable successes much to the chagrin of US policy makers.

The above has laid the ground very nicely for the next stage of the proxy war that the US has been pushing for in recent years, that is the war within Europe. By having young, healthy men of military age invading Europe in a concerted manner under the guise of, and among genuine refugees, they have come not just from Syria but across Africa in countries that have not been in occupation by EU countries, and Pakistan and Afghanistan. I’d like to know what geographical commonality there is (other than they are all muslim countries) that makes these people think they can just come along into Europe spreading their open hate of us & bloody wars.

Europe itself is now lost, to all intents and purposes.   Schengen has been disbanded in all but name. The only countries who are able to see this invasion for what this really is, are those who were occupied countries themselves until quite recently, i.e. former Communist bloc countries. Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Austria are the only countries whose people have not been brainwashed by political correctness and have no fear of the accusation of “racism”.

For the purposes of clarity, racism is a term used to prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. As it is the sole intention of IS to completely dominate, subjugate and annihilate the European people, who are the racists now?

This, together with the pincer movement of financial subjugation used by the ECB and IMF in Europe have now brought Europe and the world to a place where a careful choice has to be made between capitulating to the so-called “world order” as ordained by US strategists that will rain down terror, slavery and eternal poverty on its population (thereby ensuring that TTIP will be accepted as the lesser of two evils, even though the US will openly flout such agreements to its own advantage), or giving Washington the middle finger, aligning EU military efforts against IS with Russia & Iran as it seeks to rid the world of this evil scourge and seek to live peacefully within our own borders, trading with each other as we have done for centuries, in friendship and common purpose.

Poland has to wake up if it isn’t caught up in all of this, the Poles will realise soon enough what “good allies” the Americans really are.   President Putin has asked that those who desecrated the war memorial at Warsaw’s Skaryszewski Park be found and punished. This should be done. Although the memories are still recent and within living memory, it should not cloud the fact that Poland is now being frightened into activities against its own interests and against Russia.   It will need all the help it can get from Russia very soon and must now do what has been requested for the sake of good relations with its neighbour.

Polska musi się obudzić , jeśli nie jest się wciągnąć w to wszystko , Polacy będą realizować szybko, tyle , co ” dobre sojusznicy ” Amerykanie są naprawdę. Prezydent Putin poprosił, by ci, którzy zbezcześcili pomnik wojny w warszawskim Parku Skaryszewskim być odnalezieni i ukarani . Należy to zrobić . Mimo, że te wspomnienia są wciąż niedawno iw pamięci dziennym , nie powinny zaciemniać faktu , że Polska jest obecnie w działalność przeciwko przestraszył własnych interesów i przeciwko Rosji . Będzie to każda pomoc może uzyskać od Rosji bardzo szybko i musi teraz robić to, co jest wymagane w imię dobrych stosunków z sąsiadem.

An End to All Wars

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Ahead of 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when WW1 officially ended, in the UK as in other parts of the world, heads of state and political leaders commemorate those who lost their lives not just in that war, but in WW2 and subsequent wars since.

This year has seen an unprecedented amount of such “commemorations” where WW1 has been used as an excuse to ramp up the talk of war across the world with devastating effects. It is very clear that whilst heads of state and political leaders look solemnly at the various monuments dotted around the world, laying poppy wreaths, paying tribute, behind the scenes they continue to prepare for a war nobody wants.

Rhetoric from 10 Downing Street and the White House is about “the need to defend against terrorists”. Pots are stirred all over the world in the China seas currently, across Latin America and the Pacific Rim through “trade agreements” and military posturing; in the Middle East, in Europe through stirring up unrest in the ME forcing millions to flee their countries stretching the boundaries to which Europe is able to accommodate and assist these people. The pot is particularly being stirred in Poland fermenting fear towards Russia which is the big target, along with China.

The hypocrisy of these bloodthirsty bastards who have never seen conflict personally and, because of their positions, will never be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice themselves is breathtaking. Who do they think they are that they can meddle in the affairs of countries unilaterally without permission killing at will? So far as American politicians are concerned the world maybe the chess board and nations chess pieces, but many politicians are the kinds of people who should NEVER be in the positions they are in as they are mentally deficient, characterless deviants whose legacy to the world and humanity is one to be ashamed of.

