Post British General Election 2017

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The General Election 2017 Part 1 is over and its a hung parliament. I haven’t changed my mind about Theresa May, in fact she has diminished in my estimation further than she was at the beginning. The Tories have shown themselves to be the utter sleazebags and used car salesmen they’ve always been. They may have better accents than the rest of us, but they are the absolute dregs of what passes for human beings. I feel unclean even thinking about them.

The best thing about this election has been watching Jeremy Corbyn grow in stature and confidence as the election campaign went on. I admit I’ve had doubts in the past as to whether his style would bear any real substance but no, he’s proved me wrong and I like what I see. I just hope the real Labour party can hold it together long enough for when the next election is called, which won’t be long now, and people realise that it’s not just Theresa May who can’t deliver, but the whole Tory Party machine just hasn’t got what it takes without dragging everyone down to their level of incompetence.

The media have also been very even handed in handling their questions and haven’t allowed either party to get away with easy questions. It was refreshing to see them getting people to question MPs rather than just presenters. My money is on another general election being called in October/November. The present lot of Tories who’ve kept their jobs for now haven’t got the necessary negotiating skills to ensure we leave with any goodwill from Europe, which will be needed to negotiate any trade deals that may need to be agreed. They come from privileged backgrounds and as a result feel the world owes them. It doesn’t. This is a very interesting time to be alive. We need not just a change of faces at the top, we need a change in the way of working that benefits as many people as possible because we’re the ones who make things happen. Rich people are only interested in filling their pockets with our hard earned money.

I’ve always said there is a reason why politicians want us all to work really hard, it so we won’t notice they’re picking our pockets while we do so.

Trump &NATO

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It occurs to me why Trump is such an advocate of encouraging other nations to pay for their own defence and it isn’t that America is “owed” money for “defending” other countries, it’s because America is broke. Stony broke. USA governments have put investment into military hardware above the well being of its citizens and now those citizens have some of the worst social care programs in the world which is well acknowledged. However a couple of points need to be borne in mind. The USA appointed itself the world’s policeman after WW2 and in so doing should bear the cost of doing so unilaterally. After being dragged into WW2 for the second time  in 20 years America came to the conclusion that the two largest countries in Europe needed to be kept apart to avoid another world war. This is fair enough.

The second point is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union the purpose of NATO became obsolete, defunct, had no further purpose. When Trump declared this in his pre-election rallies, he was correct, still is.

However after Trump was elected and British PM Theresa May visited him to school him in the ways of the political system, he quickly changed his mind, saying he understood the importance of NATO. The point of Trump touring various countries on his first trip as US President, particularly NATO HQ and Brussels, is that he is asking other countries who seem to think that keeping NATO as an entity is a good thing and if this is the case they should pay for this.

What these countries don’t seem to understand is that NATO is an American entity and as such, comes under the command of the US. They are in effect being asked to fund further “wars on terror”.  If these countries go along with this, they not only have blood on their hands right from the start, but they will end up like the USA, plundering the wealth of their nations for the sake of “security”. What’s more useful in keeping someone alive, a loaf of bread or a bomb? You can’t eat a bomb.

Snap Election!

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It’s been a while since posting but at last there is something to write about. The UK elections that Theresa May has called because her arm has been twisted because of illegal activities done in the last general election in the UK whereby up to 30-40 MPs are about to be prosecuted for false accounting which would be a major source of embarrassment to May and cut her working majority down dramatically. Any notion that she is a “strong leader” is poppycock. She only appears strong because the Labour party is in such a mess. Thatcher had the same easy ride in the 1980s because Michael Foot was Labour party leader.  He makes Comrade Steptoe (Corbyn), as he’s known, look like a great orator by comparison.  Theresa May talks absolute gibberish. None of her speeches make any sense. She uses emolient words that sound nice but when you actually analyse them, mean nothing at all.

My personal thoughts are that Brexit is being used as a distraction from other policies that are being pushed through behind the scenes, such as the deterioration of the NHS, schools, fire service, local community care services, housing and education, to name a few.

Of course there is the other player in the pack that also has an impact on how people will vote in an election, and that is the media. Since the Levison Enquiry that has tarnished the reputation of the entire press establishment and shown publicly just how incestuously close politicians and the press really are. As Cameron did very little to admonish the press it is safe to assume that the unwritten contract between government and the press has been that the press are utterly the government mouthpiece, or propaganda pushers. It is hard for the press to completely divorce themselves from this role in order to shine a light on the real issues of Theresa May’s policies and hold her government to account as it should be at this time.
As we have already had 10 months of Theresa May’s policies and she is unable to distance herself entirely from her predecessor’s policies, I think it’s only right to examine them closely.

Theresa May became prime minister by default of a party election after Cameron resigned, having lost the Brexit referendum. Since then she has shown herself to be evasive when she is pursuing policies she does not want scrutinised, heartless, uncaring about people who really are struggling and, as someone who has never had children (and yes, I will bring that subject up as it does make a difference in someone’s persona a psyche) is happy to use them in her propaganda (remember the Christmas cards made by children) to try to portray a softer image, but has no idea how tough life can be when you’re trying to make ends meet on low wages.

She supported the hated Bedroom Tax, she has failed to support disabled and long term sick people who really need our help and support. She is happy to cut the meagre benefits they are forced to live on and cut housing benefit which would see these vulnerable people living on the streets because, in her eyes, they do not contribute. I would argue thus:

In any society there will always be a core of people who are unable to do paid work, usually because of illness or because they are carers or other circumstances. It is absolutely right that they are given the support they need through benefits and this should never be denied to them, nor cut. It is the mark of a civilised society that the most vulnerable people are supported all their lives and if we in the UK want to consider ourselves civilised then this is what we should be doing.

Whatever system you devise for claiming benefits there will always be a small group of people who will claim benefits fraudulently. While you can put such people under surveillance to catch them out, and should, the amounts they claim are miniscule by comparison to the amounts of money that are given to rich people and companies by way of tax cuts, methods of tax evasion. Even the amount of money that is given to the Royal family in Britain. This is a family that is richer than any of us can imagine, they don’t need money and yet they are given millions. The Queen even has the audacity to claim more money because she can’t afford to have the builders in to do a few repairs, yet if you’re average family in social housing does the same they are made to wait months if not years in freezing, damp conditions before any upgrade. I would sooner and rather give money to those who really need it, the sick, disabled, unemployed, retired, young families than to rich people who are just parasites to the rest of society.

The mainstream press should stop demonising ordinary people for claiming benefits and start criticising the rich people and companies who evade paying their fair share of tax which puts an unfair burden on working people. That’s something people should care about because it directly affects us. Any party who will tackle this in reality is a party worthy of consideration for my vote.

Another point that is worth mentioning is over the years governments have made employment a precarious situation whereby more regulations are imposed, rights diminished, shoddy work practices become commonplace and workers are forced to re-apply for their own jobs. I think elections should also be treated in the same way but in reverse. Politicians are re-applying for their jobs and we should judge whether they have been doing their jobs properly either collectively or individually and vote accordingly. No politician should be allowed to behave in the arrogant manner so many of them do and consider themselves unaccountable when it comes to elections. Look, listen and question.

Humanity Has Died, Long Live Human Beings

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I haven’t posted for a while as there have been so many events in the last few months that would normally have elicited comment from me, but I felt it would be better to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, if there is one. However, today Sunday 30th October 2016 sees a monumental event in that CETA has finally been ratified by both Canada and all 27 European countries. Today is the day humanity and any rights for human beings died and the corporates have won.

This is part of the new world order movement so beloved of many conspiracy theorists, except its not a conspiracy. The new world order is part of the picture promoted by the Jewish people for the world for many years and it looks as though they have won.

Conspiracy theorists have mostly been ignored or called nutters and some of them are, many of them don’t check their facts properly, others paint such a fantastical picture it’s hard to believe what they say but that would be to dismiss them and allow the world to trundle onto the pre-ordained future that will be a nightmare that humanity will never escape from. The corporate dominance of the world really is upon us and this may be the last time that we normal, ordinary people get to vote for anyone important as elections the world over are, and have been, rigged to such an extent that they instill only apathy and disgust at politics and politicians alike. In the next 10-15 years whenever there is a vote for government anywhere in the world, I can pretty much guarantee that only corporations will have the ability to vote, that’s the way we’re headed globally.

