The Secret is Out

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6th Feb 2018
Its been no secret that since the British people voted to leave the European Union EU officials have unleashed their venom on Britain and decided that the only way to prevent other countries from leaving is to punish us for our decision. Since Michel Barnier’s flying visit to 10 Downing Street a few days ago and after our doormat of a PM Theresa May has acquiesced to many of the EU’s demands (quite a few of them reasonable such as the rights of EU nationals and the Irish border), it appears here is where the EU is going to play hardball and its not going to be nice.

It appears the EU not only wants to steal the only sector of the UK that is doing well (the financial sector) it also wants to stifle any kind of productivity in the UK in the form of being able to seek trade agreements with countries outside the EU and prevent them being implemented. The agreement also reveals the worst fears of Brexiteers in that the “transitional agreement” is not transitional at all, it will end up being a pergatory from which the UK will not be able to escape. This is unacceptable and detrimental not only to the UK interests but to other European countries in the same manner that sanctions against Russia at the behest of the USA have damaged the EU economy. It can safely be demonstrated that the EU indeed has a death wish and is parasitical in nature in that it feasts upon the corpses of the economies of EU countries in order to sustain itself at all costs. It doesn’t matter if EU countries crash and burn around them (witness Catalonia’s 2 votes for independence from Spain where the Catalan PM has been exiled to Brussels), if people are unemployed and unable to sustain themselves and their families so long as the EU itself remains intact.

It appears that EU officials are so full of themselves and so blind to their narcissitic actions that slavish adherence to the Kalerghi plan is the only thing that matters even though in the end it will end up disposing of the EU in its entirety.

Although I have wavered in my support of leaving the EU as we were lied to during the referendum which I think is beneath our so-called leaders who are really sheep, there have been many advantages of being a member of the EU. Unfortunately these are now being eroded very quickly as the final stages of the Kalerghi plan are to take place. The result of the actions being taken by the EU leaders and negotiators are only strengthening resolve among the British that perhaps leaving without a trade deal, particularly if it means that their vindictive behaviour would result in the UK being strangled and tossed aside like a half eaten sandwich would not be as bad as one had previously imagined. Already in London I have witnessed a change in that prior to the Christmas period London seemed so full of people, traffic strangled your every breath now there is much less traffic, fewer people and I can actually get a seat on the train and on the bus all the time. That there are fewer EU nationals should also feed into better quality jobs being available for British people which will also mean better pay sooner rather than later.

Businesses have been complaining that there does not seem to be any definitive direction in which negotiations are heading and they were not able to make contingency plans or invest for the future. If this document does anything it confirms that businesses should plan for the future with vigour, invest more and seek further markets outside the EU. Businesses seem quick to take the easy route to make a profit, although profits are now becoming harder to create and sustain as it becomes clear the capitalist system is falling apart. Two large contractors for public services have gone bust since the start of 2018 and it will mean a complete overhaul of the current system which will include now we are to be taxed in order for future jobs and prosperity to be enjoyed by many people rather than just a few. This isn’t something to be scared of, au contraire, this is a necessity. There are far too many casual jobs that pay very little, this is not good for the economy and ensures only stagflation which is self perpetuating.

One only has to look at the housing market where “affordable housing” currently being built in London starts at £300,000 for a 1 bedroom apartment. When the person in charge of ensuring that all new build developments have “affordable housing” we were told that someone earning £95,000 should be able to afford to buy it. How many people earn that kind of money? It’s not affordable its over priced and not sustainable. Affordable in my opinion is for someone earning the average salary in London of £25,000 to be able to afford to buy a property which should be priced in the region of £70,000 and I don’t mean a sub-standard shoe box you can’t swing a cat in.

No, however tough circumstances are for businesses at the moment it really is time for businesses to really invest in their own workforce for the longterm future. Schools, colleges and universities can only do so much, the rest has to come from businesses to invest the time to show employees what is expected of them, how they are to perform their duties. In this way they can produce better quality goods and services which benefit the customer which in turn means a better outcome for the company and profitability. Charging a fair (not exorbitant) price for goods and services and giving value for money always wins out. I certainly foresee a United Kingdom where taking care of each other in business and life will ensure we have a better, more sustainable future ahead of ourselves without the need for spiteful action by European leaders. If they want to cut off their noses to spite their faces then so be it. There will always be those will want to trade with the UK and its time for our politicians to stand up against this malicious offensive against us for having the temerity to reject their false ideology.


Post British General Election 2017

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The General Election 2017 Part 1 is over and its a hung parliament. I haven’t changed my mind about Theresa May, in fact she has diminished in my estimation further than she was at the beginning. The Tories have shown themselves to be the utter sleazebags and used car salesmen they’ve always been. They may have better accents than the rest of us, but they are the absolute dregs of what passes for human beings. I feel unclean even thinking about them.

The best thing about this election has been watching Jeremy Corbyn grow in stature and confidence as the election campaign went on. I admit I’ve had doubts in the past as to whether his style would bear any real substance but no, he’s proved me wrong and I like what I see. I just hope the real Labour party can hold it together long enough for when the next election is called, which won’t be long now, and people realise that it’s not just Theresa May who can’t deliver, but the whole Tory Party machine just hasn’t got what it takes without dragging everyone down to their level of incompetence.

The media have also been very even handed in handling their questions and haven’t allowed either party to get away with easy questions. It was refreshing to see them getting people to question MPs rather than just presenters. My money is on another general election being called in October/November. The present lot of Tories who’ve kept their jobs for now haven’t got the necessary negotiating skills to ensure we leave with any goodwill from Europe, which will be needed to negotiate any trade deals that may need to be agreed. They come from privileged backgrounds and as a result feel the world owes them. It doesn’t. This is a very interesting time to be alive. We need not just a change of faces at the top, we need a change in the way of working that benefits as many people as possible because we’re the ones who make things happen. Rich people are only interested in filling their pockets with our hard earned money.

I’ve always said there is a reason why politicians want us all to work really hard, it so we won’t notice they’re picking our pockets while we do so.

New World Order, What Does it Mean?

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In the past few years there have been a great many conspiracy theories as to the nature of the New World Order, in other worlds the likely scenarios that the shape of the world would look like. Some of these have been amusing, many have been based on fear, usually apocalyptic visions of people being ground down to no more than mere worker ants with no rights to life of any kind outside of factory/shop/office. With the French elections out of the way and Donald Trump’s first visit as POTUS there seems to be a way of ascertaining what this New World Order will look like and it’s interesting.

Firstly the meeting of the G7 ended with Trump refusing to endorse the climate agreement and criticising the EU over military spending. This has led Angela Merkel to conclude that EU countries “can no longer rely on the support of others” and, together with the newly elected Mackron, will look to “take our fate into our own hands as Europeans”. This inevitably means that the European project will gather at a faster pace, especially now that the UK has served divorce papers to be severed from the EU. This was especially telling as Merkel said “…. I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands – of course in friendship with the United States of America, in friendship with Great Britain and as good neighbours wherever that is possible also with other countries, even with Russia.”

It seems as though all those years ago when Charles de Gaulle said of the UK that it was no more than a vassal state of the USA and that by letting the UK into the EU it would inevitably let the USA in as well. This has been very evident in the past 8 years or so in how the US encouraged Ukraine to annexe itself from Russia into, what is now a hinterland of nowhere. By imposing sanctions on Russia and refusing to rescind them, despite the fact it is not Russia who is showing aggression but Ukraine, encouraged by the USA, this has led to the EU economy stagnating through lack of trade, has led to millions of people being made unemployed,
even homeless.

This, together with the unending laws that keep coming from Brussels which led to mismanagement of the UK by its successive governments led to the inevitable vote to divorce from the EU last year which has resulted in the UK government aligning itself every more quickly with distasteful regimes such as selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia and chasing the USA for a trade agreement like a love lorn girl. Thankfully a dose of reality is being put in place very quickly.

The UK has been informed that the USA isn’t really interested in trade deals, as we don’t make anything anymore, certainly nothing of any value that can be plundered. The UK will have to understand that aligning itself to the USA which is a dying entity will do more harm than good to us and our standing in the world. Yes, we can revive relations with New Zealand and Australia which will be good for all concerned, but we will lose a great deal more than just simply trading relations.

The EU will revive relations with Russia and China which will help EU economies greatly, particularly as the new Silk Road project or One Belt, One Road initiative and one that the UK will greatly regret in not joining for many years. It seems as though the EU will do very well without us, although initially it may falter through lack of cash injection through UK payments into EU coffers. I almost get the feeling the EU has been held back by the UK, but the UK has been pulled forward by the EU and without that input, socially the UK will stagnate.

I realise this is a departure from my stance last year when, in the lead up to the EU Referendum I was convinced the right thing to do was to leave. However in recent weeks I have come to the conclusion that the whole EU Referendum was a huge hoax played on the British people and the government are taking the British people for fools. The EU Referendum was not about all the things the politicians promised us (which were 80%) lies, it was about keeping the Tory party from imploding.

The reason Theresa May called an election was not just because it was feared there were about to be scandals of arrests for budgetary fraud at the last general election, nor that, having served divorce papers TM wanted to capitalise on delivering the results of the EU Referendum, it was to keep the Tory party together so it wouldn’t fall  apart like Labour. She alluded to this in her speech when she entered 10 Downing Street and again when she announced the election. Its about the party, not
about the electorate who they couldn’t give a damn about. The more divided the country is the better, so long as the Tory party remains together and appears strong, whatever that is.

If anyone is in any doubt about TM’s Brexit strategy I will spell it out in plain English. TM’s team will flounce out of negotiations because none of them could negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag, will claim victory and we will have to trade on WTO terms which are not always beneficial. The world has, is and continues to change very rapidly and we will need to ensure we are either in a position to take part in the changes and benefit from them, or we will go the same way as the USA,
redundant, ridiculed and surplus to requirements. The UK certainly should not emulate Trump and practice isolationism.