Its easy to commemorate dead people, they will never demand anything from society.   They won’t grow old, won’t have families, demand healthcare or pensions but politically are very convenient.

As you look at the faces of these politicians and heads of state, don’t be fooled by their expressions. They will do what needs to be done and then go back to their warm, cosy lives of wealth and privilege safe in the knowledge they can plan the next campaign across the world wherever it might be, moving the next chess pieces along the board for their own amusement.

  1. A pot-stirrer or shit-stirrer is someone who goes around picking fights with people, or spreads lies among people with the result that people will argue about what was said rather than turning on the person fermenting the trouble. Its a cockney saying.

The Price of Everything is Money

democracy, democratic rights, Economics, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

Is it me, or has everything shot up in price over the last few months? Around April/May I was able to afford one meal out per month on my modest salary, now I can barely make one end meet the other. I have cut back to the bone and will, in all probability not be able to pay my water bill this month.   I wonder how many other people have made similar connections in the UK or even around the world?

In the UK this phenomenon can directly be attributed to the Tories getting back into government in May as there were enough gullible people who voted Tory, and are now beginning to regret this.

Public sector workers are being made to pay for the profligacy of the bankers who are still laughing all the way to their over-inflated bank accounts.   The working poor across all sectors of society are being used as a scapegoat for all the ills of society. Those people who are unable to work through ill health are being demonised for being dependent on state benefits and help with daily living and yet instead of investing further in manufacturing and industry government has a “hands-off” approach and couldn’t give a damn. The only sector the Tory government are interested in propping up is the financial sector.

The slice of cake we all have in order to be able to live is getting smaller and smaller and we are told to make do with less and are a burden to society. I note sections of the press announced that the £100 heating allowance and the £10 Christmas bonus given to pensioners is going to be scrapped as “they’ll all be dead soon anyway and won’t be voting again” around the time of the Tory party conference didn’t even draw a murmur from commentators. I wonder whether that comment was to test the waters or whether government are seriously considering going one step further and culling anyone over the age of 65 regardless of their health.   To which my reply is as long as the Royal Family are the first to be culled in such a manner I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

In the previous 5 years public sector workers have been had to take a pay cut in real terms (1% of fuck all is still fuck all), tax credits are being cut back, tax relief on pensions is seriously being considered by Osborne (the next step is stealing pensions under the guise of a tax, it will come) the housing market is so overheated the bubble is about to burst, however I have been saying the same thing for the past 15 years, but it seems saturation point has been reached, there aren’t enough millionaires, never mind billionaires willing to buy properties at present. If they do buy to rent, when the bubble finally bursts (and it will, sooner than later) they will still be unable to recoup their losses through the rental market.   This is not a good time to buy property unless you are going to live in that property and aren’t worried about house prices.

Since 2010 MPs have awarded themselves a payrise in excess of 10% save for last year when it was “only”9%, the Queen has got a handsome raise in her allowance and a new state coach (why she can’t take the bus to open parliament I don’t know) and yet this week the EU and UK politicians have fiddled the financial figures to tell us mere mortals that inflation is at 0% – REALLY???   I have had to switch to using discounters in my weekly shop, I buy food I can prep myself, my list of “treats” has rapidly diminished and I still have difficulty in making ends meet.   Osborne has had his nose bloodied by the House of Lords for trying to cut tax credits to the working poor, yet I wonder how much MPs will award themselves this year?

If it is the case that the financial sector is the only one worth government putting any effort into, then it should be taxed so as to be able to prop up the rest of the country that either has work in other industries and the rest of society. In short, everybody should have a bigger share of the cake.   Payrises should be uniform across the board.  MPs are less skilled than many workers in the public or private sectors and certainly have no greater skills that give them the right to award themselves more money than the rest of us.