The question is what can we do about it? Brexit in the UK is a powerful force but one that politicians are willing to overlook, at their peril, which gives you some idea how deeply they are invested in this new world order as they have done very well out of it and will continue to do so. The America elections give two not-so-good candidates a chance to do what they want, one is being investigated by the FBI, the other has a loose mouth that says quite inappropriate things but has nuggets of sensible policies that will turn the USA around. If I were voting I would go for the latter. There are also elections in the EU which will be interesting to watch, particularly Germany, but let’s see what happens.

What is interesting is that PM May in the UK is steadily unpicking most of the roadblocks that were thrown in the way of the UK doing well by David Cameron. He always talked about a “legacy”, well any “legacy” he had in mind is being eroded, as well as that of other politicians since the 1990s. Therein lies the answer. In the same way that those who espouse the new world order were allowed to set up associations, societies, make inroads into respectable life, those things should be taken away from them. Those associations and societies made null and void, all those who run or are associated with such things given the same treatment they wished for others and then those values that have been slowly eroded under the guise of “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” brought back so that we can be strong as a people.

Those who have a preference for multiculturalism need to understand that you cannot share in someone else’s values and ways of thinking if you don’t understand your own. It is by having a good understanding of your own place in the world that you can share this with others. This does not mean you have to segregate, although it is natural to want to live with people who share your own values and are culturally similar, but it does mean you need to know who you are and where you come from.

We don’t need to go to war as it serves no purpose for those fighting such wars, it only serves a purpose for those sending young people to war while they sit back in their comfortable lives and make the right noises at the right times. It does take some backbone, strength of purpose and a willingness not to be derailed from your goal to be allowed to live ordinary lives normally with a fair share of the spoils of our work. Those purporting the new world order realise the game is up, most people understand who they are and what they’re up to, and there’s nowhere for them to hide.

Autumn Fruits and Other Vegetables

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The Conference season is upon us again and it’s an interesting way for the established political parties to set out their stall for the months ahead and reiterate the party slogan both to the faithful and the rest of the country.   Labour seemed desperate, but they have every right to considering the utter shambles they created for themselves over the summer months after the Brexit vote.   They are still deluded that anyone actually listens to politicans and believes what they say and still only interested in talking to each other in Westminster regardless of what goes on outside of the political bubble.   It is fair to say that Labour have now got their wish, they are completely unelectable for the foreseeable future.  Note to Jeremy Corbyn; don’t bother to put up prospective MPs in the next general election, you won’t be getting many, if any returners.

The Tories with their shiny new PM and cabinet had a chance to set out their stall for what they hope to achieve in the coming months and it all sounds bright and hopeful with lots of nice words and phrases, however the fly in the ointment is the ongoing dispute with Southern Rail which belies the true nature of the Tories and quite simply says, “business as usual”, so don’t be fooled.

For those readers living outside of the SE of England, there has been an ongoing dispute between Southern Rail who run the franchise of train services between the South Coast of the UK, so Brighton, Eastbourne, Portsmouth, Chichester and Hastings and London as well as the Brighton to Bedford Thameslink services which also go through London.

Those of us who are unfortunate enough to have to use Southern’s services in order to get to work every day understand how awful they are.  The daily delays to get to and from work are frustrating enough.  You’ve got the app on your phone, you check the services, the app assures you everything is running normally, you get to the train station the boards announce there are delays from 2 minutes, 5 minutes then going to 10-20 minutes (this is the same train, by the way), then the board announces that the train you were waiting for will arrive at the same time as the next train going to your destination which you know is a physical impossibility as two trains cannot arrive at the same platform at the same time, then the next train is also delayed after a few minutes and the train you were waiting for is cancelled.  Then the scenario is repeated but if you’re lucky the next train which is full of passengers who would have got the previous train actually bothers to make it out of Victoria and there is the possibility you may actually make it home tonight.  Whoopee.  At this point I have to stress to my readers who live outside of the UK I am talking about overground trains and not the tube, which runs beautifully, regularly.

For those readers who are not in the UK the background to this dispute is that while the UK was one of the first countries in the world to have a railway 200 years ago, there has been very little in the way of investment since, save for new carriages periodically.   This means that many rural and suburban train stations have platforms which are much the same size as when they were first built or are curved which have always necessitated a guard to be on the train in case someone tries to catch the train at the last minute and gets themselves, bags or clothing caught in the doors.   The suburban commute to work has always been an unpleasant, expensive and overcrowded experience, one to be avoided where possible and complained about frequently.

A couple of years ago Southern undertook a programme of extending platforms to accommodate longer trains, only by two carriages per train but it’s enough to ensure a small amount of space for passengers.  However some station platforms could only be extended to accommodate so many carriages so passengers are asked to disembark from the first 7 or 8 carriages.   All well and good you say, but Southern are now saying that guards on what they call “metro trains”, that is trains running from the suburbs into London, should not have guards.   Safety measures would argue otherwise.   These are the lines that need guards the most.  Notwithstanding that there are cameras placed at various points along platforms, when a driver’s attention is elsewhere (i.e. closing carriage doors and preparing to drive the train out of the station) he will be unaware of someone struggling to get on or off the train at the last minute (how many times do people gaze up from their iPhone to realise which station they are at and rush off, even when it is announced?), someone rushing onto the train at the last minute as described above?   These are situations that happen very easily and need an extra pair of eyes on board, and not all station platforms are staffed, even at peak travel times.   The key is safety.

If Teresa May thinks this is her Thatcher moment where she can discredit and get rid of the Unions she has picked the wrong fight.   I have only three words that sum up the consequences of such blinkered thinking and they are Clapham Junction 1988.  Having privatised British Rail the private companies did away with many of the usual safety practices and it was hailed as a huge success for free market thinking.   A crowded passenger train crashed into the rear of another train that had stopped at a signal, and subsequently sideswiped an empty train traveling in the other direction. 35 people died and 415 were injured.

The collision was caused by a signal failure due to a wiring fault. New wiring had been installed, but the old wiring had been left connected at one end, and loose and uninsulated at the other. An independent inquiry, chaired by Anthony Hidden, QC, found that the signalling technician responsible had not been told his working practices were wrong and his work had not been inspected by an independent person. He had also worked a seven-day week for the previous 13 weeks. Critical of the health and safety culture within British Rail at the time, Hidden’s recommendations included ensuring that work was independently inspected and that a senior project manager be made responsible for all aspects of any major, safety-critical project such as re-signalling work.

The RMT union is absolutely correct which many commuters understand and support the Union in this regard.  Unfortunately Teresa May is a small minded, blinkered, free market thinker who is trying to show who’s boss, in supporting Southern’s position in this, she may find it will cost her dearly at the ballot box.   The markets are not some panacea for common sense and respecting that people who travel on trains whether for work or leisure have the right to expect to arrive safely and in one piece.   If Teresa May has any political nous she should call in Southern’s boss and tell him to retain the guards already in place and increase station staff presence in suburban stations.  If it hits Southern’s profits, hard cheese.

Backseat Drivers Beware!!

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The prospect of a former chancellor ripping into the present Tory government’s practices are the stuff of political nightmares, I should think, and yet this is what happened this week.  With David Cameron now departed just before the housing market totally crashes (which it will shortly) the only person left to be a constant headache to the present May-led government is George Osborne, former failed chancellor. What is pertinent is to look closely at Osborne’s record as chancellor and note that he never missed an opportunity to punish the poor, sick and disabled for being so and relished every such chance along with his close chum Dave.

There’s the bedroom tax announced the same day the Queen was given a whopping 30% pay rise, there’s the much fantasized “surplus budget” he aimed for, which everyone knew was a fantasy.

What is interesting are Osborne’s comments during the 2008 collapse where he said, “The more the government borrows the less attractive sterling becomes. He said: “We are in danger, if the government is not careful, of having a proper sterling collapse, a run on the pound.” And yet he himself pursued the same policies. In 2010 he aimed to cut the deficit so that it only amounted to fraction of govt spending by 2015-16 this went pear-shaped as national debt tripled as more private firms were forced to the wall because of his “austerity” policies which only ensured misery for millions of people who were subsequently made unemployed and then vilified for having to depend on the state for handouts in their time of need, conveniently forgetting those same people had already paid into the system through their taxes for such assistance from the state.

Osborne also introduced a cap on the amount of benefits a family could claim from £25,000 per year to £23,000 per year. This may not seem like a lot, but when you have a family of 2-4 mouths to feed, clothe, etc it doesn’t go very far. He also cut the rate of income tax for the rich from 50% to 45% simultaneously slapping VAT on Cornish pasties, beloved by ordinary people to pay for this.