Time to Breathe, but not relax

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What a rollercoaster couple of weeks there have been in the UK. First the decision to leave the EU followed by David Cameron’s resignation, then both the Tory and Labour parties holding leadership elections and now we have a new female Prime Minister.

I have to confess to heaving a sigh of relief to see the two most hated government ministers finally haul their sorry arses out of Downing Street into oblivion, their names? David Cameron and George Osborn. The biggest shiesters to have ever dragged British Politics to ever lower depths since Margaret Thatcher, who herself was a soulless hypocrite and sleaze mistress par excellence. Cameron was effectively sacked by the British public and Osborn was sacked by Teresa May. Good riddance to both of them.

Time alone will tell whether she means any of what she said on the steps of 10 Downing Street as she entered to become PM and on that the country will reserve judgment. Her speech resembled that of David Cameron’s when he also took office, one nation that works for everyone. What he achieved was one nation rent from top to bottom as he pursued the Rothschild family interests above the interests of the UK. Divided and sub-divided many times but the feeling is one of a little more calm than there was previously.

However, events on the European continent and in Turkey leave me and others feeling nervous that the same could happen here with our own homegrown muslims some of who also have sympathies with IS, and relief that however things go for Turkey, one thing is for sure any idea that Turkey will join the EU while it harbours IS sympathisers including its dictator president, is a distant dream.   I just hope Angela Merkel feels very proud of herself knowing that she is also harbouring and encouraging these savages to come to Europe and then distributing them around the countries of Europe.  This is the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan coming into action so that white Europeans are either killed or bred out.  Unless European people realise this and get out of the EU however they manage to do this, Europe will cease to exist in 30 years time.   All because one man hated his white European ancestry and white Europeans and so many influential people supported him in his endeavours such as the Rothschilds, Winston Churchill and the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith.  One thread that joins the present time to that time is encapsulated in one word, eugenics.

A New Dawn for the EU?

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23rd June 2016 was the day the UK voted to leave the EU and I am proud to be counted as one of those who voted to leave. For many young people who don’t have the benefit of recalling the UK as it was before joining the EEC as it was then, they are fearful for what the future will bring, thinking that if only we voted to remain things would turn out ok. For those who can remember the UK as it was before joining the EEC, its a very different story.

I am one of those who can remember the UK in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s before the EEC morphed into the monstrosity it is now. While it wasn’t a perfect country in terms of the economy there were real, skilled jobs with real pay and although people weren’t wealthy, most people were in better health than they are now as they ate better rather than relying on ready made meals from supermarkets, there weren’t so many overweight people as people did physical work. When women had babies they weren’t forced to go to work because food, goods and services were inexpensive enough a single wage from a married couple was enough to provide for a family and keep a roof over their heads. Young people could go to university and be educated for free. Those people who wanted to improve their careers could go to adult education classes and gain qualifications for a nominal sum of money, as most of the courses were subsized by the local government. It was unheard of for old people to be left without care when they wanted it or to have to sell their houses in order to pay for care when they became too infirm to care for themselves.

Working life was easier too, people were not expected to work all the hours of the day for next to nothing, to sacrifice family life. You worked a 35 hour week with an hour for lunch and felt you had the energy to do other things at the end of the day and week rather than being so exhausted you just don’t have the energy even to talk to people. Jobs were plentiful and you could walk out of a job and in a week or two get another one.

Certainly as someone who came from an immigrant family I didn’t have a problem with people as I was growing up. Occasionally I’d be told to go back to where I came from but I quickly learned to have an answer to those sorts of comments, such as, “you mean my mother’s womb?” I would certainly tell any Europeans here in the UK to remain in the UK and continue your lives as there wouldn’t be any backlash. You came legally, you work hard and the UK benefits from your quiet, good culture that emphasizes family life. This is very much respected. Those that do make life difficult are in the minority.

Writing this on 24th June the immediate effect has been that the stock markets have dropped dramatically. I don’t see this as a problem. We’ve had markets drop before and then bounce back. In this case what is dropping is the fact that those in the banking industry who have been chasing smaller and smaller returns hoping to somehow fool the rest of us into thinking that the economy is healthy are now having to face reality. It isn’t.

8 years ago when the banking sector collapsed because of failed mortgages when the banks were helped out by governments around the world, none of these institutions reformed their practices. It’s been business as usual and they have continued to print money like its going out of fashion. This kind of stupidity is now coming home to roost and there will be a bumpy ride for a while but it will even out and we can work out how banks and money should be a part of society that services it rather than inflating money out of all proportion and creating debt and misery and calling it “growth”.

In time these same markets will stabilise and life will be better than it is now, for certain.

What is so nice is that other European countries also want to have their Exit Referenda and I hope they get these and vote to leave as well. I have previously said that to expect 28 countries to all fit into one type of superstate is a foolhardy exercise. All 28 countries of the European Union have their own cultures, geography, traditions, language and food which is to be celebrated in itself, but to have a one-size-fits-all model for all of them and expect them to shoe horn themselves into is complete lunacy. Of course it provokes tensions.

The worst thing of course is that the Germans have been so obliging in ensuring the demise of the European Union itself by first of all continuing sanctions against Russia which is the biggest trading partner of Europe, and then for that idiot cow, Merkel to welcome the world into Europe, triggering the Caudenhove-Kalergi plan into action. The worst act of deviousness has been to bully Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with fines of 250,000 Euros for each rejected “refugee”. For the last 250 years a good part of Europe has sought to kill off the Slavic people through wars, starvation and occupation and still we come back. Now they want to kill off what remains of the Slavic people through rape and interbreeding and head cutting by people who have no intention of integrating into society, but imposing their own beliefs, religion and traditions onto European and Slavic people.

Once Europe has taken back control of its own countries there will be repercussions for Germany and it will not be welcomed with open arms. Germans are a nation of bullies who should never be trusted with anything. Having now welcomed all these head choppers into Germany I hope they will learn their lessons well.


23 czerwca 2016 był dniem Wielkiej Brytanii przegłosował opuścić UE i jestem dumny, że liczy się jako jeden z tych, którzy głosowali opuścić. Dla wielu młodych ludzi, którzy nie mają korzyści z przypominając Wielkiej Brytanii, jak to było przed przystąpieniem do EWG, jak to było wtedy, że boją się tego, co przyniesie przyszłość, myśląc, że jeśli tylko głosowaliśmy pozostać rzeczy okaże się ok , Dla tych, którzy pamiętają Wielkiej Brytanii, jak to było przed przystąpieniem do EWG, jej zupełnie inną historię.

Jestem jednym z tych, którzy pamiętają Wielkiej Brytanii w 1960 roku, 1970 i 1980, zanim EWG przekształcił monstrum jest teraz. Mimo, że nie był to idealny kraj z punktu widzenia gospodarki nie były prawdziwe, wykwalifikowanych miejsc pracy z prawdziwymi wynagrodzenia i chociaż ludzie nie byli bogaci, większość ludzi były w lepszym zdrowiu niż obecnie, jak jedli lepiej zamiast polegać na gotowych posiłki z supermarketów, nie było tak wiele osób z nadwagą, jak ludzie zrobili pracy fizycznej. Kiedy kobiety miały dzieci nie byli zmuszeni iść do pracy, ponieważ żywność, towary i usługi były na tyle niedroga pojedynczy płac z małżonków było wystarczające, aby zapewnić rodzinie i utrzymać dach nad ich głowami. Młodzi ludzie mogą iść na studia i zostać wykształcona za darmo. Tych ludzi, którzy chcieli poprawić swoje kariery mógł pójść do dorosłych zajęcia wykształcenia i kwalifikacji zysk za symboliczną sumę pieniędzy, ponieważ większość kursów zostały subsized przez samorząd. To było niespotykane dla starców być pozostawione bez opieki, gdy chcieli, czy musieli sprzedać swoje domy, aby zapłacić za opiekę, kiedy stał się zbyt niedołężnych dbać o siebie.

było łatwiej też nie oczekiwano ludzie życie zawodowe do pracy wszystkie godziny dnia za bezcen, rezygnować z życia rodzinnego. Pracowałeś 35 godzinny tydzień pracy z godziny na lunch i czuł miałeś energię na inne rzeczy na koniec dnia i tygodnia, a nie jest tak wyczerpany, po prostu nie mam siły nawet rozmawiać z ludźmi. Praca były obfite i można wyjść z pracy i za tydzień lub dwa dostać inny.

Oczywiście, jak ktoś, kto pochodził z rodziny imigrantów nie miałem problemu z ludzi, jak dorastałem. Czasami chciałbym być poinformowani, aby wrócić do skąd jestem, ale szybko nauczył się otrzymać odpowiedź na te rodzaju komentarze, takie jak “masz na myśli łonie matki?” Ja na pewno powiedzieć, żadnych Europejczyków w Wielkiej Brytanii pozostanie w Wielkiej Brytanii i kontynuować swoje życie, gdyż nie byłoby żadnych luzów. Przyjechałeś legalnie, musisz ciężko pracować, a korzyści dla Zjednoczonego Królestwa od swojej spokojnej, dobrej kultury, która podkreśla życia rodzinnego. To jest bardzo szanowany. Te, które mają utrudnić życie są w mniejszości i zasługują na bity, skoro oni dostać ich osłów wyrzucony są mniej prawdopodobne, aby utrudnić życie.