Telling the working poor they must make do with less money while the rich swan around in their limousines is totally unacceptable.   The rich have systematically stolen from working people and the most vulnerable in society and should return this with interest.  I think the time has come to discuss the prospect of not just a living wage in its proper sense of firms paying people a real salary as they did before the Tories came into government, responsible capitalism I think it’s called.   There should be a guarantee that anyone who is unable to work for whatever reason, bearing in mind there are fewer jobs around and less money to be spent in society, has a guaranteed baseline income they can live on to meet their obligations for rent, bills and so on.   At present I would say that threshold is around £30,000 per annum in the UK.   Public sector workers should also be supported as there will always be a need for these services, they are essential for the fabric of society to remain viable in all its forms.

Sense at Last – or is it?

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After his speech at the UN last week it seems Mr Putin has struck a cord with Obama as the whole American cover has been blown wide open.   There is no pretence at “bringing democracy” to the middle east countries, nor that the US has been training, arming, funding and supporting IS/ISIS/ISIL and whatever name they give themselves this week and next. There is no pretence that America is only interested in starting WW3 on European soil with Poland at the forefront as before (słaba Polska, kiedy zdasz sobie sprawę, Ameryka nie jest twoim przyjacielem?).

For his part Mr Putin’s air strikes have done more damage to in a week than all of America’s “great efforts” have in four years to these terrorists funded by the USA.   In return the media in the US and UK have ramped up the words of disapproval and condemnation of actually getting rid of the problem that caused the hundreds of thousands of refugees to cross the Mediterranean sea to the safety of Europe; and the world is now asking the question, “Whose side are the American’s really on?” Everyone except the servile idiots of the UK Government who are still too busy congratulating themselves on how clever they are at having got back into government last May.

This, together with the conditions of the Minsk Agreement that was reached earlier this year have shown Jean-Claude Juncker the reality of the situation and there seems to be a shift in his stance towards the USA rhetoric of slowly strangling any signs of life in the EU economy.   Russia is not the enemy, Russia was NEVER the enemy in the whole situation over the past couple of years.   I have been resolutely on the side of Russia because it is so blatantly obvious who are the wronged parties here, Russia and the EU.

I sincerely hope this is the case and that the speech given by Juncker in a refugee shelter in Passau will translate into momentum for a positive outcome for all EU citizens. If Juncker can lift sanctions against Russia as soon as possible and also scrap TTIP, TISA and any other transatlantic “trade” treaties with America these will restore some semblance of normality for EU citizens who have borne the brunt of such a brutal time in EU history.

The “austerity” that was forced onto EU countries by the IMF/USA must now be written off throughout Europe. Not a cent more should go to these discredited institutions that have done NOTHING for EU citizens but forced them to endure relentless hardships not seen since WW2. The Euro currency also needs to be dismantled as it has become a straightjacket for those countries unable to adhere to the fiscal disciplines demanded of it. These two actions have caused so much division in Europe and mistrust.   The influx of refugees from ME have not helped matters and the added tension caused by TTIP, TISA and other such trade agreements have fuelled nations in wanting to take back their own fate which is why there has been speculation over an exit by the Greeks, Spanish and also looming is the UK referendum over remaining in the EU.   This has culminated in the last few days with NATO announcing they will set up HQs in Europe facing Russia in the near future.   This does not bode well for the future.

The situations mentioned above have been festering like a boil with so much venom aimed at so many parts of society, the rich, poor, disabled, old, young and most of all complete distrust of politicians. The latter has been earned by the secrecy in which the above trade agreements have been discussed in and has to be addressed forthwith.

I have said this previously the EU is a wonderful institution for normalisation of trade within Europe and beyond, but we need to pick our partners carefully.   We have to understand that the EU is not a collection of counties or districts that can be bundled up in the same way the USA was. Each country within Europe has its own history, language, geography, wildlife and the talents of it’s people who make the best of those resources are the richest jewel they have. Individually each nation is proud of these things, collectively if shared in a common cause (i.e. to become better, stronger friends and partners) the EU has the opportunity to really make something wonderful of itself. However to think that each country either individually or collectively could be shoehorned into a conglomerate of a union is foolhardy. I also think that to attempt to do so would be the end of the EU.

Polska musi zdawać sobie sprawę , że nie każda historia opowiedziana przez USA i Wielkiej Brytanii spowoduje okupacji Niemiec lub Rosji , te czasy minęły . To jest czas, aby budować mosty , przyjaciół i zrobić dobrą przyszłość dla wszystkich. Świat zmienia się szybko i musimy zmienić się z nim. Być trochę mądrzy.