At every turn Osborne could not help himself to keep the rich even richer while taxing the poor who could ill afford more taxes. Osborne also managed to lose the UK’s treasured AAA financial ratings. The fact that this chancer was in government is probably the only way he is avoiding criminal prosecution as, anyone else caught doing what he is doing would end up in court with a jail sentence at the end of it.

The point of this story is that he is still preaching the policies of austerity to the current government, I just hope the current chancellor, Philip Hammond manages to ignore this chancer and does what he thinks is right. Also, Osborne’s comments on the Hinkley C project which was cobbled together by Georgie-boy and his mate Dave. PM May was right to put the brakes on this project for a while and scrutinise it properly because it has to be remembered that we have just got rid of the two most dishonest, unscrupulous, morally bankrupt people ever to be elected to high office who have not just sold the family silver but the kitchen sink and scales that go with it.

Unfortunately Hinkely C has gone ahead and the cost to the consumer will be too high a price to pay at £92.50 per megawatt of electricity generated and will ensure that many people will resort to going back to the old fashioned ways of amusing themselves by candlelight such as reading a book, knitting, jigsaw puzzles.

The only way I can see Teresa May offsetting such a high cost is by investing in renewable energies which she can do quite easily and will ensure our electricity supplies far better than nuclear power can. The technology is there also to be able to harness solar power in batteries (Tesla) or generators which can store this energy and release it when needed so it then becomes more reliable. Personally, if I were in government I would do two things, flatten huge swathes of what I call “below standard housing”, the two-up, two-down Victorian terraces as well as just about any building built before 1889 across the UK which just become slums, are difficult to heat properly, are prone to damp and just not able to be adapted to modern day living. In doing this I could then implement a house building programme which would enable better, easier to heat and better built to accommodate modern living which would give families, couples and single people a better standard of living with the emphasis on orienting buildings so the largest part of the roof faces towards the sun and all properties must have solar panels (now you can even get roofing tiles with solar panels built in, which saves a lot of faffing around having roofing tiles and then solar panels on top). Any buildings that have a lot of glass in their structure (office buildings for instance) would need to be covered in solar generating film. These would all feed into the national grid for 50% of capacity which would have batteries that could store these charges for release later on. Many homes would also have these batteries so that they could also benefit from storing their own electricity power. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is probably going to become incumbent upon many people to be as self sufficient as possible so far as generating their own electricity is concerned as the cost of power to heat, charge and enjoy the lifestyles we currently have is going to be that much more difficult after 2020 when this becomes operational. It must also be borne in mind that renewable energies such as wind and solar at present provides 27% of our energy needs with only a fraction of households having solar panels, whereas nuclear such as Hinkley only produces 7% of our energy needs. If the scenario I have outlined above were to be implemented we would easily have more than enough power to meet our needs and there would not be able question of national interests.

The Propaganda Machine Beyond the UK

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I’ve been in Krakow, Poland for the past week enjoying a much needed break. It’s my second time back in Poland and I have to say I enjoy being there. I love the people, the food, the culture and the connection I have with my heritage. On both visits I have made a point of getting an understanding of the situation in Poland which is subject to a lot of misunderstanding and bad mouthing in the British and USA press which is based on ignorance and prejudice.

Firstly, despite the investment in infrastructure in Poland and loosening of ordinary people’s ability to set up their own businesses, which I’m sure is very welcome, they are experiencing the same problems as we are in the UK. The cost of living is low and so are the wages, in fact so low that it is common for 3 or 4 generations to be living under the same roof, in a good many cases, in 2 or 3 bedroom properties. This hampers familial relationships in that it is difficult for people to have space for their own lives and hobbies as would normally be the case.

Secondly, despite the involvement of the Americans in “helping” to avoid another Russian takeover, the American influence in daily life isn’t always welcome. Television programmes are pretty much the same as they are in the UK, they even have their own Jamie Oliver who in my opinion, has just basic cooking skills. Masterchef is just called Chef. What I call “talking heads programmes” where one or more guests is invited to give their view of events has taken on the format everywhere else, anytime the guest is suspected of saying something “controversial” they cut to a break, even if the guest is just contrasting a situation as it is now to events in previous years. The Americans have to remember Poland is Poland, not the USA. We have our own culture, our own language, our own history. On Polish soil Americans should behave as Poles and not impose their way on Poland.

Thirdly, there is the Jewification of the media. Now Jews have been a part of Polish life since 1264 when King Boleslav of Poland invited them to set up communities at a time when the rest of Europe was kicking them out of their countries notably England, Spain and France to name but a few. There have been recent whispers by notable Polish/Jewish scholars and others that Polish Jews have been badly treated by various communities in WW2. Recently Jaroslaw Kaczynski issued a new law making any such accusation against Poles illegal and punishable. Now the Polish collosus of film making, Andrzej Wajda, is making a film about Polish history but there are a lot of Jews involved which concerns me greatly as Jews have a habit of distorting events to suit their own agenda and with Wajda now cutting a frail figure at the age of 80, I wonder whether he will see the film made to its entirety and show the truth of Polish history without bias.

The current situation in Europe has touched many ordinary Europeans who are uneasy with the EU institutions as they currently are. The cry from the top of the pyramid is for “more Europe”. It is the utter definition of madness, repeating the same behaviour but hoping for a different outcome. The Jewish-inspired one world isn’t going to happen, I have said this many times previously in this blog. Co-operation is the best anyone can hope for. We all have our own languages, geography, geology, cultures, heritage, histories intertwined and solo. Instead of trying to get everyone to be the same and forget their history, nationality, languages and culture, just be respectful and admit defeat. The EU experiment is OVER, SO OVER. The genie is out of the bottle and now everyone will want their own referendum which national governments will be obliged to give to their electorate and the result will inevitably be that ordinary people want OUT of the EU institutions. Not bound by endless rules and regulations and working every hour of the day, being told what you can and cannot say or do. Moreover people are now waking up and realising that the one world is a Jewish nightmare that will only make life worse for everyone. If you don’t believe me, please get hold of “The Synagogue of Satan” Updated, Expanded & Uncensored by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and read it through. It will turn your blood cold and your perspective of the world will never be the same again.

The Worst Kind of Politician …..

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I haven’t posted in the last few weeks as it’s been very quiet. After the excitement of recent months on the political scene across the world most people have been sensible and taken a break over the summer months to enjoy the weather and recharge the batteries. What I have noticed among the comedic distractions of the Labour party in so-called turmoil are the siren voices suggesting that the will of the people could and should be overturned by politicians in parliament over the results of the Brexit referendum. These voices belong mainly to those in the Labour-Lite Party and a few former civil servants.

What these blatant fools don’t seem to realise is that it reveals the worst sort of politician, the type that only believes in “democracy” if they are on the winning side and, secondly they are only interested in furthering their own careers. Brussels being the place to go for failed politicians who are unemployable anywhere else.

They also seem to overlook the point that all the hand-wringing in the world won’t change the result as Brussels has accepted the result that the British want to leave and that we will need to do this in an orderly manner acceptable to all sides, not just in Britain. For all the accusations of being undemocratic and ignoring the voice of ordinary people (which it does in spades), Brussels understands that if the British wish to leave the last thing would be to blackmail, withdraw favourable terms or even threaten with unfavourable terms or worse as that would most certainly just put people’s backs up and make them more determined to leave and trade with the wider world where such childish behaviour would be seen for what it is.

The Labour-Lite Party does not understand that there are times when ordinary people understand far better what is going on and will vote accordingly. Labour-Lite are only interested in talking amongst themselves, within their own little cliques, throwing out the odd statement to appease the masses, but see themselves as somehow above the “common people”. They honestly believe they are somehow”special”, set apart from the rest of us.

The Tory Party on the other hand absolutely get it. The vote to leave was unequivocally a kick up the backside to the Establishment. For so many years ordinary people have been put upon, lied to, kicked when most in need and then treated like vermin. This was the one opportunity that ordinary people could tell the Establishment that it was not all going to go their way. Its our country and we have a say in what happens as well. Without ordinary people this country is nothing. Its time the Labour-Lites just packed up and went home because we really don’t need any of them, not one.