Pisanie to na 24 czerwca Bezpośrednim efektem było to, że rynki akcji spadły dramatycznie. Nie widzę w tym problemu. Mieliśmy rynki spadku przed i potem wraca. W tym przypadku, co spada, jest fakt, że ci w sektorze bankowym, które zostały pogoni za coraz mniejsze zyski w nadziei, aby w jakiś sposób oszukać resztę z nas do myślenia, że gospodarka jest zdrowa muszą teraz zmierzyć się z rzeczywistością. To nie jest.

8 lat temu, gdy sektor bankowy załamał się z powodu nieudanych kredytów hipotecznych, kiedy banki były pomógł przez rządy na całym świecie, żadna z tych instytucji zreformować swoje praktyki. To było jak zwykle i mają nadal drukować pieniądze jak jej wychodzi z mody. Ten rodzaj głupoty jest teraz wraca do domu do gniazda i nie będzie ostra jazda na chwilę, ale nawet na zewnątrz i możemy dowiedzieć się, jak banki i pieniądze powinny być częścią społeczeństwa, że usługi to zamiast pompowania pieniędzy na wszystko odsetek i tworzenie długu i nędzę i nazywając go “wzrostu”.

W czasie tych samych rynkach ustabilizuje się, a życie będzie lepiej niż jest teraz, na pewno.

Co jest tak miły, że inne kraje europejskie również chce mieć swój Exit referenda i mam nadzieję, że się je i zagłosuj opuścić również. Już wcześniej powiedział, że spodziewać się 28 krajów na wszystkich pasować do jednego rodzaju superpaństwa jest ryzykowne ćwiczenia. Wszystkie 28 państw Unii Europejskiej mają własnej kultury, geografii, tradycji, języka i żywność, która ma być obchodzony w sobie, ale mają jeden rozmiar dla wszystkich model dla wszystkich z nich i oczekiwać ich do buta horn się w zakończeniu obłęd. Oczywiście, że prowokuje napięcia.

Najgorszą rzeczą jest oczywiście, że Niemcy zostały więc zobowiązanie zapewnienia upadek samej Unii Europejskiej poprzez przede wszystkim kontynuowanej sankcji wobec Rosji, która jest największym partnerem handlowym Europy, a następnie do tego idioty krowy Merkel na powitanie świat w Europie, wywołując plan Caudenhove-Kalergi do działania. Najgorsze akt przewrotności było zmusić Polskę, Węgry, Słowację i Czechy grzywną 250.000 euro dla każdego odrzuconego “uchodźcy”. Przez ostatnie 250 lat spora część Europy stara się zabić słowiańskie ludzi poprzez wojny, głodu i okupacji i ciągle wracamy. Teraz chcą zabić co pozostaje słowiańskich ludzi poprzez gwałt i krzyżowania i głowicy tnącej przez ludzi, którzy nie mają zamiaru zintegrowania ze społeczeństwem, ale narzucanie własnych przekonań, religii i tradycji na ludzi europejskich i słowiańskich.

Gdy Europa podjęła odzyskać kontrolę nad własnymi krajami będą reperkusje dla Niemiec i nie zostanie przyjęty z otwartymi ramionami. Niemcy są narodem zbirów, którzy nigdy nie należy ufać z niczego. Mając teraz powitał te śmigłowce głowę w Niemczech mam nadzieję, że nauczą ich lekcje dobrze.

Lies, More Lies and Damned Statistics …

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It is becoming clear that our European Members of Parliament are now preparing the ground for the implementation of TTIP at the end of December and it is very interesting to watch this from a distance (in other words I’m not involved in having to directly implement this piece of legislation, although will be affected by it).

I have watched various discussion forums on social media between European and American luminaries nobody has ever heard of, but who are clearly implicated in the drawing up, agreement and, in their respective countries, implementation of these trade agreements and it is very clear that the US has no intention of meeting European social standards, but fully expects Europe to abandon generations of hard-fought and won rights that lead to a cohesive, peaceful and dignified way of life for all European citizens and extend those same rights to its own citizens.

In the last couple of weeks there have been riots in France against the proposals being pushed forward by the French President Francois Hollande, to substantially dilute workers rights and protections. It is widely known that workers in France enjoy some of the most detailed and protected rights of workers anywhere around the world. Clearly this is seen as an impediment to corporate interests being promoted by the likes of David Cameron on behalf of the US Government, who see that workers have no rights and can and should be hired and fired at the will of corporations as and when it suits them. So Hollande has declared that he will push through so-called “reforms” that will make life easier for corporations and to hell with protections for working people.

What is interesting is how quickly, decisively and determined European governments are when implementing legislation that will so quickly downgrade workers rights when for months on end these same politicians have sat on their hands and pleading impotence during the invasion of middle eastern “refugees” last year. The word that comes to mind is hypocrisy.

I think it is becoming very clear that the driving force for the destruction of Europe has been the USA through its mouthpiece of the UK. David Cameron is clearly a very dangerous proponent of US policies as he is part of the Rothschild family. Yes, the same Rothschild banking dynasty that has led to the collapse of economies around the world. It is also becoming clear that the fears of ordinary people regarding what TTIP means for millions of ordinary Europeans are well founded.

The politicians can be ignored as they all have vested interests in getting TTIP to be accepted by the European parliaments and national governments. Once these have gone through the legislature these same politicians will make their homes in “safe havens” where they will never be affected by the consequences of their decisions.

The tactic of taking out the biggest “obstacle” to getting TTIP through Europe and its member countries is absolutely classic. Once the largest “obstacle” has been removed, other countries will follow suit and all the blood that was spilled during WW1 and WW2 to protect ordinary people from tyranny will have been for nothing.

Like many Europeans I was born a free person. I grew up and was educated as a free person. I was never asked by a government anywhere in the world whether I would agree to become enslaved either through debt or by having my rights taken away from me. Rights that were fought for by previous generations. The right to vote, to a private life, to clean, safe drinking water, proper healthcare, good quality education, safe food, the right to earn a living wage and be treated as a human being rather than a “thing” that could be used and abused at the will of other people. My experience is common among so many people living today and yet under the guise of democracy this is what is happening under our noses right now.

This is too important to ignore and is intertwined with what is going on around the world in politics. The push against Russia, setting up NATO bases in Europe, encouraging the despotic Turkish government who in turn blackmails Germany that it will stem the flow of “refugees” in return for money and visa free access into Europe. All this because the USA is broker than broke and wants to exports it’s nightmare vision of what life should be like around the world.

You only have to look at reports on social media and non-western news sites to see that the USA isn’t a place any sane person would want to visit, never mind stay in for any length of time. And yet, there are those countries who would want to emulate that kind of life that divides, segregates, discriminates and leads to eternal poverty for its people with no hope of getting out. Then you need to ask yourself, “is this the kind of life I would want for myself, my family and friends?”. The answer you give yourself should inform the choices you make.

Europe is not a utopia, there are problems here as well, but “refugees” aside, we all get along well and co-operate with each other as we understand we all gain much more from each other when we co-operate than when we do not. There is so much to defend at this point in our lives that not standing up for our rights is unthinkable.

At the risk of being inflammatory, it is clear to me that these so-called “trade agreements”  being pushed forward by the USA are nothing more than Obama’s legacy of enslaving all white people as payback for the slave trade that was predominant from 15th to 19th Centuries inclusive.   This is both childish and unproductive.   None of us can change the past and we should not be held accountable for the sins of our fathers.  We do have control over what the future will be, and that is try to make life better for ALL PEOPLE regardless of race or religion.   That is the future, not petty, small-minded getting-your-own-back-because-I-can thinking.   All that does is drag everyone down to your level.  Obama’s legacy is that he has ensured the only black people that will ever enter the White House after his presidency, will be those that clean the offices and toilets.

The protests in France should be supported as they are the gold standard for workers across the world. If the French government capitulates, then what follows will be no less than what governments around the world deserve. It will also be the tipping point where Brexit will become a reality and the demise of the EU will follow shortly thereafter.

Hypocrites and Politics, How Far Have We Come?

democracy, democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

Here in the UK we’ve had our regional local elections for those councillors who sit on local councils and make decisions about what services each region gets, how much residents and local businesses have to pay towards those and how these are going to be administered. In London we’ve also had our London Mayoral elections. We now have our first Muslim mayor in Sadiq Khan and I hope he will make a good mayor, although I didn’t vote for him as I wasn’t impressed in how the two main candidates for this position handled themselves.

It was basically a re-run of last year’s general elections of the usual punch and judy Westminster knock about stuff (watch it on YouTube, it makes the UK a laughing stock) and it actually got quite nasty with the Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith calling Sadiq all sorts of names, very unbecoming.

Coming hot on the heels of the allegations of anti-semitism that have surfaced in the last few days from the Tories it seems hypocritical that it’s perfectly alright for a jew like Goldsmith to plumb the depths of racism against gentils and muslims, but if there is anything approaching observation or criticism of jews it’s suddenly labelled anti-semitism. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

It appears that Jewish people are allowed to use the accusation of anti-semitism as a get out of jail card that avoids them having to face unpalatable truths about their own behaviour and shut down any arguments that they should behave in a more civilised manner towards each other and the rest of the world. If it is unacceptable for non jews to use the hollocaust to explain their thinking (as Ken Livingstone did), it is equally unacceptable for jews to do the same. However historical facts are just that, facts that cannot be changed nor airbrushed just because it doesn’t suit one side or the other. History is there so we can learn from it so we don’t make the same mistakes.

Furthermore if jews do not like descriptions or criticisms, however light or harsh of their behaviours they should not engage in those behaviours in the first place. Jewish people are not absolved from bad behaviour because of what happened 80 years ago any more than Catholic priests are absolved from child abuse because of what early Christians went through 2,000 years ago.

If we agree that we are a civilised society then we must ALL behave with a sense of fairness and integrity towards each other and ourselves, uphold the standards we set ourselves and not engage in behaviour that undermines those goals.  Here endeth the lesson.

