Confusing the Issue Further

democratic rights

In these fragmented times it seems that society is being torn apart even further.  Divide and conquer seems to be the theme by those allegedly in charge.

At the risk of being labelled a traditionalist, over the last 60 years society has changed enormously.  Young people in the 1950s gave way to those who went out to work in the 1960s, single parenthood became the common theme (single parents have always been a part of society, usually as a result of one parent having died, abandoned the family unit or enlisted into the armed forces and viewed as a tragedy) along with abortion, contraception, gay rights, the ready availability of drugs (both for medical and recreational purposes) divorce, women going out to work for a living; and on it goes.  Some of these have been positively beneficial, others more dubious.

Sadly there are sections of society fueled by those in the media, particularly the BBC, have become fixated on people’s sexuality to such a degree that they are now trying their best to confuse the issue even further.   When David Cameron became PM the first thing he did was announce that all children from infant school upwards (now known as reception class) should be taught about gay sex and sex in general.   I consider this to be state sponsored child abuse.  Up until puberty children have no idea about sex and should not have any idea about sex.  This is the age of innocence where children can be what they are and be given the space and opportunity to build their skills and talents and find their way in the world.

Before Barak Obama’s departure from the White House gender-neutral toilets were introduced into schools in the USA to much distress among school children and parents.   This disease is now being touted by the media, particularly the BBC (who notoriously nurtured sexual deviants and perverts Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile).   A recent story run by the BBC about a Christian couple who took their daughter out of school because the new school uniform that was introduced included wearing trousers instead of a skirt and this was deemed to be going in the direction of the gender neutral agenda.  It seems the school head teacher has been completely brainwashed into the whole transgender theory.

The very small proportion of people who decide they have been born in the wrong body is extremely small, probably 0.01% of the population.  Those who are gay only make up 3% of the whole population.   Telling children who are too young to know what side of the sexual spectrum they belong to, and will probably not be aware of until they are in their teens, is wholly wrong and goes against the idea of allowing children to be children.   Just that.

Children who have not yet been able to work out for themselves where their place in the world is and where their talents lie are being brainwashed into thinking they have no gender, neither boy nor girl when the evidence points otherwise.  Those who are implementing this gruesome, disgusting agenda really need to think carefully before going any further with this as it would make the abuses suffered by children from broken homes in the 1970s and 1980s seem like a normal school day and render this country a kind of Bangkok for paedophiles and sexual perverts of all kinds.

This is no less than state sponsored child abuse at a level that disempowers parents who are forced to go out and work for a living and therefore forced to send their children to, what we have been told are schools, but are now being turned into brainwashing camps.   I think a spotlight needs to be shone on those in charge of the education system, namely those ministers in the Tory party who were only a few years ago being targeted in child abuse cases of “just a few ministers”.   It is no accident that this is being implemented by the Tory party who seems to attract some very damaged characters in its midst.

Whether they are aware of it or not, the LGBT community is being used to fragment society even more than it is at present.   Government (particularly those that are made up of mediocrities as is the case with the majority of EU leaders and those in the UK) is terrified of communities and will do their utmost to ensure people do not remain in those areas for very long.  The core of communities are made up of families, they are the nucleus of the community whether they are single parent or two parent families, the elderly and so on.   In the last 10-15 years government has decided to ensure that families and the elderly are kept moving around, even when it isn’t feasible for them to do so (i.e. for work or because of healthcare needs) which ensures people do not become attached to their localities and have no idea of the history of it management by local authorities.

Whether the LGBT community is aware of their role in this exercise or not, they should not become embroiled in it as they too will be the subject of the need for those in authority to divide and conquer communities.


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