Shape up and shut up

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There are two stories this week in the newspapers I would like to comment on, both are closely linked and I feel are a microcosm of what is going on elsewhere in the world. The two stories are that the New Zealand judge appointed to head up the inquiry into paedophilia among the establishment has quit before starting the enquiry itself, but not before she made a large amount of money on the salary she was paid nor before being made a dame. The other story is of Shami Chakrabarti’s appointment to the House of Lords by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the criticism it is drawing from the split Labour party who have decided they want to destroy the party and some Jewish groups. Both stories have a couple of familiar threads running through them.

The inquiry into the historic abuse of children by members of the establishment and well known figures in entertainment is one that a high ranking judge ought to be able to conduct without fear nor favour but equally should not have any personal links to anyone in the establishment that might be perceived as favouritism in any shape or form. This is why the first two high court judges were forced to resign, they had personal links (Dame Butler-Sloss was neighbours and had dinner parties with one of the named perpetrators, hardly suitable to conduct such a high level investigation). Then in comes a respected high court judge Lowell Goddard from New Zealand. Independent, knowledgeable and familiar with the set-up of the establishment and yet not tainted by familiarity of anyone in the establishment. A good start. Only now do we find that she has been made a dame after she said everyone in the establishment was within her remit, including royalty.

Although Dame Lowell Goddard has not given her full reasons for her resignation, it seems she felt unsupported in her position, among other things. This may well be the reality of the situation and she has been asked for a full explanation before a committee of MPs in the coming days and weeks, although having spent a total of 70 days in New Zealand and Australia which seems rather excessive.

Before Judge Goddard’s appointment to the inquiry it was commented that because the inquiry would involve questioning of establishment figures there was a danger it would be kicked into the long grass. It seems as though that point of view is looming every more truthful as time goes on.

The second story of Shami Chakrabarti being appointed to the Lords on the Labour benches reveals even more about the state of the Labour party itself than it does about Ms Chakrabarti. In the UK it is the convention that there are a few times in the year when the ruling party (at present the tories) can appoint those people it feels would be suitable and qualified with enough expertise and life experience to be a part of the law making process that make up the checks and balances of MPs. The opposition party can also do this, but don’t usually appoint as many, but it’s just enough so that the numbers are relatively even.

Shami Chakrabarti is a very well respected human rights lawyer who has frequently been the voice of reason, particularly in the last 6 years of a rabid, tory government trying to push through some of the most draconian law and strip away hard earned rights of the ordinary person. Several members of the Labour party, namely Tom Watson and others who decided to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the back have come out and said this is the wrong time for such an appointment. Various jewish groups have come out against Ms Chakrabarti’s appointment because through her inquiry into rampant racism in the Labour party found none to speak of. She found there may be ill informed or even ignorant comments but no racism or anti semitism. How typically jewish and childish. They didn’t get what they wanted so they’ll stamp their feet and accuse everyone of anti-semitism and/or racism until they get what they want.

Let’s take a closer look at both situations. Two of those accused of historical paedophilia were both jews, Greville Janner who pretended he had Alzheimer’s and Leon Britten. Both were elderly men who died just before their cases came to court. The jews have been and are being protected by the establishment who are themselves guilty of participation in such acts against children, this is a big part of their religion encouraged by the Talmud. Then you have the situation where one MP made some crass remarks years before she became an MP and was pilloried for it. She resigned her position and apologised. She has since been re-admitted to the Labour party. An inquiry was held by Ms Chakrabarti who concluded that although there maybe the odd arsehole, there are no racists. The jews don’t like it because it didn’t give them what they wanted and so they behave like children who didn’t get what they wanted. Here’s the thing, everyone has a right to be an arsehole whatever form that takes. It doesn’t make them a racist, sexist or anything else, just an arsehole, and guess what? The world is full of arseholes.

What is very revealing is that the Labour Party is now dead in the water, even if Jeremy Corbyn gets elected again. They are giving the impression they aren’t interested in being in government, that’s too much like hard work. It’s easier to stand on the sidelines shouting the odds. If that’s the case, just shut up shop and walk away. Find yourselves another job, use your political connections. Oh, that’s right nobody in their right minds would employ them in the real world because they are utterly useless liars and hypocrites. In which case, shape up and shut up.

The Real Battle Begins

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So the new battle begins to find a new leader for the Tory party and it brings out some very strange characters, each of whom is looking to massage their own ego.

On the one hand there is Theresa May who has been the most divisive, xenophobic Home Secretary I can recall in many years. This is the Home Secretary who has pushed through legislation that allows spying on ordinary people through computer and phone records on an industrial scale at the behest of the USA, who is happy to push through legislation that stops anyone putting up an alternative political party or giving another point of view during an election year. She would simply push for a totalitarian state Stalin would have been proud of. I simply cannot imagine a less suitable person to be PM and lead the UK Brexit talks to a conclusion that would benefit both the UK and EU. I dread to think how she would behave in a climate of foreign nationals having to negotiate a deal whereby Britain leaves the EU in amicable circumstances, I’m pretty sure she would do more harm than good.

Another candidate is Michael Gove the former Education Minister who tried to push forward education plans to further privatise education and dumb down the same for children from poor families. Failed

Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary is another one who has thrown his hat in the ring, but I doubt will last the course. This is another minister who has bullied his way through trying to privatise the NHS and managed to achieve something quite extraordinary, junior doctors and other health professionals striking for the first time in decades in opposition to his plans and thinking that just because he is a minister he can simple force his plans through regardless of what others may think. Failed.

There are three other people largely unknown Liam Fox, Stephen Crabb and Andrea Leadsom. The only one of these who stands out for me is Andrea Leadsom who took part in some of the debates on the EU Referendum and was very much in favour of Britain leaving. If I were to make a decision as to who would be the most suitable person for leader of the Tory party at this juncture it would have to be Andrea Leadsom simply because she was fully behind the decision to leave the EU and would therefore have a full understanding of why so many people voted to leave. The others are simply careerists who have their own agenda and don’t give a fig for the greater good of the UK.

The media absolutely love Theresa May who remotely reminds them of Thatcher. However, the media do not run the country and the people will have their say. The appetite for another heartless, sociopathic robot as PM simply isn’t there, so even if she is voted in by fellow Tories, won’t win the public vote.


Tak więc nowy Walka zaczyna się znaleźć nowego lidera dla partii torysów i wydobywa kilka bardzo dziwnych znaków, z których każdy stara się masować swoje własne ego.

Z jednej strony jest Theresa May, który był najbardziej podziały, ksenofobicznym Home Secretary Pamiętam wiele lat. To jest minister spraw wewnętrznych, który przeforsował ustawodawstwa, które pozwala szpiegostwo na zwykłych ludzi za pośrednictwem komputera i telefonu rekordy na skalę przemysłową na żądanie USA, który jest szczęśliwy, aby przeforsować przepisy, które zatrzymuje ktoś stawiania alternatywną partię polityczną lub udzieleniu inny punkt widzenia w trakcie roku wyborczym. Ona po prostu dążyć do totalitarnego państwa Stalin byłby dumny. Po prostu nie mogę sobie wyobrazić mniej odpowiedniej osoby do bycia PM i prowadzić rozmowy UK Brexit do wniosku, że korzyści zarówno w Wielkiej Brytanii i UE. Boję się pomyśleć, jak będzie ona zachowywać się w klimacie cudzoziemców mających negocjować umowę, zgodnie z którą Brytanii pozostawia do UE w przyjaznych okolicznościach, jestem całkiem pewny, że zrobi więcej szkody niż pożytku.

Innym kandydatem jest Michael Gove były minister edukacji, który próbuje pchnąć do przodu planów edukacyjnych w celu dalszego prywatyzacji edukacji i niemych dół same dla dzieci z ubogich rodzin. Niepowodzenie

Jeremy Hunt Sekretarz Zdrowia jest kolejnym, który rzucił czapkę w ringu, ale wątpię, będzie trwał kurs. Jest to kolejny minister, który zastraszany drogę przez próbuje sprywatyzować NHS i udało się osiągnąć coś zupełnie niezwykłego, junior lekarzy i innych pracowników służby zdrowia uderzające po raz pierwszy od kilkudziesięciu lat w opozycji do swoich planów i myśli, że tylko dlatego, że jest ministrem potrafi prosta siła jego plany poprzez niezależnie od tego, co inni mogą myśleć. Nie powiodła się.