A Small Chink of Light at the End of the Tunnel

democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy, trade agreement

I know I don’t have a great many readers but find it uncanny that shortly after my plea for EU ministers to grow a spine and stand up to US bullying, the French foreign tradee minister Mattias Fekl has called a halt to any further negotiations with America on TTIP. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Now that the suspicions of so many ordinary people have been shown to be true, that it is a bad deal for the ordinary people of Europe and bad for European businesses, I can only hope that this lone voice is one of many that will spread across the European continent and across Brussels.

This is one area we cannot and should not be bullied into. This is nothing less than the utter subjugation of people who have been borne free and lived lives as honestly as they and their circumstances permitted, for this abomination of an “agreement” to be foisted on us by unscrupulous politicians only interested in feathering their own nests and profiting from ordinary citizens’ misery is beyond the pale. Angela Merkel should be ashamed of herself. It is quite clear that the EU is the pet project of Germany and they seem to think they will run Europe as they see fit.

There is nothing of any value to Europe or Europeans in TTIP. Everything our fathers and grandfathers fought for in the last century is being dismantled in the name of greed and profit and under TTIP this would be eradicated from our history, our lives would become to resemble something from the 17th Century, if not worse.

There has been a disconnect between politicians and voters in recent years, with quite a few displaying psychopathic tendencies where they don’t care about the impact on ordinary people, only how it affects them, the image they are projecting. It is taking a Frenchman to show some steel and say there is something very wrong with TTIP. Thank you Mr Fekl, your honesty is appreciated and applauded. Please continue your work and garner support across Europe so that other politicians can also come to this common-sense approach that Europe is in danger of being wiped out, not by war or sickness, but by treaty from a country thousands of miles away who is not a friend to us anymore.

We must reinstate relations with Russia at the earliest opportunity to ensure our future economic well being and also that we can continue to mutually benefit each other. We must also align ourselves more closely with the BRICS countries as this is the future. Only by doing this can we be sure of ensuring our way of life as Europeans is maintained and improved.

TTIP and all it stands for must be resisted as it does not serve small and medium businesses and it certainly does not serve ordinary people. If America wants to have a scorched earth policy it can do so inside its own borders, but it does not have the right to violate the earth everywhere else.

And the Hits Roll On …

democracy, democratic rights, European Commission

The Panama Papers as they have become known have unleashed a massive backlash against the political establishment worldwide which has already claimed its first scalp, that of the Icelandic Prime Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson as his wife, not he, had investments in Panama.

It turns out that our own David Cameron has been a direct beneficiary of his late father’s ill gotten gains from investments his father did not pay UK taxes for 30 years on not just in his will but also as a result of off shore investments in Panama. George Osborn is also implicated. It just gets better as several other Tory ministers also have such investments.

Cameron campaigned for the City of London to be excluded from scruitiny or checks when EU ministers were tightening legislation against bankers, stock brokers and commodity brokers, among others, so for him to say he has done more to sweep away bad practice is a bare faced lie and one he must pay for with his position.

What is interesting is that while fingers are being pointed just about everywhere else, there seems to be little in the way of reporting any such discrepancies of US politicians which, as there is an election taking place right now, would make perfect sense to ask those politicians to also publish their tax returns or the US equivalent thereof.

The point is that politicians are elected to do the best for their countries and by way of each sharing their own burden in the form of taxes, it is incumbent for voters to know whether those same politicians who are so keen to tell everyone else how their lives are going to be managed, to be scruitinised by the voting public so that it is apparent that politicians’ own affairs are in good order without any shady dealings.

I still say David Cameron’s position is untenable and so is that of the Tory party which is in the process of imploding over Brexit. Both sides are getting more and more heated about something that is designed to distract us from Cameron’s own wrongdoings over the past six years that it is inevitable there won’t be much of anything left by June. I look forward to casting my vote at the next General Election in November.

The Nature of Politicians and Politics

democracy, democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

Why is it that the only sorts of people who get elected into high positions in politics happen to be those who are psychopaths who aren’t particularly bright people? I refer to politicians across the world not just those who are parading themselves around in the USA for elections in November. The only sane politician in the US is Bernie Sanders. He is the only person who talks like a normal person and is interested in the plight of the common people. Hillary Clinton has been bought by the establishment as is Donald Trump, even though he is funding his own campaign, they both want the same things just in a different form.

The Donald’s latest pronouncement that Europe and the UK are not safe places for American’s to travel in is absolutely correct. The reason for this is that America alone has forced policies upon the rest of the world that have been to the detriment of those countries and have made them less safe than they were previously.

Having said all of the above, here in the UK we have our own problems with the Tory party who are no better than football yobs and have the same sensibilities, busily stuffing their pockets with the taxes being collected for just about every activity you can think of, even some you can’t, while telling the electorate there isn’t enough money to pay off the massive deficit that has been accumulated in 6 years of proper fiscal management by the Tories themselves. I just wonder who they think they’re kidding. I don’t think I can remember a government who have had a declaration of no confidence in the same year they were elected, but David Cameron managed to achieve that particular accolade.

Angela Merkel is another politician not fit for the office she holds either. Merkel “Mrs Bossyboots” was very keen to tell the Greeks they must pay back what they owe to the Troika and not leave the EU, then she invites the hoards of refugees, some genuine, others not so, into Germany declaring at the same time that other EU countries must also take a share of these terrorists. Merkel then goes to Erdogen to bribe this madman with 6billion Euros to keep the muslim “refugees” who are not genuine in Turkey. It’s been known for months that Turkey is an ISIS stronghold and the gateway through which ISIS has been able to transport oil, thereby getting funding for their terrorist activities. This is something Europeans are supposed to accept in its entirety.

The craziest thing is that Merkel also bows to Washington when it comes to sanctions against Russia. When sanctions were first put in place against Russia I said it would mainly hurt Europe as Russia is the largest trading partner for Europe. Each time the deadline has come and gone to re-evaluate the sanctions, Washington has said “no” and Merkel, Hollande, et al have cowed and agreed to this.

What is particularly galling is Hillary Clinton’s announcement last week that she thinks Europe should clear up the mess made by America and the policies that were engineered by Hillary Clinton herself. She made it very clear on many occasions that she wanted regime change in Syria, wanted to oust Assad and put some puppet in his place. I seriously don’t understand why there isn’t a single politician with the balls to tell America to get lost and leave well alone. America should look at its own backyard before it starts telling everyone else how we should live and I honestly hope that enough Americans are able to see through the vaccuousness that is Hillary Clinton and vote for Bernie Sanders.

Here in the UK I certainly will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn when elections next come round and this may come soon than anyone thinks, particularly when the results come through and there is a vote to leave the EU. That it will break up the EU much sooner than will otherwise happen is probably no bad thing. It will mean that European countries can then regroup, probably along historical alliances and in 20-30 years some other kind of European alliance can be forged, one that is looser and does not require a superstate to be cobbled together, but one that does share a common purpose (which has always been evident) and where the Germans do not play such a dominant role, which is to everyone’s detriment.

Full Term Report, Must do Better

democracy, democratic rights, European Commission

Its been interesting reading Obama’s musings on his time in the White House and to note what a selective memory he has. Despite all the rhetoric against Russia over the years and the fact the US continues to try to undermine President Putin’s efforts in combating ISIS on a professional level Obama has nothing but praise for President Putin. I just want to know how he manages to look at himself in the mirror each day without feeling utterly repulsed.

Obama and his henchmen continue to expand their sphere of influence across the world and it seems everyone is fair game. These are the last few months in office and Obama is going to make the most of them by stirring up as much trouble as possible. The Chinese, Russians, Syrians, Libyans, Iranians, Europe, UK; is there anyone I’ve left out?

I cannot comment on the situation in the China Seas but it does seems there is quite a bit of flexing of muscles with the US military trying to show their strength.

Russia is another matter. Obama has wanted to diminish the Russian economy through sanctions, it’s not working. It hurts Europe a great deal and will take some time for that to recover. Russia has side-stepped just about every move the Americans have made and come out smiling. If anyone has been diminished in the last few years it has been America and its interests. However, being the coward Obama really is, hasn’t got what it takes to walk up to the Russian front door to pick a fight, no. He wants others to take up the fight on his behalf to cause a war where the Americans can ride in like the Cavalry to save the day, except it’s not happening like that.

Europe’s problems have been caused by and enlarged by the Wall Street crash, the IMF, the ECB and the small enclave of secretive unelective politicians within Brussels under the guidance of the US (and I use the word guidance loosely). Not content with driving the PIGS countries to the wall (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain).

Notwithstanding this the USA under every US president in the last 80 years has fuelled wars in the ME, Africa whether by outright supply of arms and training or funding of these. The latest wars in Lybia, Egypt and Syria to name a few have spilled over into the biggest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since WW2. What does Obama do? Keep going, pushing for more weapons to be sent to ISIS, teaming up with Turkey’s PM Erdogan who is making Hitler look like a Sunday school teacher. Erdogan is instrumental in supporting ISIS, helping them transport oil across Turkey and being used as a conduit for re-arming them.  The fact that Obama is so openly supportive of such a dictatorial terrorist I’m afraid taints the US as a terrorist organisation.

Now I understand there are those people in America who feel that Obama should be tried for treason. I would add that George W Bush and George Bush should also be among those tried for treason. I don’t think Hillary is going to let up on what’s being going on either. She will also support ISIS and further interventions into breaking up Europe and other countries.

It seems that America’s mission in the world is to wreak death and destruction at every turn because it can and because it wants to. It is the bully boy in the world and the world is getting tired of the bombast, rhetoric, anger and sheer venom it spits out at the world. America needs to take a hard look at itself and those who have been put up as candidates for the November elections. They are all as bad as each other apart from Bernie Sanders who really is trying to steer America down a different, kinder path that would allow America and its citizens to have a voice in the kind of nation it wants and the place it has in the world.