The TTIP of the Iceberg

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I feel I have to apologise to those readers of my blog that it has developed into a blog of political news and views, but there are events that are happening in the world at this time which I feel are of tremendous importance and if not aired, are likely to be either ignored or high jacked by those who state they have our interests at heart, when nothing could be further from the truth.

A couple of weeks ago the rightly maligned BBC published an excerpt from the forthcoming Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership.  Despite the many protests about this on this side of the channel, there has been a deafening silence about this since publication which I find astonishing.

I can only comment that anyone who has printed it out and read it is confused on reading it, as it reads as a preamble, or introduction to a document that is well advanced in its discussion and written form, and doesn’t quite know what to make of it.

Having worked for more than 13 years in law processing legal documents I can get an understanding of what it is trying to say and what it means.  While not entirely comprehensive I shall try my best to explain what it means for ordinary people and countries as a whole within the EU.

TTIP is a very long, detailed document dealing with many aspects of modern day life and the agreements, caveats and reservations under which this document is being discussed, which has presented a problem in how to bring this to a social media forum.    This is probably the reason why it’s not been discussed in any great detail.  I shall explain this by the most relevant sections, stating pertinent points of each, but would very strongly recommend reading this alongside the actual document itself.  Hopefully one will bring clarity to the other.

Section A, Reservations

Acquisition of Real Estate

The right is reserved to adopt or maintain measures … and each country (not UK) states its reservations.

1. Agriculture, hunting and forestry

The right is reserved to adopt or maintain measures … and each country (not UK) states its reservations.

3.  Mining and Quarrying

4  Manufacturing

Manufacture of refined petroleum products

The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to jurdical persons controlled by natural or juridical persons of a non-Community country which accounts for more than 5% of the EU’s oil or natural gas imports.  No direct branching is required.   (A juridical person is controlled by other natural or juridical person(s) if the latter has/have the power to name a majority of its directors or otherwise legally direct its actions.  In particular, ownership of more than 50% of the equity interests in a juridical person shall be deemed to constitute control).  In other words, companies outside of the EU can control more than 5% of mining and quarrying regardless of where in the world they are based.

5. Production, transmission and distribution on own account of electricity, gas, steam and hot water.

The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with generation of nuclear-based energy.  Nuclear based energy production is prohibited in some EU Member States.

The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to production of electricity, transmission and distribution of electricity on own account (part of ISIC rev 3.1: 4010)

and so it goes on.

Time and again the phrase “the right is reserved to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to ….”  In this case the privatisation of privately-funded ambulance services.   Also, any measure with respect to all social services, whether public or privately funded.  (CPC933).  The right is reserved to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to publicly funded social services and to privately funded social services other than services relating to convalescent and rest houses and old people’s homes (CPC933).   While the phrase above may seem innocent, it would seem that changes would be put into place where previously held standards would be abandoned in order to accommodate the interests of US “investors”; or as now, are impossible to attain thereby paving the way forward to privatisation.  Both Labour and Tory parties in the UK are committed to this course of action at the expense of its voters.

The crux of the document lies in the words juridical person.  Even I had to look this up.  According to the Law Dictionary it is: “Entity, as a firm, that is not a single natural person, as a human being, authorized by law with duties and rights, recognized as a legal authority having a distinct identity, a legal personality. Also known as artificial person, juridical entity, juristic person, or legal person. Also refer to body corporate.”

Paragraph 19 says the EU reserves the right to maintain or adopt any measure with respect to telephone answering services, mailing list compilation and telephone-based support services.  In the UK there are mechanisms whereby you can ask to have yourself removed from lists that are used for the compilation of mailing lists so you don’t receive unwanted junk mail, which has been a problem in the past.  If a US based company decides to ignore this we are back to square one, more junk mail.