Istnieją trzy inne osoby w dużej mierze nieznane Liam Fox, Stephen Crabb i Andrea Leadsom. Tylko jeden z nich, który wyróżnia się dla mnie jest Andrea Leadsom, którzy wzięli udział w kilku debatach na temat referendum unijnym i był bardzo na korzyść Brytanii wyjeżdża. Gdybym miał podjąć decyzję o tym, kto będzie najbardziej odpowiednia osoba na lidera partii torysów w tym momencie, że to musi być Andrea Leadsom po prostu dlatego, że w pełni stał za decyzją o opuszczeniu UE i dlatego mają pełne zrozumienie, dlaczego tak wiele osób głosowało opuścić. Pozostali są po prostu karierowiczów, którzy mają swoje własne cele i nie dają rys dla dobra Wielkiej Brytanii.

Media uwielbiam Theresa May, którzy zdalnie przypomina im Thatcher. Jednak media nie działają kraj i ludzie będą mieli do powiedzenia. Apetyt na kolejny nieczułego, socjopatycznego robota jako PM po prostu nie ma, więc nawet jeśli jest ona głosowało przez innych torysów nie wygra głosowaniu jawnym.

Aftershock and Coming to Terms With ….

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It has been more than a week since the UK voted to leave the EU and there has been a largely upbeat view of the result with quite a few other EU countries also seeking to hold their own referenda on the same subject. In the UK the result has slowly sunk in with some people – predominantly those under the age of 40 thinking the result to leave the EU is a disaster and that all sorts of bad things will happen to the UK. These are the people who have never known anything other than the UK being joined at the hip to the EU.

In so many areas of life it is the convention that the future belongs to the young. It does, because they are the ones who have the energy, enthusiasm and ideas to shape the world how they want it to be. However, in this case the future still belongs to young people but not in the way they have become accustomed to it being, in this case those people do really appreciate what it really means to be part of an enslaved people that young people seem to be so willing to walk into. What is really annoying are people like the failed and largely discredited Tony Blair saying in effect that the British people cannot be trusted to know their own minds and the result should not be taken seriously. Again, it betrays the utter contempt people like him view ordinarly people.

My personal view is that once the political dust has settled in the UK, which probably won’t be for some time, that whoever emerges as prime minister of the UK after a general election should take stock of the result and not be in a hurry to envoke Article 50 as the EU would do its utmost to make an example of the UK in the manner it did of Greece; and yes, the EU is quite happy to cut off its own nose to spite its face as they are doing in continuing sanctions against Russia.

By continuing sanctions against the largest trading partner of the EU in Russia and looking forward to punishing the UK in similar fashion, Merkel, Schaubel, Juncker and others of similar mindset are putting in place the very same circumstances that will ensure that not only Europe is bankrupt but also the German economy will suffer as it did in the 1930s under the Weimar Republic, only who will they blame this time? The immigrants so welcomed by Merkel? The countries who decided that perhaps this isn’t the direction that Europe should be travelling in? Maybe even Merkel herself. Time alone will tell, until then so many people across Europe will have to suffer in order for this already failed social experiment to be maintained at all costs, after all, so many (failed) politicians jobs are at stake.

To było ponad tydzień od Wielkiej Brytanii przegłosował opuścić UE i nastąpił głównie optymistyczne widzenia wyniku z dość kilka innych krajów UE stara się również do posiadania własnego referendów w tej samej sprawie. W Wielkiej Brytanii rezultatem powoli dotarło z niektórych ludzi – przeważnie osób poniżej 40 roku życia myśli wynik opuścić UE jest katastrofą i że wszelkiego rodzaju złych rzeczy się stanie z Wielkiej Brytanii. Są to ludzie, którzy nigdy nie wiadomo, coś innego niż Zjednoczone Królestwo są połączone na biodrze do UE.

W wielu dziedzinach życia jest konwencja, że przyszłość należy do młodych. Czyni, bo oni są tymi, którzy mają energię, entuzjazm i pomysły, aby kształtować świat, jak chcą go mieć. Jednak w tym przypadku w przyszłości nadal należy do młodych ludzi, ale nie w taki sposób, że przyzwyczaili się do jej istnienia, w tym przypadku tych ludzi naprawdę docenić to, co to naprawdę znaczy być częścią zniewolonych ludzi, że młodzi ludzie wydają się być tak chętnie chodzić do. Co jest naprawdę denerwujące są ludzie tacy jak nieudanej iw dużej mierze zdyskredytowane Tony Blair mówiąc w efekcie, że Brytyjczycy nie można ufać, by poznać własne zdanie i wynik nie powinien być traktowany poważnie. Ponownie, to zdradza całkowitej pogardy ludzie tacy jak on zobaczyć ordinarly ludzi.

Moje osobiste zdanie jest, że gdy opadnie kurz polityczny w Wielkiej Brytanii, która prawdopodobnie nie będzie przez jakiś czas, aby każdy, kto wyłania się jako premier Wielkiej Brytanii po wyborach powinna dokonać podsumowania wyników i nie być w pośpiechu do envoke Artykuł 50 a UE zrobi co w jego mocy, aby przykład w Wielkiej Brytanii w sposób to miało miejsce w Grecji; i tak, że UE jest bardzo szczęśliwy, aby odciąć swój nos na przekór jego twarz, jak to robią w kontynuowaniu sankcji wobec Rosji.

Kontynuując sankcje przeciwko największym partnerem handlowym UE w Rosji i czekam na karanie Wielkiej Brytanii w podobny sposób, Merkel, Schaubel, Juncker i inne o podobnym sposobie myślenia jest wprowadzenie te same okoliczności, które zapewnią, że nie tylko Europa jest upadłość, ale także niemiecka gospodarka będzie cierpieć jak to miało miejsce w 1930 roku w ramach Republiki Weimarskiej, tylko kto będzie winią tym razem? Imigranci tak mile widziane przez Merkel? Kraje, które zdecydowały, że może to nie jest kierunek, że Europa powinna być podróży? Może nawet Merkel. sam czas pokaże, do tej pory tak wiele osób w całej Europie będą musieli cierpieć, aby ta już nieudany eksperyment społeczny być utrzymane za wszelką cenę, mimo wszystko, tak wielu (nie), politycy miejsca pracy są zagrożone.

The Death of Politics?

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The death of British MP Jo Cox this week was a cause for concern and disbelief that anyone could be so violent towards another human being. By all accounts she was a talented, principled young woman who achieved a lot in her first year of being elected to office. However, there are a couple of issues that trouble me.

Firstly, I’m glad that MPs across the country marked their respect for Ms Cox by attending their weekly advice surgeries across the country. This is as it should be. MPs in the UK are accessible to their local constituents so that they do not entirely forget why they are there and who put them there. MPs are there to answer and resolve grievances of the people who elected them to office, as well as to be reminded that ordinary people with ordinary problems are what connects us all.

Secondly, I’m glad and hope that MPs will not resort to having superstar-type security around them. This is not the USA but the UK and as mentioned previously MPs should be accessible to all their constituents.

Thirdly, what is absolutely reprehensible is that the media are trying to turn around what is a rare and tragic act of violence by someone of a weak, impressionable and disturbed mentality into an act of heroism that MPs go through in their jobs in the same manner as staff in A&E units or as beat police officers across the UK do. This is not the case and in no way justifies what the media (and in turn certain MPs) are trying to draw parallels with.

MPs not only court publicity they revel in it. Whether their constituency is a small cluster of villages (or even one) or large town.  MPs need publicity as part of their job and in order to put their ideas and proposals into the public domain. This is how it should be.

However in recent years MPs have tried to shut themselves away from the outside world and put themselves in a place above and beyond the reaches of common decency, politeness and fairness that many people outside of Westminster abide by.

Indeed only last week George Osborn actually threatened voters with more cuts to public services and cuts to benefits if voters dared to vote to leave Europe. The voting public in the UK have been subjected to outright lies, smears, manipulation, personal insults and the kind of behaviour no doubt seen in public schools or in bars by rugby teams that are shameful and an utter disgrace to the office they hold. This was evident not only in the 2010 election but also in last years election in May, previously in the Scottish Referendum and again in the London Mayoral election and also in the last few months in the EU Referendum. If nothing else it is an insult to the intelligence of the average British voter if they honestly believe we’re that stupid to believe them. It also betrays the contempt many MPs hold the average person in. If MPs want a fight then they only need to continue as they have been doing in the last 6 or more years and remember this, the EU Referendum is also a vote of confidence in how well or otherwise we, those same people who have been treated with such contempt by these rich politicians, think Dave and the rest of the Tories have done. A vote to leave the EU will also be a vote of no confidence in Dave’s negotiating abilities.

