Time’s Running

democracy, General Election, London Life

So Theresa May has been elected at last, albeit with a very slim majority which has meant she’s had to look for support with another minor party, in this case the DUP and this has come at the price of £1 billion for infrastructure for Northern Ireland and the concession that women from Northern Ireland should be able to access abortion on the NHS, which should always have been the case.

What’s been interesting in the last couple of weeks since the result was announced was seeing Theresa May do something quite incredible, compromising, This may seem like small fry to some people but it’s actually quite a big deal, especially for someone like TM who comes across as someone who has a very rigid mindset about certain subjects, namely she thinks it’s ok for people to be homeless, poor, starving and unable to fend for themselves; she hates foreigners, especially immigrants and, like a certain Donald Trump, wants to pull up the drawbridge in the English channel to exclude ANYONE from ever entering the UK ever again. I wonder how she gets on with her neighbours, and I don’t mean those in 11 Downing St. When she’s lived in ordinary houses with people next door to her has she got on with those living around her, especially those of a foreign background.

Theresa May is now at a critical stage in her premiership and although the Queen’s Speech bill has scraped through the House of Commons, I will happily bet that she will not complete her divorce from the EU.

Having gone through imposed austerity by the Tories people have now realised just how contemptible they really are. Having decided that turkeys will indeed be voting for Christmas (i.e. older people usually vote Tory) they were then told that the triple lock on their pensions would be scrapped and the £100 winter fuel allowance would be means tested; on top of that they were told that the homes they lived in would have to be sold to pay for any social care they needed in their own homes, such as meals on wheels, daily help with washing and dressing. This was very eloquently put by a gentleman in an audience question to TM when he said, “I’ve worked hard all my life to get the things I have, why should I vote for you to take them away?” Of course TM gave her usual robotic reply about strong economy and so on, in effect now blaming old age pensioners for the cause of the austerity we’ve had for the past 7 years instead of laying blame with the Tory backers, bankers, financiers who were too greedy for their own good. People have had enough. We’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes and seen that while everyone has suffered its been those at the top who have benefitted from this highway robbery.
John McDonnell has absolutely nailed it when he said in a recent speech that people need to have hope that things can be different, it is possible to live in a fairer society where people actually give a damn about each other. We’ve all had enough of the divisive politics where everyone is pushed into smaller and smaller compartments, each vilifying the other. It wastes energy and time and is counter productive and that’s what the tories want.

While we’ve all been squabbling with each other they’ve been selling off the NHS bit by bit. Firstly imaging services, how many hospitals how own their own CT, MRI, PET scans? How many hospitals now use outside lorries with these facilities? My local hospital does. This is just basic stuff. The NHS has also been using a company that does all the buying of equipment and supplies for hospitals, clinics and surgeries around the country. How many people know that SBS is a company owned by one Jeremy Hunt? Conflict of interest anyone?

It’s time to finally wake up an admit the last 7 years of imposed austerity has been a collosal waste of time and energy. It was imposed by David Cameron & George Osborne as a way of robbing ordinary people of everything they had and making it impossible for anyone to live a decent life. They were prepared to make sure everyone suffered, especially those who couldn’t help themselves, the sick, old, vulnerable, disabled. It was imposed by Cameron & Osorne’s choice, not by ours except those who actually voted for the tories at that time. Its now time to see things differently. Brexit aside, we need to look at the bigger picture and understand that being part of a club (the EU) is better than being picked apart by the vultures in the USA which is what Theresa May and the Tory party mean when they talk about Brexit. It’s only a matter of time, and it will come sooner than we think.


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