I will add one further statement which applies to governments all around the world as standards for office has fallen so low.   In the months when an outgoing government is busy causing mischief it is unacceptable for incoming governments to pledge that they will continue the work done by their predecessors thereby ensuring nothing really changes.  This is an insult to the intelligence of the electorate and makes all the promises at the hustings null and void, nothing more than the promises of an insincere lover.   If people are going to stand for government then they must be able to deliver the promises made.  Those who do not should be voted out forthwith at short notice before too much damage is done.   To this end I think an annual appraisal should be undertaken by the electorate (who are the only legitimate ones to be able to do this).  There can be representatives at Parliamentary level who could do this on the electorates’ behalf and then have a vote via the internet as to whether governments should continue their work or receive their notice.

Brexit, TTIP & All That

European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

After months of wrangling with EU officials about getting a supposed better deal for the UK, now the scare tactics are being brought into play pretty much as David Cameron did when we had the Scottish Referendum.  Everyone from the UK military, Businesses, Bank of England, neighbour’s cat, the man down the road is telling UK voters how to vote and putting the arguments for and against.

So far those against remaining in the EU outnumber those wanting to stay, whether they will vote as such remains to be seen and it maybe that events take a different turn that will ensure that there may not even be an EU to vote about in the coming months.

Pressures about the influx of Arabic/moslem migrants entering Europe are putting resources under increasing strain, not to mention the tensions between two very different cultures clashing.  Ongoing austerity for the sake of austerity is also coming under increasing tension as the commodities markets, shares and bonds are in ever greater flux with those in the banking industry chasing fewer and fewer returns, nobody with any sense is actually buying property at present unless it is going to be the “forever home” (i.e. you intend to stay there for many years to come), both politicians and financiers alike increasingly resemble  rabbits captivated by strong headlights with no idea which way to turn and you have a recipe that dictates that something will just have to give sooner rather than later.  Nothing and nobody can live under such pressure indefinitely.

David Cameron is trotting out his favourite line about how UK security is reliant on remaining in the EU and also how imperative it is that the UK renews Trident.  Enter the most sensible politician the UK has ever produced, Jeremy Corbyn who argues and even demonstrates against renewing Trident.

It seems that the main player in the UK and EU dictating a disasterous foreign policy in both places is the good old US of A.   The Pentagon this week announced a further $582bn to be spent in Europe.  This is a massive quadrupling of the existing budget currently.  They obviously think things are going to kick off in Europe and that if the EU disbands we will instantly be at each others throats.   Somehow I don’t think so.   If anything, over the last 60 or so years the EEC as it was then has done us all a great favour.  We’ve got to know each other rather better than we had previously, people from all over Europe are happy to holiday in  France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic and so on and I’m pretty sure that even if the EU were to collapse under the present strains there would not be an outbreak of war immediately nor in the near future.

No, the biggest threat to world safety is the USA itself.  The neverending war machine that just rachets up more and more spending on killing human beings while its own citizens are made homeless, denied healthcare and free, good quality education and supporting (financially as well as equipment and training) of mercenaries and terrorist groups such as IS, ISIS, ISIL or what ever they want to call themselves this week.

By not renewing Trident the UK will save itself an estimated £170 billion which would be better spent on more and improved housing, schools and healthcare.  That’s just in the UK.   The EU and USA have agreed with “written assurances ” that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on that any future US administration won’t spy on EU citizens indiscriminantly.  Facebook and Google will have to abide by these rules as well.   This is an alleged “improvement” of the previously rejected Safe Harbour agreement.   This, together with the proposed TTIP and continued support of the now discredited Ukraine government gives some idea into the real reason for the war in the Ukraine in 2014/15.  The reason being that Ukraine as a lot of land and a largely agrarian culture, perfect for the likes of Monsanto to come along and not just gift (no, that would be too generous) but loan poor farmers money to buy the seeds that they would then have to repay and of course, being poor they could never repay, but it would kill everything on the land including native flora, fauna and insects leaving a poisoned land and hungry, impoverished people.   Together with the most disastrous foreign policy interference the US has imposed on Europe forcing the EU to impose sanctions on Russia, our biggest trading partner and you get an idea of how far the USA is prepared to go to get what it wants by simply bullying a supposedly large block of countries into doing what it wants.  Angela Merkel hasn’t told Obama to get lost and is quite happy to be a part of the demise of Europe.   It seems the Germans, this time backed by the USA quite openly can’t stop themselves from bossing everyone else around while looking terribly smug themselves, regardless of how much it hurts their neighbours.

I think the best thing to do is look at American society, how divided it is, how it has reduced its people to brain dead zombies who just eat McDonalds, fried chicken and watch TV all day and then go and kill anyone they disagree with.  Is that the kind of society we want to live in?  Yes, I know there is tiny bit of exaggeration there, but from the outside looking in, that’s what it looks like, it’s just not the kind of place I want to have the rest of the world turn into.

What happens when the rest of the world has been trashed like America has been?  When everyone in the world has been neutered so they are unable to think for themselves?  Humanity is on a hiding to nothing if that’s where we’re all headed.  It offers NOTHING for people who just want to live peacefully, make a contribution to the society they live in and mind their own business.

If the UK does not renew Trident the UK will be free from US interference in our foreign policy, if the EU stops taking funds from the USA and kicks out the IMF then even without its bloated institution the countries in Europe will still do well, probably even better.   After all, everyone points to Iceland who didn’t follow the advice of austerity back in 2007 when the Icelandic banks Kaupthing, Landsbanki and Glitnir, were allowed to go to the wall, bankers were jailed for their part in it and now it is a thriving economy.   This is in stark contrast to the rest of Europe which is struggling and even the most ardent supporter of this austerity madness “Dr Death” Shauble acknowledges that the chickens are coming home to roost.   I am leaning more towards the UK leaving Europe and doubt it will be as stark as it is portrayed to be so.

Yes there are advantages to remaining in Europe such as workers rights, closer ties with our nearest neighbours, but not under the present system which has outgrown its natural lifespan.