Pensions, Work and Companies

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I’d like to talk about a worrying trend that is appearing at present that touches all our lives and that is aging and pensions. As time passes we get older and at some point in our lives we will become too old and worn out with the cares of life to work for a living and will need some form of financial support. In some countries around the world governments make provision for this and pay out state pensions, many other countries do not and workers have to make their own provision and take out a pension with a company or, if they are lucky enough their employer will have a company pension into which both the employer and employee will pay and at the end of which the employee will be able to take out his or her “pot” (as it pot of money) and get a pension.

In the UK there has been a mix of pension provision. The state pays a basic pension which in recent years has risen in line with those on the European Continent, but this is still quite basic. There are also personal pensions into which you take out with an insurance company and pay into every month, your employer can also pay into it, which of course increases the amount of money that can be invested and also grow your pension pot. There are also company pensions into which both employer and employee pay into, as described above. It is the latter type of pension that I want to talk about.

In 1991 a certain Robert Maxwell died at sea in the Canary Islands, falling off a boat. In the months that followed it transpired that the company pension into which 30,000 employees of the Mirror Group had faithfully paid contributions honestly thinking they would be able to be comfortable in their old age had been plundered to the tune of £440 million. The money was repaid, although not in full, partly by the Mirror Group and partly by the government.

All’s well and good you say. What has that to do with the present day? Last month a beloved shop that has been a feature of high streets up and down the UK, BHS or British Home Stores, as gone into administration. It was sold on 12 March 2015 by Philip Green for the nominal sum of £1. BHS opened its first store in Brixton in 1928 selling goods for a shilling (£2 in todays money) and was able to raise its price to five shillings (the equivalent of £10 in today’s money). As BHS went into administration it was also revealed that it has debts of £1.3 billion including £571 million in pension liabilities. It was advised by Goldman Sachs and, as a responsibility to the 11,000 employees that face redundancy there are questions that need to be answered.

Former owner of BHS Philip Green has been summoned to a hearing by MPs of the Select Committee at the House of Commons and has arrogantly called for the resignation of the Chair of that committee, Frank Field. Goldman Sachs has also been called to appear before the Select Committee at the House of Commons, they have declined and asked that written evidence only is given to the Committee. In effect these people see no reason to be questioned in person by a group of MPs who will ask what happened, why, which people played a part in the demise of the company and what steps will be taken to restore the pension fund of those past and present employees who have paid into it.

This raises the question at what point do pensions form just another asset that a company can use to shore up its financial difficulties without knowledge or permission of those who have paid into it in good faith? If it is the case that pensions are there to be plundered by whoever wishes to do so then those making the contributions are correct in saying the whole idea of making provision for one’s old age is a mistake as there cannot be any guarantee that there will be any provision when someone reaches retirement age.

At this stage the majority of the burden for providing a pension in old age should properly fall onto the state and government. Pensions should be raised to a level whereby people should be able to live comfortably without worrying that they cannot afford to heat their homes or eat, that when large expenses present themselves, they are able to meet them and just enjoy their lives. After all, people have paid taxes that governments have had the benefit of all their working lives, it is time for the Government to return some of that benefit to the people who have paid that money. We should aim to have an equitable society in which everyone is provided for.

Certainly in the UK we are asked to pay huge amounts of tax, much of which is squandered by MPs who seem to think it is their own private fund to do as they wish with, when a good part of it should be returned to people to enable them to live a good life.

It is also incredibly arrogant of companies who have spent years lobbying governments across the world for favourable conditions, subsidies and perks in order for them to start up and continue their businesses who, when things go wrong, consider themselves not to be accountable for their actions, but to leave governments to pick up the pieces of their bad management. Particularly so for banking firms such as Goldman Sachs who were happy to take out their begging bowls in 2008 when their bets didn’t pay off, asked governments to help them out. Those same firms are accountable not just to governments, but to their customers in the same way other institutions and businesses are. Admittedly Goldman Sachs didn’t need to take out their begging bowls, but so many other banking firms did. The banking sector has done nothing to reform itself since that time and has continued as though nothing has changed. Such arrogance will return to bite them when the time emerges for a further financial correction which will come sooner than we think.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave …..

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The dirt is finally being dished on those who truly deserve our disgust.  After six years of being told by government ministers that we, the voting public must endure austerity because there is no money in the pot papers have been obtained by journalists that throw a light on just how many world leaders have managed to stash away vast fortunes at the voting public’s expense. Not just here in the UK but also around the world.

When the story first broke British journalists did some muck raking by trying to put Vladimir Putin’s name in the frame and concocting stories that various friends of his have made a lot of money and put it away in offshore accounts. That’s as close as they were able to get without legally slandering President Putin. Putin’s hands are clean. As someone who has shown impeccable statesmanship over the past two years despite ongoing goading from the Americans to get Russia to start WW3 it could never be in any doubt that President Putin could stoop to such a low level as to not pay his taxes in the country he governs, its unthinkable. In fact British journalists threw any famous name they could think of in order to deflect attention away from the most obvious.

The same could not be said for several members of the Tory party past and present who have and continue to use offshore tax-evading accounts to squirrel money away. It could only be a matter of time before questions were asked as to the names of specific people in the British Establishment who used such instruments to avoid tax and lo and behold David Cameron’s name is up there with so many other names of politicians around the world.

So many donors to the Tory party election machine last year and six years ago have been exposed. Quite a few of these have either held government or party posts such as party treasurer held by David Rowland who donated £3million, Lord Ashcroft who also donated millions to the Tories and was deputy party chairman, Lord Flight who was also a former Tory party chairman.

However the most interesting thing is that David Cameron’s own father made a living out of tax avoidance for his clients and did not pay tax in the UK for over 30 years. On Ian Cameron’s death he left a fortune of £2.74million, £300,000 of which was directly left to David Cameron. When asked directly did he benefit from his late father’s ill-gotten gains David Cameron said this was “a private matter”. A bit rich coming from a PM who is pushing through legislation that will ensure not a single British citizen will have any right to privacy – a fundamental human right.  The fact is he did directly benefit from this money as he was given £300,000 of it as a beneficiary of his late father’s will.

That David Cameron is desperately trying to deflect questions of benefit shows just how deeply he is mired in this. However desperately he says he has not broken any rules the law states otherwise. If I were not to pay my taxes as an ordinary working person you could guarantee that HMRC would hound me and take away any assets I have in order to ensure that taxes I owed were paid. I would also be hauled up before the courts as it is a criminal offence not to pay taxes in the UK.

Never has a government been so tarred with sleaze, hypocrisy and criminal activity as the present Tory government. This Tory government has tried to do its best to cover up activities of paedophilia among its own members, has been the subject of bullying grass roots members, accused of heartless policies towards the poor, unemployed, sick and disabled, discrimination against women and children by withholding benefits and stealing pensions, selling off anything and everything it possibly can in the name of ideology handed down by Margaret Thatcher. This is the ultimate and lowest level of these characteristics the Tory Government has stooped to.

There are three words that perfectly describe the Tory Government and they are “conflict of interest” in just about every sphere of life they have touched and demanded voters do as they are told or there will be consequences. No more so than in the present climate where the steel industry faces complete collapse. With these revelations it is clear the position of the current Tory Government is untenable and they must now resign forthwith and call a General Election.

This should be a warning to all Tories and would-be tories now parading as ministers in the Labour party, pretending to be one of the working classes.   I have news for them.  They are not and never will be working class.  The Labour Party was founded by working people for working people, so people like Tristram Hunt and other public school types need to find themselves another job elsewhere forthwith.

The Importance of Nationalisation

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The big news this week is the closure of practically the entire steel industry of the UK, it is an exercise in the unfettered corporatism that is so prevalent today. Tata Steel is the single, biggest steel maker in the entire world and has spent the last 10 years or so buying up its rivals in every country. The commodities market has, along with other forms of investment, tanked spectactularly which has meant steel no longer commands the high prices it used to. This along with other factors such as the cost of fuel which is needed in the smelting process has rendered the UK part of the company a loss maker. The action taken by Tata isn’t particularly surprising as with many private companies when the going gets rough private companies pull out. They are never there for the long term, only so long as there is a profit to be made.