So far the worst I’ve seen is in Paragraph 19 section B which says, “In PL (Poland) … for all sectors except legal services and services provided by healthcare units, non EU investors may undertake and conduct economic activity only in the form of a limited liability partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, while domestic companies have access also to the forms of non-commercial partnership companies (general partnership and unlimited liability partnership).   This means that foreign companies are given preferential terms to conduct business over Polish nationals.   A limited company can only be sued for what it owes and can be closed down, whereas an unlimited liability company your business can be closed down, your personal property, car, possessions can all be taken from you whereas the outsider only having limited liability is still smiling.  Poles can sometimes really be their own worst enemies.  By allowing the US to base soldiers in Poland, the Polish government is stoking up problems for the future and by throwing its own people to the wolves, does itself no favours.   Little wonder so many Poles decide their lives are better in the UK.

However, it is in the acquisition of real estate that this agreement really goes to town.  In Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia there is no limit to the amount of land US “investors” can take.  Well done.  Former Iron Curtain countries and those the EU wants rid of can be swallowed up by these “investors” who can do as they want with them.  Those countries that had to endure hard times under the Russians have no idea how much harder times will be once US “investors” have ruined the beautiful countrysides of these countries.  Ancient forests will be felled, fisheries and aquifers will be poisoned, there are no bounds for the amount of land that can be taken for mining, extraction of petroleum and natural gas (fracking), mining for metal ores, other mining or quarrying.  It also explains why David Cameron was so keen to revoke any ownership of private property that might stop fracking companies in their search for oil or gas.  Any rights any individual has over freehold land would have the right to ask for compensation from the companies for spoiling their land and extracting a commodity.   Indigenous natives would be marginalised to the same extent as Native American Indians who are only permitted to settle on useless, infertile land while white Americans have taken all the fertile lands they can for themselves.  Think Polish Corridor and you get an idea of what is in store for EU countries.

Impressions & Recommendations:

The idea of sovereign countries or states are at an end.   The idea of democracy is, and has been false.  TTIP, TISA, TPP and other such “trade agreements” are nothing of the sort.  These are documents that will make corporations of countries, worker bees of its people, but where worker bees are rewarded worker bees will not be so.  Any protections so far gained will be swept aside if it means the corporations (sorry, outside countries (USA)) are prevented from making a profit.

Basically, this is rape and pillaging on a massive scale by way of legal process rather than by invasion and war.  The result is the same.  The USA wants to ensure that whatever Europe has the USA will take and ensure it is utterly dependent on what the USA allows it to have.   That’s the real condition.  Europe is agreeing to be slaves to the USA.

One has to ask, who do these agreements benefit?  If you subscribe to the idea that when you vote for a person to represent you in government, or senate, parliament, it is that person’s job to stand up for your interests and those of your community.   The fact that all these agreements are being discussed in such secret talks not even elected representatives of countries involved are allowed to see the documents as they are being discussed and make recommendations, one can be sure these documents are not being negotiated with the electorate in mind or their benefit.

One has to ask what benefits are there for those people discussing such agreements, how are they going to benefit?  If it is the case that any money made from the firms “trading” in the new corporations (not sovereign countries anymore) are going to be funnelled through tax havens to avoid paying tax whilst the burden of paying taxes to treasuries of former sovereign countries will fall to those of us working for pennies while governments continue to rack up debts for vanity projects and award themselves handsome pay rises at the expense of those who actually do the work of maintaining the infrastructure the rest of societies rely on, who exactly are they serving?

US companies have no respect for the land they have, habitats of whatever age and regardless of how unique creatures maybe will be ruined.  I wonder whether there is a link between the decline of the bee population in the USA, fracking and loss of habitat that would accompany that.  Might be worthwhile studying that.

This is also why Jean-Claude Juncker recently announced it might be a good idea to speed up the process where individual countries that make up the EU become one superstate with a single army, taxes and so on.  It might be easier for the Americans to deal with us as one conglomerate, but those of us in each country would object most strongly.   Each member state has its own language, customs, traditions, methods of working according to geography. Trying to homogenized 28 countries into one would be an impossible and foolhardy exercise.

It may seem as though those parties in Europe saying that perhaps we need to put our own people first even if it means leaving the EU may have a point.

It seems that the true reason for the unrest fuelled by the USA towards Russia is very plain.  Russia has no interest in being taken over and its people marginalised by foreigners, even if it means having to endure sanctions to show this.  It’s a shame the spineless politicians in the EU have no interest in protecting the very people it relies on making the EU work.  Marine La Pen is correct; we now have to decide where we want to go as individual countries as well as a whole.  Do we become corporations or remain as people?