Afterthoughts on the EU Deal

democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy
 The UK State Media aparatus has already rolled into action on David Cameron’s pronouncement of a deal with the EU.  To a certain extent I’m glad my parents aren’t around to witness just how corporatised the world has become, they would certainly be making comparisons with Stalin’s occupation of Europe after WW2 and how every minutiae of daily living was absolutely controlled by the State, but I digress.
The BBC are proclaiming a “victory” over europe, the Telegraph is a little more balanced and the Guardian seems rather disinterested having only talked about four main items discussed, that of the four year freeze on in-work benefits EU citizens would have to remain in employment before being allowed to claim any benefits.   Transfer of child benefits to those countries WITHIN the EU (remember part of the deal of being a member of the EU is that if people migrate for work or relocate they are entitle to the benefits of that country as they would in their own), being able to stall any regulations coming into force in concert with other countries, but not stop them (so no change there then) and exemption from “ever closer union” with the EU.
Governments of both Tory and Labour have each been supine to the interests of the USA and have deliberately diverted attention away from their own shortcomings blaming migrants, immigrants and refugees for the state that the UK finds itself over the last 20 or so years, that people actually believe what they are told.   Thatcher said that if you tell a lie often enough it will eventually be believed, this is what’s happened here.
If immigration is really an issue in Britain then why have the Tories cut back on the amount of immigration officers at the borders?  At present immigration policies can be co-ordinated between EU countries quite quickly, I doubt France would be so co-operative in Calais once the UK has decided to take up the drawbridge.   There is a part of me that thinks that the political machinery of the EU has made politicians in each country lazy and unable to implement policies that would benefit each country individually.   “Someone else will take care of it” seems to be the attitude.   It would explain why so many politicians are brain-dead mediocrities who are only interested in furthering their own careers rather than making a difference to the people who elected them into their positions.  There are very few politicians who have a vision of any sort, those who have in recent years and months emerged (and I’m talking about Nigel Farage of UKIP and even Donald Drumpf in the USA) are actually more divisive and would make the world a lot more dangerous than it is now.   Calling a spade a spade is fine when you’re down the pub with a few like-minded mates, its something else when you’re  advocating banning all foreigners, building walls to keep them out and returning the UK back to how it was in the 1970s.   Those are the kinds of policies guaranteed to turn a country into just another backwater one horse town nobody wants to associate themselves with.
In trying to imagine how the UK would be in 12 months time I’m thinking that imported food from abroad will be more expensive so we can say goodbye to all those lovely treats we take for granted.  Going on holiday to Spain, France or Italy (the usual popular holiday destinations) wouldn’t be so easy.  There would be visas to complete months ahead of the holidays, long queues at the airports, a limit on what can be brought back to the UK and I’m sure a whole host of other rules and regulations as to what is and isn’t permitted.   Any idea of just hopping on a plane for a weekend break would simply be unheard of.   The plus point would be that UK farmers would benefit as food production would have to increase to feed the population adequately.  This in itself would raise food prices since farmers would want the best prices for their produce.
However, the thing that weighs most on the minds is TTIP.  As I’ve said before many of the politicians in Brussels have been bought off, threatened with blackmail and genuinely will accept the agreement even though many people in Europe oppose it.   Although TTIP will be approved in Europe, when the UK quits it will not be a part of this but I don’t for a moment doubt that Cameron has something quite similar in mind for the British people which is why he is so busy trying to sell off the NHS, throw the young, old, poor and vulnerable out of social housing so his mates can makes massive profits without having invested a single penny.  If these groups of people die, so what they deserve it, Right?  Just goes to show the lack of any kind of humanity these rich, privileged people have.
There is also another scenario which will run in tandem and that is that as the UK leaves, so other coutries who are becoming tired of being dictated to by Germany, particularly over the migrant issue will decide they can take matters into their own hands and deal between like-minded neighbours.
As the reality of what TTIP really means dawns on each country, there will be a stampede for the exit door and Germany can be the only person at it’s own party, just so long as it is realised that as each country exits so the funds that go into the common pot for pilfering by MEPs will also reduce.   There is no point in contributing to a  political (or insurance) scheme that is worthless.
I think to a certain extent this entire scenario has been engineered as I wondered why a couple of years ago the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.   It has brought peace, but now the USA has decided it wants to start WW3 so the EU must disintegrate.   The danger then is that each country would be played against each other.  Those of us who have lived with the EU as an entity have learned about our neighbours and find no real enmity with them.  However with the Visigrad Four countries, their wounds are still healing, the sores have crusted over but the memories remain.  Those are the countries that require the most help and assistance not to give into the fears of invasion and subsumation that took place in the past.   This is where it is important to confront the ghosts of the past, reconcile with what is really happening at present and deal with the reality now rather than what happened in the past.
Jednak rzeczą, która najbardziej waży na głowach jest TTIP. Jak już wcześniej powiedziałem wielu polityków w Brukseli zostały zakupione off, grozi szantażem i rzeczywiście będzie zaakceptować umowę, mimo że wiele osób w Europie jest mu przeciwna. Chociaż TTIP zostanie zatwierdzony w Europie, kiedy w Wielkiej Brytanii zostanie zamknięty to nie będzie częścią tego, ale nie wiem na chwilę wątpliwości, że Cameron ma coś bardzo podobnego w umyśle dla brytyjskich ludzi, dlatego, że jest tak zajęty sprzedać NHS, rzucać młody, stary, słaby i podatny na mieszkania socjalne więc jego koledzy mogą sprawia ogromne zyski bez zainwestował ani grosza. Jeśli te grupy ludzi umiera, więc co oni zasługują na to, prawda? Tylko dowodzi braku jakiegokolwiek człowieczeństwa tych bogatych, uprzywilejowanych ludzie mają.
Istnieje również inny scenariusz, który będzie realizowany w tandemie i to, że w liście w Wielkiej Brytanii, więc inne kraje którzy stają się zmęczeni są podyktowane przez Niemcy, zwłaszcza w kwestii migracyjnych zadecyduje mogą wziąć sprawy w swoje ręce i radzić sobie pomiędzy podobnie myślącymi sąsiadów.
W rzeczywistości to, co TTIP naprawdę oznacza olśni każdego kraju, nie będzie panika do drzwi wyjściowych i Niemiec może być jedyną osobą w jego własnej partii, tylko tak długo, jak to jest realizowane że każdy kraj wychodzi zatem środki, które przejdź do wspólnej puli na kradzieży przez posłów również zmniejszy. Nie ma sensu, przyczyniając się do politycznej (lub ubezpieczeń) programu, który jest bezwartościowy.
Myślę, że w pewnym stopniu cały ten scenariusz został zaprojektowany tak zastanawiałem się, dlaczego pare lat temu Unia Europejska została wyróżniona Pokojową Nagrodą Nobla. To przyniósł spokój, ale teraz USA zdecydowała, że chce rozpocząć WW3 więc UE musi rozpadać. Zagrożenie jest więc, że każdy kraj będzie grał przeciwko siebie. Ci z nas, którzy żyli z UE jako podmiot dowiedział się o naszych sąsiadów i znaleźć żadnej realnej wrogość wobec nich. Jednak z Visigrad Cztery kraje, ich rany wciąż się ran, owrzodzenia są skorupą ponad ale wspomnienia pozostają. Są to kraje, które potrzebują najwięcej pomocy i wsparcia, aby nie dać się obawom inwazji i subsumation, które miały miejsce w przeszłości. To jest, gdzie ważne jest, aby zmierzyć się z duchami przeszłości, pogodzić z tym, co naprawdę dzieje się w chwili obecnej i radzić sobie z rzeczywistością, teraz, zamiast tego, co wydarzyło się w przeszłości.

Chicken Brain or Intelligent Homo Sapiens?

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It seems that not just in Europe but across the world we are being increasingly told that in order for countries to survive those with a lower population must accept more people from abroad and not to do so labels those countries, their people and governments as backward and racist.   This is a subject that has been mired in misinformation and childish cat-calling which diverts attention from the reality of the matter.

After WW2 there was a “baby boom”, except in what are now called the Visigrad Four countries who were still under the yoke of communism.  From the 1970s onwards we in Europe have been repeatedly told there are too many people on this planet and we need to curtail the amount of babies each family have.   To this end women have enjoyed emancipation, contraception and the ability to choose if, as and when to have children.  Some women have had babies, raised their families and others have chosen to pursue a career.  We are now at a point where such choices no longer attract opinions as it is accepted women make a profound contribution to the workplace, but there is a fly in the ointment.

Women live longer than men, the majority of care still falls to women although men are also in this position.  In the interests of equality the retirement age for women was raised a few years ago so that many women now have to wait until they are 66 before being able to claim the state pension in the UK.
The Tory Party loves to paint itself as the Party of the Family and yet in the last 6 years and before that when Margaret Thatcher was PM, the Tories have torn families apart and undermined what small gains they managed to get in order to fulfil their ideological goals.

If the retirement age was reduced to 64 for both men and women then you would have proper equality.   Those OAPs (Old Age Pensioners) who felt able to work could do so, but it would free up work places for younger people and would allow grandparents to care for younger relatives if they were able to.  This would be such a saving to the government and would also bring more cohesion to family life in the UK.

The current situation in Europe regarding the Syrian immigration is also another fly  in the ointment.   Germany has a low population because the Germans aren’t interested in having children.  By contrast those former Soviet countries – Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, but particularly Poland, have increased their populations since 1990 and continue to do so.   Angela Merkel is accepting Syrian immigrants into Germany some of whom are genuine, others are not, on the basis that Germany needs immigrant labour in order to keep their economy afloat.   At the same time she is telling the Visigrad Four countries to also accept these immigrants into their countries, all of whom have, quite rightly said “No”.

As I have explained previously here in my blog, these countries recognise this as an invasion of almost military nature.   If the current and future EU is that where “further integration” means subjecting a country to the whims of a single country, then each country has the right to say “thus far and no further”.   Each country is just that, a country in its own right.  Not a state as the USA would have us.  As such each country has the right to decide who it allows into its own borders and under what terms.

However, yet another lie has been exposed for what it is, a lie.   If we need immigrants in order to keep our economies going, then we need indigenous people to have more babies and for the infrastructure of the same to be made available.   Unless, of course, the whole plan is to ensure white Europeans become extinct in place of everybody else!

Forcing mothers to return to work after having babies instead of supporting them at home should never be allowed.  Parents need to be able to have the time to bond with their children and build a family life.   There also needs to be more respect between the genders rather than looking at them as a means to an end.

Despite the Women’s movement in the 1960s and 1970s, contraception and labour-saving devices work practices in the UK have not changed since the 1950s.  Work is still pretty much Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and if you want to get ahead you have to forget you have a family and home and put the hours in.
In order to bring some sanity to the work place I would propose that the working week is no longer than 20 hours in a week on full salary and with holiday, sickness benefits intact.  This would allow people to actually have a life, spend time with friends and family, care for younger or older relatives and more than likely ensure full employment for each country and the economy of each country would rebound.   Now if that was adopted across Europe there would most certainly be a vote to stay in.

David Cameron and THAT Deal

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Apologies to all my regular readers, I’ve been away on some personal business which is now (hopefully) sorted out and I should be able to write more regularly.

Well the press in the UK have been frenzied with excitement at the prospect of negotiations between David Cameron and our partners in the EU and it’s very clear that the UK Government branch of the Rothschild dynasty has only been interested in securing jobs and investment in the City of London, bugger the rest of the UK.   What scant information there is at present has changed considerably from what was first presented back in November 2015.

The main points that have been reported are that there will be a limit on the amount of child benefit an EU worker can send back to their home country, equivalent to the amount that would be paid in their home country for the first four years.

There would be an emergency brake on paying benefits to EU migrants if there is a severe (no definition of severe) strains on public services.   Why does Cameron assume everyone is on benefits?  The vast majority of EU migrants, particularly those from what is termed the Visigrad Four countries, that is Hungary, Poland, Czech and Slovakia come to the UK, work hard, pay taxes and do the jobs the English have no interest in doing, but it’s ok for the UK government to take tax off those hard-working Slavs.  How typically xenophobic and small minded of the English.

There is an exclusion from the UK having to integrate any further into the EU, and does not include being part of any future treaties.   A “red card” to slow down any future EU legislation if acting in unison with other EU nations, but no veto to prevent legislation going through.  Having said that he has been given short shrift over the EU Working Time Directive which he wanted to change (presumably so that he could ensure that doctors would work an 100 hour shift every week as they used to before the Directive came into force).  I’m actually glad this wasn’t conceded as there is an enormous battle being played out at present regarding NHS junior doctors.   The Directive has no doubt saved many lives as doctors are no longer tired beyond belief and making mistakes in diagnoses and treatment as they did prior to this piece of legislation.
However one important concession he has managed to get is that the UK will not be part of any further bail-outs for EU countries and if those countries receiving bail outs default the UK won’t be penalised.

Having said all of this I don’t think there has ever been a prime minister who has set the bar for negotiations so low that even the meagre “victories” he has managed to obtain are largely muted and confined to peripheral areas where the EU could actually just throw the odd bone in the hope the English electorate would be happy to settle for so little.  What has to be borne in mind is that the current government of the UK are no better than football yobs with posh accents, and it shows.  They are appealing to the lowest common denominator.