Amid the outcry from the 40,000 workers across the UK who stand to lose their jobs and other interested parties, Cameron has said he will not nationalise steel, although everyone will remember the Government (the led by Gordon Brown) was quick to nationalise the banks when they failed. The throwaway line in the media that EU rules forbid renationalisation is absolute rubbish. If the Government can nationalise banks they can nationalise all important industries, steel being one of them.

It is so shortsighted of Cameron, and so typical of a Rothschild that anything that is bound up with making money is worshipped and protected and anything where ordinary people are involved in and make a living from is treated with derision. No doubt when those same workers are claiming unemployment benefit Cameron and the Tories will be quick to call them scroungers and worthless layabouts when it is the worthless layabouts in Westminster who refused to pull their fingers out when needed who caused these workers’ misfortune.

While the so-called “elite” are so busy hanging onto the world they knew and telling us that its business as usual, their world is crumbling. What was true once is not so. The banking industry had £$billions thrown at it and did NOTHING to reform. If you go to the City of London or Wall Street it really is business as usual. The unnecessary risks are still taken with other people’s money without due consideration to the consequences. Stockbrokers are just high end gamblers playing with someone else’s money. They don’t have to worry about the losses. Time and again when the odd few weak links were found out to have lost billions the same story has been told how the top bosses were happy with the losses because the gains outweighed the losses. Its only when they get their fingers burnt they complained.

There are other industries that are more important than the banks and it is really vital for governments to understand that you cannot eat money, you cannot make things out of money. Money is simply a facilitator, a tool, nothing more. It is certainly not the be-all-and-end-all.

Steel is something that is used in so many occupations across the spectrum of human activity from manufacturing vehicles, precision equipment used in science and medicine to aeroplanes, structural supports that make up buildings, enable engineering construction to take place. If we have to rely on steel from other countries to make its way to us there is every probability that it can be delayed, cut back or cancelled for whatever reason. Blaming cheap Chinese imports is not good enough.

Historically the UK has always had a steel industry in the same way the UK always had a ship building industry and a coal industry. The latter two industries have by and large been decimated and the towns and cities that built up around them were also decimated for many, many years. Margaret Thatcher saw to that. In recent years many cities in the North have been regenerated with good architecture and job opportunities, but it took many years for this to come to fruition. This isn’t something that should happen now. The more the UK can produce itself without relying on foreign imports the better. It produces better paid jobs and valuable skills.

I think that is the absolute crux of why successive governments of both shades have allowed skilled jobs to go abroad across so many industries. There isn’t a political party anywhere in the UK that is interested in people having skilled, well paid jobs that allow people to invest in themselves, their families and in their communities. There is always some excuse why its better for another company to take over the manufacture of goods in the UK. There maybe some industries who are unable to invest in better technology, better trained staff, but for the most part industry in all its forms is and should be the lifeblood of a country. The more a country is able to produce goods that are used by local, national and international communities the better. This feeds back into the lives of ordinary people and simply makes sense.

Returning the UK into a feudal society reliant on the goodwill of a few “generous” landowners which is what the Tories want, which is also what the corporatists want will not make us a better society. It is returning to a time of impoverishment and hardship that few of us in the West could appreciate. It is what generations railed, revolted and fought against and something we should honour by ensuring that we go forward rather than backward.

A Long Weekend and the Week that Follows

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In a week where the Chancellor of the E xchequer has finally been revealed for what he has been parading as the new fashion, i.e. fiscal probity is nothing more than just that, nothing.

In the last six years the economy has shrunk so far it is not feasible for anyone to do anything than survive to keep a roof over one’s head and food in your stomach. This is true for whether you are single, have a family, coming up for retirement, already retired, or simply just working to survive. Nobody is buying anything, clothes, white goods, cars, property. Most of the monthly budget goes on paying bills, fares and some food. People can’t afford days out, evenings out (I certainly can’t remember the last time I went out in the evening, maybe 5 years ago).

The poor and disabled are being asked to do without even basic dignity as personal independence payments (PIPs) are being reduced or abolished while the money “saved” go to fund tax givaways to rich people and businesses who don’t need the money. Frontline public services are also being shrunk to pay for the pensions of those public servants which are part of the payment package. This is being done so that those who are not in secure employment become aggrieved and decide that pensions should also be taken away from public sector workers, despite the fact that public sector workers are not very well paid unless you happen to be a Deputy head teacher, head teacher, research nurse, doctor or a manager in the NHS.

While I’m not a fan of Ian Duncan Smith, I’ve always considered him to be a bit of a yob, his resignation over the weekend has highlighted what has been long suspected, that is the UK is as broke as every other country in Europe.

Very far from being “a strong economy” as George Osborn boasted on Wednesday last week, he is having to pull money from one section of society to fund those who don’t need it so he can call it “growth”. I would argue that the kind of “growth” increasingly being chased down fewer and fewer alleys is the wrong kind. It does not benefit the many but the very few who are moaning they’re down to their last £million.

There are ways to stop the rot and none of it would be pallatable to the rich friends of the Tory party, but it would ensure everyone gets a fare crack at being able to pull themselves out of the ever decreasing, grinding poverty we all seem to be headed for.

Tackle the financial sector so that they pay their way in the form of taxes not just on profits and but also on transactions (the Tobin tax). Jail those at the top (CEOs, etc) in charge of the banks involved in LIBOR and mis-selling. This would be clearly understood by all concerned that this kind of greedy behaviour is not to be tolerated.

Invest more in public services, more in infrastructure. Don’t renew Trident. We don’t need it, we can’t use it even if we wanted to. It’s a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere in society. It’s also a way of thinking that is so out of date, its prehistoric. Trident didn’t help the Paris bombings, didn’t help when the UK was being blown up by the IRA and won’t help with any other atrocities that may happen in the future.

Stop selling weapons and arms to countries. Stop encouraging wars we are then obliged to “rescue” and deal with the fallout. This is not a mark of civilisation but just the opposite. It is barbaric and inhuman.

Close down newspapers and media outlets that promote racial disharmony. It serves no purpose other than to create tensions that would not otherwise be a part of everyday life for people. There are sections of society who will always feel threatened by foreigners but there is no need to fuel those fears by regular demonisation of them.

Finally, and most importantly, the USA needs to get its nose out of everyone’s business and countries. In the last 50 or so years America has brought nothing but instability, death and destruction onto the planet and continues to do so. Everyone now is an “enemy”, Russia is now “enemy number one” for no other reason in that it has revealed what so many people have known for many years, America is an outlaw country with an outlaw mentality, manned by criminals who will do whatever it takes to get what they want and they don’t give a damn who they hurt in between. TTIP needs to be stopped. TPP and every other so-called “trade agreement” with America needs to be stopped as there is no trade with America that anyone needs that would benefit the world. Only death and destruction.

News Alert – Mass Delusion Sweeps the UK

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If ever there was a man completely deluded in his mission George Osborne is that man. It seems the current Tory government are continuing in their myopic quest for total annihilation of Great Britain, its people and economy in the quest to reinstate feudal governance.

Since being re-elected with the slimmest of majority in May last year he together with his accomplices David Cameron and other members of the Tory government have gone hell for leather to implement this policy. Welfare has and is being cut for the poorest and most vulnerable, the NHS is being starved of new resources to the point where just prior to the last general election it was announced that no further junior doctors would be trained up by the NHS, any doctors coming through now will be sourced from abroad. Junior doctors are now being presented with a “take it or leave it” cut in pay, longer hours and systematic downgrading of their skills and working lives forcing them to strike, something junior doctors are very reluctant to do.

Whole industries are being taken over by asset strippers, asset stripped (including pensions workers have paid into all their working lives), workers laid off without redundancy pay.   In the case of manufacturing even size makes no difference as demonstrated by the largest steel factory owned by Tata is closing production in Scunthorpe and Scotland due to the drop in the price of the metals commodities market and yet the government of each shade of the political spectrum stands by wringing its hands, saying it is unable to help.

I have said this before, there is little faith in the labours of the British people by successive governments even where they have been well trained and are highly skilled at their respective jobs. The current government is hell bent on decimating the UK, its industries and to ensure the British people (and I count those Europeans who have come to the UK to work and make their homes here) are reduced to nothing more than servants and slaves.   Why is nobody saying anything? Why are the few voices that do speak out silenced or drowned in a sea of propaganda?

The so-called “great and good” who are the pillars and guardians of the masses are conspicuous by their absence.