It is clear the financial experiment is now over, the Euro as a currency is unsustainable and measures used to prop it up with pretend money printed, devalued, worthless will only drive EU economies to bankruptcy, which is where America is.  This is why the likes of Mario Dhragi and Mark Carney are keen to promote QE (quantitive Easing).  There is no effort in producing pretend money, producing “debt” with pretend money that doesn’t really exist and telling ordinary people they have to pay the profligacy of those in government.  This is not democracy, this isn’t even slavery, it is theft pure and simple.  Theft of hard-earned money from ordinary people’s labour, their dignity and freedom to choose their own paths.

This is the time we need to consider where the world and EU needs to go.  Like sheep to the slaughter as the EU Commission would have us go, or down the road of self-government where we can decide to work together for the benefit of ourselves and each other.   The EU as a trading block within itself and other countries is a good thing, this is where we need to return to, to get the benefit of what we can achieve.  Surrendering nationality, property, land and resources to others who would not appreciate these things in the same manner is the road to destruction.

This is by no means the only article I will write on the matter, as I  have stated before, there is a general election in the UK in a few weeks time and I will try to highlight as many paragraphs as I can which will have a direct bearing on promises being made, that politicians know full well there is no possibility of being made good when the votes have been counted.  What a sham!!

Autumnal treats

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As Autumn is now making its presence felt I thought I’d share a treat with you that I got into a little while back which is making itself more a part of this Autumn’s feasting.

As the leaves change colour and you savour them and the nuts, fruits, seasonal meats and fish before the season of not so much.  The wind and (almost constant) rain my treat is a cup of hot chocolate.  Not just any hot chocolate but a Latino which is a joy and delight.

There are a small number of Latino bars and restaurants in my neighbourhood which I enjoy from time to time and had a Latino hot chocolate that was mindblowingly good with a familiarity I couldn’t quite put my finger on until it was pointed out it was the milk that’s used.

2-3 teaspoons of cocoa powder (NOT hot chocolate which is too sweet and lacks the chocolate punch)

A generous dollop of condensed milk (or thick sweetened milk in other parts of the world).  This makes sense as in Latino countries fresh milk would go off too quickly but this way, it remains fresh for longer.

Stir vigorously until the cocoa powder and milk become a paste.

Add some boiled water about halfway full and keep stirring until loosened up.

Almost fill up the cup with more boiled water and keep stirring at which point the condensed milk will have completely loosened but you have a cup of smooth, slightly frothy hot chocolate.

Chocolate, lovely chocolate

Chocolate, lovely chocolate

At this point add either cinnamon, ginger, mace, nutmeg and/or chilli or cayenne pepper.  You can add these as a combination if you like, ginger and cayenne/chilli or cinnamon and chilli work well.  Again stir to blend these spices into the mixture and drink.

The surprise of the chilli hitting the back of your throat is addictive and I dare you not to drink more than one cup. This is absolutely amazing and will chase any chills away and warm you on a cold winters day.


A Frisson of Excitement


Well things are certainly getting exciting in London at the moment as we have local elections coming up as well as the EU elections to vote for our local MEP (Member of European Parliament).   I’m afraid this is a little diversion from food in London as I’m getting quite excited by what’s happening and hope I can convey this here. 

These elections only come every few years and there are the usual parties, a few independents who stand.  This year there are a few parties who are making names for themselves in vying for votes whereby once they get to some sort of power will put forward a referendum on either remaining in the EU or leaving.  Some are putting this under the guise of preventing further immigration, which I personally think is a mistake, others are simply acting out of not liking change.  It will be interesting to see how popular these parties prove to be.   What is interesting is that now there are also a few parties of migrant communities, namely from the Slavic countries. 

This completely breaks the mould in that previous immigrants have had to battle to be accepted by the established parties who have given the odd seat over to them, but nothing major.  These parties are directly from migrant people themselves.  It’s definitely a Slavic trait that if you want to get something done, do it yourself!   I shall be supporting them in the local and EU elections and watch to see how they do.