Since the mid-1990s I have observed the UK becoming less and less tolerant of migrants.   This has been strongly encouraged by the popular press who have regularly run stories about “work shy migrants” who are on benefits and  how migrants were bleeding the UK dry.  The scary thing is, the working class English actually believe this, I’m talking about the not very well educated, not well off English who blame migrants for all the ills the politicians have heaped on them.

The question that needs to be asked is if the Tories are so keen to ditch Europe what horrific alternative have they got in store for the UK in the months and years ahead?

We’re pretty much on the same path we were a year ago, at that time people voted for the devil-you-know because the alternative was so bad it couldn’t be considered seriously.  This time there IS an alternative, one we should consider because if we don’t we will slide back into the 1970s and life won’t be so rosy when the Brits decide to holiday in Ibiza, Athens or the Dordoigne and bring back their Duty Free goodies.

The Whipping Boy of Europe

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I love it when there’s shit going on in your own back yard but the attention is diverted elsewhere in the world. At present we have the spectre of David Cameron flitting around Europe talking with various heads of state about accepting his xenophobic proposals against European migrants (who are intelligent, highly skilled and hard-working) to bolster support for Europe in the up-coming EU referendum in the UK; we have the influx of Muslim migrants into the EU which is causing one almighty headache after another; we have tensions within the UK stoked by comments this week by David Cameron that Muslim women must learn English if they want to stay in the UK with many agreeing (including in the Muslim community) against those who are pussy-footing around saying this is racist. We also have a mounting fiscal problem that is far from being addressed, but more on that in another article and then the big story of the past couple of weeks is gaining traction, that is Poland is the cause of concern in the EU political sphere because it has decided to do its own thing rather than conjoin in the comfortable, rather grubby, clubby game the rest of the EU countries take part in and take control of its own media and government appointed judges.

Admittedly, I am on record saying that the latter is cause for concern as it points to a potential corruption of the judicial system, but then the greatest nation on earth America, has had government appointed judges for many years, so Poland is simply following its example. After all, how bad can it be? Surely if it’s ok for America to have politically appointed judges then why can’t everyone else? Why single out Poland?

If it’s ok for the likes of Rupert Murdoch to own more than half the world’s media and regularly, openly decide which candidate he will throw his weight behind in a general election, bend stories to suit his own agenda, trash innocent families who have lost loved ones who have been brutally murdered, then why can’t the Polish government decide what news to publish, have their own agenda and so on, after all the British government do this all the time with the BBC which, as it is funded by taxpayers and government and gained its charter from the Queen should be impartial, but in the last 20 years or so has seen a visible shift in how it presents news, the slant it takes and what stories it airs either by radio, TV or website. Now more widely known as the Tory Government mouthpiece.

From the EU there is not a word about the activities of the UK Tory-led government on how in since 2009 it is systematically eroding human rights by the enactment of the hated Bedroom Tax, is on the verge of displacing social tenancies from council estates to make them homeless, many of whom have children or are elderly. Not a word either of the Snoopers Charter put forward in the House of Commons by Teresa May allowing unfettered access to metadata gathered across all UK citizens in the name of combating terrorism by GCHQ, the latter despite concerns from the USA agencies who did the same thing themselves and conceded that it has no effect on catching those who do go onto perpetrate such crimes.   Neither is there any word against the most spiteful piece of legislation going through the House of Commons at present, that is the Trades Union Bill.

The EU has long been held up as a beacon of civilisation, particularly in Germany where Trades Unions are seen as a partnership in employee relations and, as we have seen in recent months, what Germany advocates for itself, other countries must follow suit.   This singular piece of legislation will erode all the employment rights and good practices it has taken generations to build up, fight for recognition and replace them with something I think only Stalin would be proud of.

There has been a lot of talk, mostly badly informed, of left and right politics.   They are the same. The practices being forced through the UK parliament at present would be very familiar to those who lived behind the Iron Curtain, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (as it was then), Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.   The UK is currently under the most ideologically driven government in generations that is hell-bent on harming the foundations of democracy attracting the voices of Amnesty UK, Liberty and the British Institute of Human Rights but not a word from the EU about this.  (the cynic in me asks whether this is in anticipation of proposals being put forward in TTIP that will, when ratified be incorporated into UK practice and legislation?).

But because Poland dares not to toe the line and strives for self-determination, however clumsily, it is criticised and threatened.   The latest news maybe more revealing than one thinks.   David Cameron has agreed to send 1,000 troops to Poland to train Polish troops and bolster NATO presence in Poland in, wait for it, 2020. By that time the UK will be out of the EU, the EU itself will have imploded under the sheer weight of incompetence, intransigence across so many areas. It is a monster that is unable to move in any direction politically, logistically or financially (save for simple trade) simply because of the fact each member “state” is in fact a country in its own right.

For the sake of completeness and understanding the EU is simply a trading bloc, nothing more.   It can never be a United States of Europe. It is too cumbersome, there are too many factors pertaining to each country to ensure that legislation is equally applied across the board. What works well for one country will not work in another. Certain standards and guidelines can be applied, but politically? Forget it.

I wonder whether this is simply something to take the minds off those in Brussels from more pressing matters, or whether any spark of individuality is seen as a threat. Having listened to the debate in the European Parliament between Beata Szydlo and MEPs there has been a gross misrepresentation of the Polish situation that yet again, for all the fine words the world has for Poland and its people, still considers Poles to be the niggers of Europe.  Barbaric, uncivilised, incapable of proper democratic self determination.   It is also an increasing desperation of not just Europe but its US “masters” that such inappropriate language as “Putinisation of Poland” is used.

America desperately needs a war to break out somewhere in the world so it can justify military spending on an ever increasing scale. Anywhere in the world and so it pushes in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, China and now Europe.  So far nobody is taking the bate.

The question is, does the world want another war on its hands to play into America’s hands and allow its unfettered domination gain further momentum until the entire world is destroyed according to its’ own philosphy, or will Europe as the mature nations of the world decide their own fate, settle the Syrian question with President Putin putting in as much effective effort as possible and return the Syrians to their own countries with the assistance of help in rebuilding and resettlement therein?

Just for the record the current government in power in Poland has corrected a situation created by the outgoing government that put in place judges of its own political leanings, and amended it with five judges of the political leanings of its own, thereby ensuring a fair and balanced outlook and outcome of proceedings.

Polish Media Law

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I’ve been reading about the new media laws being enforced by the newly elected government in Poland and the supposed uproar that they are causing among EU officials and I have to say, it’s a bit rich for EU officials to get upset about Poland doing what other countries are and have been doing for many years. The media, whether it is owned by wealthy individuals who will always dictate what is read, seen or heard by the majority of the voting public, or by the state will have the same goal – that the government line is always heard primarily in respect of government wishes and policies.

The same cannot be said for the politically appointed judges but again monkey see, monkey do. The Polish government is only copying what has been done for many years in the USA. Poland will also reap the accusations of corruption of the legal system in so doing. The best way to counteract that is to have an independent judiciary as in the English legal system.

The English judiciary is independent of political intereference or favour which gives English judges a rare strength and have, from time to time chided the government of the day for ill-considered actions without fear of consequence. This keeps the government honest and the people have faith in the legal system.

The Polish government actions are reminiscent of the actions of communist officials when Poland was under Soviet rule where media, judiciary and education among other things was tightly controlled by policies dictated by Moscow.   In the light of what is happening around the world it is understandable, but dangerous to cut oneself off from the world in these uncertain times where reliable information is key to understanding what is going on. It is a very precarious balancing act and difficult to do well without something unexpected coming along to disrupt matters.

As for free speech, it’s a shame those same EU officials don’t actually believe in it save for themselves in the Brussels debating chamber.I’ve been reading about the new media laws being enforced by the newly elected government in Poland and the supposed uproar that they are causing among EU officials and I have to say, it’s a bit rich for EU officials to get upset about Poland doing what other countries are and have been doing for many years. The media, whether it is owned by wealthy individuals who will always dictate what is read, seen or heard by the majority of the voting public, or by the state will have the same goal – that the government line is always heard primarily in respect of government wishes and policies.

The same cannot be said for the politically appointed judges but again monkey see, monkey do. The Polish government is only copying what has been done for many years in the USA. Poland will also reap the accusations of corruption of the legal system in so doing. The best way to counteract that is to have an independent judiciary as in the English legal system.

UPDATE:  It seems the media laws are rather more sinister than I first thought.  The Polish Government will not only be controlling the media, it will also allow itself to listen in on what people are saying, sending and searching on the internet.  The Polish form of NSA activities the Americans now say they no longer use, but it seems it’s ok for Poland led by idiot members of the Sejm to do exactly what America was so heavily criticised for.  Please learn the lessons of the recent past and don’t be idiots.   The people who voted you in are not your enemy, you are your own enemy.


Czytałam o nowe prawo medialne jest egzekwowane przez nowo wybrany rząd w Polsce i rzekomym wrzawy, że są one przyczyną wśród urzędników UE i muszę powiedzieć, że to trochę bogatych dla urzędników UE, aby uzyskać zdenerwowany Polska robi to, co inne kraje i robili przez wiele lat. Media, czy jest on własnością bogatych ludzi, którzy zawsze będą dyktować co jest czytane, widział lub słyszał przez większość opinii publicznej do głosowania lub przez państwo będzie miało ten sam cel – że linia rząd zawsze słychać przede wszystkim w odniesieniu do życzenia rządu i polityki.

Tego samego nie można powiedzieć o politycznie wyznaczonych sędziów, ale znowu zobaczyć małpy, małpa zrobić. Polski rząd jest kopiowanie tylko to, co zostało zrobione przez wiele lat w USA. Polska będzie też żąć oskarżenia o korupcję systemu prawnego w ten sposób. Najlepszym sposobem, aby przeciwdziałać, że jest posiadanie niezależnego sądownictwa, jak w angielskim systemie prawnym.