The Tory tactic of blaming everyone else in order to deflect attention away from their own inadequacies has been stripped of all pretension and is clear to see.   The policies of running down industries that would enable Britain to produce goods the rest of the world would want, be they renewables, design, technology, scientific breakthroughs are deliberate. The policy of ensuring the banking system runs as before (“business as usual”) is deliberate. The policy of ensuring the people of Britain are brainwashed into thinking this is the new normal is deliberate. The policy of returning Britain to a feudal society is also deliberate.

The supposed checks and balances of advice from the monarch are a flagrant distortion of what really goes on and another layer of lies the public are fed. The monarch is a tory and very much in favour of a feudal society. She and her family are tory supporters through and through. This is evidenced by how little she pays her staff (much less than the minimum wage), that she takes kick-backs from the government in the form of a raise to the Civil Purse and, of course, how can anyone miss the shiny new state coach she was given over a year ago? I’m afraid the only people who will shoulder the blame for the crash when, not if it comes will be the tory government alone and Elizabeth Windsor and her family of in-breeds.

Britain is in an even more precarious position in terms of being able to sustain itself and grow most of it’s own food.   This week it was reported that Britain imports over 52% of the food in our shops. At the same time farmers are finding it more difficult to make ends meet and many are giving up farming altogether leaving land that would previously be used for grazing or growing to be bought up by developers and built on, sometimes the same land is unfit for developing hence the use for either growing or grazing.

The current downward trend of the shares and commodities markets will continue.   They have become overheated, overinflated and have run out of steam. What goes up must, invariably, go down. The laws of gravity as purported by Isaac Newton are about to be played out in the most dramatic fashion in the coming months and yet I would bet a fiver Cameron will cling onto his position in the face of growing evidence that the economic “miracle” of austerity is not working.   I have said this before austerity is an illusionist trick of smoke and mirrors designed to fleece the common man and woman of what small comforts they have worked hard to provide themselves with. A con trick, nothing more. By extension this makes the Tories thieves, conmen, spivs, shysters, crooks, liars; those supporting and colluding with them are tarnished with the same brush.

I just hope when the inevitable happens we have the balls to do what Iceland did.   Then and only then will Britain and other countries in Europe have the capacity to emerge into stronger, more capable countries, able to sustain themselves and trade with other nations.

War, What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing

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December 2nd 2015 will go down in British history as a date where politicians finally proved they are incapable of thinking in anything other than clichés, and very few have any integrity or are able to think independently.

In recent weeks David Cameron has waved a piece of paper bearing 77,000 names of various factions of terrorist groups in Syria, much to the surprise of other Tories (reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain) and asked what would our grandchildren say if we did nothing.

The debate is being held in the wake of the appalling attacks in Paris in an attempt to personalise the non-evident “threat” to the British people. This is in the face of UK arms manufacturers, among others, who have repeatedly been supplying arms to those considered firstly “rebels” then freedom fighters, now they are moderates and tomorrow, who knows?

Cameron has called for everyone to call these fighters by whatever name they choose to call themselves at whatever juncture in time, I wonder whether this is in an attempt to treat them with some kind of respect. Maybe he is under the impression that if they are correctly addressed they might not bomb us in retaliation, or that Muslims in the UK will see him as somehow well mannered and respectful of these people he is. I wonder if he would think this if the same fighters he supplies with arms were pointing guns at him and his family.

This is Cameron’s Tony Blair moment. This is when he tells us how much “he believes” something will or will not happen. How if we bomb IS/ISIL/ISIS it will make the world a better place.   What he is not making clear (one Cameron’s favourite phrases) is that the UK along with other countries, have no intention of bombing IS/ISIS/ISIL as these are their proxy armies whom they support because America tells them to. What Cameron is not telling the House of Commons or the people of the UK is that President Obama has approved $800 million in support of IS/ISIS/ISIL over the next three years.

I sincerely hope there are enough MPs in the House of Commons who will vote against the motion as it will be the biggest mistake of the whole political system which is already rent with divisions from the electorate who simply don’t trust many politicians with very good reason.

Amongst all the hand wringing and justification going on today in the House of Common, I have yet to hear a single MP state that if there is to be a vote for bombing in Syria, those voting to do this will be first in the front line of fighting IS/ISIS/ISIL.

I have previously written that it is far too easy to ask other people to do something you are not prepared to do yourself and return to your cosy life.   MPs are asking a generation of young people to give up their lives, any prospect of a normal life, a normal family life just so the likes of Cameron can save face.

Using soldiers, civilians for political gain, paying tribute to them on 11th November each year knowing that as they are dead they will never make any demands on the state, never ask the state “why them?”   It is dishonest and a betrayal of civil values past and present.

Cameron has already asked “what will our grandchildren think if we do nothing?” Reminiscent of the poster campaign of WW2 where a small boy seated on his father’s knee asks “what did you do in the war, daddy?”

My answer is that the current crop of MPs are made up of the children and grandchildren of those who fought in WW1 and WW2, what do they think of their relatives exploits on the battlefield as they are so very keen to continue them.   It seems history teaches us nothing as we are quite happy to continue making the same mistakes as previously. If it is the case that we will go to war, then the same result will be as was in the two world wars of the previous century and whole generations and families will be wiped out.   Is that what we really want?

Cameron forgets the UK no longer has an army as it is now under the auspices of France, having signed a 50 year treaty with France 5 years ago, he is unable to back out of this and decide to undo this.   Furthermore, the only countries that have been invited to fight IS/ISIS/ISIL are Russia and Iran by President Assad. Russia and Iran are the ONLY LEGALLY ENTITLED countries who can bomb these fighters.   All other countries clamouring for a piece of the action are merely doing so to protect their positions so they can continue their murderous wars.

There is more than enough blood on the hands of the UK and its allies and this is the time to concede the UK has not been acting in its own interests, never mind the interests of those nations it seeks to dominate.

Voting for WW3? Not In My Name

London Life

However much the UK government wants to bomb IS, ISIL, ISIS or whatever other name these terrorists call themselves this week, the reasons for doing so are at best tenuous. That we should worry of what other people might think is not a good enough reason to ask young men and women to throw away their lives.   The 77,000 names of terrorist groups that have been conjured up by Cameron have the familiar ring of WMD and we all remember how well that went down! In this I fully support Jeremy Corbyn in his opposition to wanting to bomb terrorists in Syria.  The UK should lend backroom support but bombing is not on, especially as the UK arms manufacturers have equipped and made money from these groups.

Has the British government in tandem with the US government not done enough damage in the Middle East with their founding, training, equipping and funding of such proxy armies? The claim that “Oh well, once we’d trained and armed them they just went elsewhere and sold the equipment” is not just gross incompetence, it is a flagrant disregard of the consequences of even thinking that such an “army”(and I use the word loosely) would be happy to be the puppets of such two-faced governments.

President Putin is doing a stellar job of targeting these groups and treating them as equal. Pushed to define “other terrorist groups,” Sergei Lavrov said: “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right?” There is no such thing as a “moderate terrorist”.   Today he may fight your cause, tomorrow someone else’s, what’s the difference? You’re still counting dead people who have nothing to do with the argument you have with the world.


Remember, remember, the fifth of November

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On the day when the British celebrate Guy Fawkes and that the English government (as it was then) outfoxed his plan to blow up parliament, I think it is fitting that we remember that the real power lies not with governments but with us all.

At a time when governments in the Western hemisphere behave with ever more outrageousness curtailing human rights our forefathers and mothers fought hard to gain in the first place, the day after the British Tory government announced it is seeking to extend surveillance powers over ordinary citizens to see what websites we visit through provider companies, we should remember that a man who had the gumption to stand up for what he believed in and go to extraordinary lengths to gain his objective was caught and punished as an example to us all.

The modern day Guy Fawkes’ now are Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and countless others. These are the people shining a light into some very dark corners of humanity, particularly those dark corners where governments like to hide their nefarious secrets. We need to wake up and realise what is being done while we are busy working for a living, trying to have a normal life and make things better for our families.

Interestingly I read a description of Guy Fawkes earlier today and he was described as a terrorist. Growing up in the UK his story was told to us children regularly but it never dawned on us the enormity of what he actually did, it was just a story and we could have some fun with fireworks and enjoy baked potatoes baked in the embers of the bonfires and toffee apples. The meaning Guy Fawkes rebellion gives is more poignant meaning at this point in time.