Angielski sądownicza jest niezależna od intereference politycznej lub sprzyjają English sędziom, która daje siłę i rzadko mają, od czasu do czasu zbeształ rząd dnia dla działań nieprzemyślanych bez obawy o konsekwencje. Dzięki temu rząd uczciwy i ludzie mają wiarę w systemie prawnym.

Polskie działania rządu przypominają działania urzędników komunistycznych, kiedy Polska była pod panowaniem sowieckim, gdzie nośnik, sądownictwo i edukacja między innymi był ściśle kontrolowane przez politykę dyktowanych przez Moskwę. W świetle tego, co dzieje się na całym świecie jest to zrozumiałe, ale niebezpieczne wyciąć siebie od świata w tych niepewnych czasach, gdzie rzetelna informacja jest kluczem do zrozumienia tego, co się dzieje. Jest to bardzo niepewna balansowanie i trudno zrobić dobrze bez czegoś nieoczekiwanego idzie zakłócić sprawy.

Jeśli chodzi o wolność słowa, to wstyd ci sami urzędnicy UE w rzeczywistości nie wierzą w to zachowaj dla siebie w sali obrad w Brukseli.

UPDATE: Wydaje się, że prawa medialne są raczej bardziej złowieszcze niż się z początku wydawało . Rząd polski będzie nie tylko kontrolowanie mediów , będzie to również pozwolić sobie na podsłuchiwać , co ludzie mówią , wysyłanie i wyszukiwanie w Internecie . Polska forma działalności NSA Amerykanie teraz mówią, że nie jest już w użyciu, ale wydaje się, że jest ok dla Polska prowadzona przez idiotów członków Sejmu zrobić dokładnie to, co Ameryka została tak mocno krytykowany za . Należy wyciągnąć wnioski z niedawnej przeszłości , a nie być idiotami . Ludzie , którzy głosowali można w nie wroga , jesteś swoim własnym wrogiem


31st December 2015

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2015 is coming to an end and it’s been a very interesting year in that so much of the mechanics of how the world is run has been revealed in the most challenging of circumstances, and continues to be revealed.

At present my fears that another world war was imminent are subsiding, at least for the time being which I’m very glad of. The inner workings of intercontinental governments were also revealed in those darkest moments and continue to do so. We are not yet out of the woods, but merely have a chance to draw breath before seeing how matters will play out on the world stage. This is much needed.

However financially the world remains fragile and the small corrections experienced in the Chinese market maybe a forerunner of things to come in the months ahead.   David Cameron has announced today that the inquiry into the banking culture, pay and behaviour of staff working in many of the banks that led to the meltdown we are still all paying for as a society will be shelved.

Just before the UK went to the polling booths to vote in May this year, there was a meeting between Cameron and those in the banking industry which was reported as an aside, a thrown away sentence or two.   I should imagine that this is the sort of thing that would have been discussed at such a meeting and here it is.   The banking industry have magicked money out of thin air, call themselves solvent now and its back to business as usual, make of that what you will.

I wonder how long it will be before rising interest rates and the kind of behaviour that led to the banking crisis in 2007 results in a catastrophic correction that will have many people with massive mortgages really worried.

And then of course we have the other slow, inevitable, lingering car crash of the European economy and the EU itself.   Firstly the Greek financial crisis revealed that the EU is not answerable to its citizens but is like one of those Russian dolls which just gets smaller and smaller, there is the government we all see in the Brussels chamber which meets and discusses important issues, there are other smaller committees pertaining to the various areas of governance and there is the secret inner sanctum and probably an inner, inner sanctum of government where no minutes are kept, no account is kept, there is nothing to say these inner sanctums even exist and yet the most important ideas are formulated for countries to implement. This was revealed by the former Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis who acted as whistleblower after his resignation and I am sure many ordinary people are grateful for a light being shone in such a dark corner of society.

While all this was being discussed the Syrian situation brought with it an influx of migrants the like of which has not been seen since WW2. But it is the manner in which the influx happened and those of us who were suspicious had these confirmed in the most horrible manner in the massacre in Paris on 13th November.

Angela Merkel was happy for these refugees to enter Germany as the birth rate is very low there. That’s entirely her business. What is not her business is for her to proscribe that other countries also take in refugees, particularly when they are neither wanted nor is there the political will to accept them.   Those who are genuine then of course they must be helped, but to accept the sheer numbers of healthy, young men coming from as far as Pakistan and Afghanistan is not.

That it took three whole months for the EU to respond to an emergency while countries were forced to take unilateral decisions about their own borders. Schengen is dead, the EU is dead.   Groups of European countries who have long held ties with each other are looking to renew those ties. Countries are voting in governments who will ensure their people are at the forefront of governance rather than the bureaucrats in Brussels, even if it upsets them in Brussels.

In the meantime many countries in Europe in the aftermath of the Paris massacre are being extra cautious and pushing through draconian laws limiting peoples rights which is why Teresa May announced beefed up online surveillance by GCHQ, MI5, et al last month.

So where does all leave us now at the end of 2015? I think we are looking at the beginning of the disintegration of many institutions that have enjoyed anonymity at taxpayers expense and use hastily considered laws and financial penalties to bully ordinary citizens into submission.   Seven years of austerity that has devastated much of Europe, a ramping up of the war machine by the US and UK government and people are sick and tired.   I have said this before people do not have a problem with each other but governments have a problem with people living peacefully and getting on with their lives. They cannot be manipulated into doing despicable things they would otherwise not do to each other.

I’m not a crystal gazer so cannot give an idea of what may come, but whatever it is, it has to be better than what we’ve gone through this year. Happy New Year.

A Cross Hairs Moment, The Most Important Decision for Humanity

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We have officially witnessed a watershed moment in history that has been building up for several years now, which is the massacre in Paris of 129 people by professional mercenaries who were armed and funded by the same people who seek proxy wars in the middle east, the USA.

Through having a proxy army in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia that calls itself IS, among other names from time to time, the US has encouraged a war of attrition, fear and utmost brutality that have put fear amongst the populations of these countries. The only countries with the willingness and capacity to eliminate IS, Russia & Iran are having some notable successes much to the chagrin of US policy makers.

The above has laid the ground very nicely for the next stage of the proxy war that the US has been pushing for in recent years, that is the war within Europe. By having young, healthy men of military age invading Europe in a concerted manner under the guise of, and among genuine refugees, they have come not just from Syria but across Africa in countries that have not been in occupation by EU countries, and Pakistan and Afghanistan. I’d like to know what geographical commonality there is (other than they are all muslim countries) that makes these people think they can just come along into Europe spreading their open hate of us & bloody wars.

Europe itself is now lost, to all intents and purposes.   Schengen has been disbanded in all but name. The only countries who are able to see this invasion for what this really is, are those who were occupied countries themselves until quite recently, i.e. former Communist bloc countries. Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Austria are the only countries whose people have not been brainwashed by political correctness and have no fear of the accusation of “racism”.

For the purposes of clarity, racism is a term used to prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. As it is the sole intention of IS to completely dominate, subjugate and annihilate the European people, who are the racists now?

This, together with the pincer movement of financial subjugation used by the ECB and IMF in Europe have now brought Europe and the world to a place where a careful choice has to be made between capitulating to the so-called “world order” as ordained by US strategists that will rain down terror, slavery and eternal poverty on its population (thereby ensuring that TTIP will be accepted as the lesser of two evils, even though the US will openly flout such agreements to its own advantage), or giving Washington the middle finger, aligning EU military efforts against IS with Russia & Iran as it seeks to rid the world of this evil scourge and seek to live peacefully within our own borders, trading with each other as we have done for centuries, in friendship and common purpose.

Poland has to wake up if it isn’t caught up in all of this, the Poles will realise soon enough what “good allies” the Americans really are.   President Putin has asked that those who desecrated the war memorial at Warsaw’s Skaryszewski Park be found and punished. This should be done. Although the memories are still recent and within living memory, it should not cloud the fact that Poland is now being frightened into activities against its own interests and against Russia.   It will need all the help it can get from Russia very soon and must now do what has been requested for the sake of good relations with its neighbour.

Polska musi się obudzić , jeśli nie jest się wciągnąć w to wszystko , Polacy będą realizować szybko, tyle , co ” dobre sojusznicy ” Amerykanie są naprawdę. Prezydent Putin poprosił, by ci, którzy zbezcześcili pomnik wojny w warszawskim Parku Skaryszewskim być odnalezieni i ukarani . Należy to zrobić . Mimo, że te wspomnienia są wciąż niedawno iw pamięci dziennym , nie powinny zaciemniać faktu , że Polska jest obecnie w działalność przeciwko przestraszył własnych interesów i przeciwko Rosji . Będzie to każda pomoc może uzyskać od Rosji bardzo szybko i musi teraz robić to, co jest wymagane w imię dobrych stosunków z sąsiadem.

On the Never-Never

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The US administration has agreed to double the debt of USA by the end of Obama’s term of office. The UK govt have doubled the debt in 5 years and plan to double it again. The EU has agreed to continue with QE and supporting negative interest rates officially, the consequence of which will be, if you have any money in the bank take it out or it will be stolen by government. It’s unofficially official – or rather the next logical step. This is amazing.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own home you can take out a mortgage against it, even several mortgages against it, although these days banks tend to be stricter about what you’re borrowing money for but I digress. At some point the banks will come knocking on your door asking for their money back and if you don’t have it, will take your home and throw you out.   I just wonder how long this is going to go on for before the big inevitable implosion happens? There are enough professional economists warning about the same thing, but from the ground up it doesn’t look good. Prepare for the worst and strap yourselves in for the ride, it’s going to be bumpy.