New World Order, What Does it Mean?

European Commission, General Election

In the past few years there have been a great many conspiracy theories as to the nature of the New World Order, in other worlds the likely scenarios that the shape of the world would look like. Some of these have been amusing, many have been based on fear, usually apocalyptic visions of people being ground down to no more than mere worker ants with no rights to life of any kind outside of factory/shop/office. With the French elections out of the way and Donald Trump’s first visit as POTUS there seems to be a way of ascertaining what this New World Order will look like and it’s interesting.

Firstly the meeting of the G7 ended with Trump refusing to endorse the climate agreement and criticising the EU over military spending. This has led Angela Merkel to conclude that EU countries “can no longer rely on the support of others” and, together with the newly elected Mackron, will look to “take our fate into our own hands as Europeans”. This inevitably means that the European project will gather at a faster pace, especially now that the UK has served divorce papers to be severed from the EU. This was especially telling as Merkel said “…. I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands – of course in friendship with the United States of America, in friendship with Great Britain and as good neighbours wherever that is possible also with other countries, even with Russia.”

It seems as though all those years ago when Charles de Gaulle said of the UK that it was no more than a vassal state of the USA and that by letting the UK into the EU it would inevitably let the USA in as well. This has been very evident in the past 8 years or so in how the US encouraged Ukraine to annexe itself from Russia into, what is now a hinterland of nowhere. By imposing sanctions on Russia and refusing to rescind them, despite the fact it is not Russia who is showing aggression but Ukraine, encouraged by the USA, this has led to the EU economy stagnating through lack of trade, has led to millions of people being made unemployed,
even homeless.

This, together with the unending laws that keep coming from Brussels which led to mismanagement of the UK by its successive governments led to the inevitable vote to divorce from the EU last year which has resulted in the UK government aligning itself every more quickly with distasteful regimes such as selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia and chasing the USA for a trade agreement like a love lorn girl. Thankfully a dose of reality is being put in place very quickly.

The UK has been informed that the USA isn’t really interested in trade deals, as we don’t make anything anymore, certainly nothing of any value that can be plundered. The UK will have to understand that aligning itself to the USA which is a dying entity will do more harm than good to us and our standing in the world. Yes, we can revive relations with New Zealand and Australia which will be good for all concerned, but we will lose a great deal more than just simply trading relations.

The EU will revive relations with Russia and China which will help EU economies greatly, particularly as the new Silk Road project or One Belt, One Road initiative and one that the UK will greatly regret in not joining for many years. It seems as though the EU will do very well without us, although initially it may falter through lack of cash injection through UK payments into EU coffers. I almost get the feeling the EU has been held back by the UK, but the UK has been pulled forward by the EU and without that input, socially the UK will stagnate.

I realise this is a departure from my stance last year when, in the lead up to the EU Referendum I was convinced the right thing to do was to leave. However in recent weeks I have come to the conclusion that the whole EU Referendum was a huge hoax played on the British people and the government are taking the British people for fools. The EU Referendum was not about all the things the politicians promised us (which were 80%) lies, it was about keeping the Tory party from imploding.

The reason Theresa May called an election was not just because it was feared there were about to be scandals of arrests for budgetary fraud at the last general election, nor that, having served divorce papers TM wanted to capitalise on delivering the results of the EU Referendum, it was to keep the Tory party together so it wouldn’t fall  apart like Labour. She alluded to this in her speech when she entered 10 Downing Street and again when she announced the election. Its about the party, not
about the electorate who they couldn’t give a damn about. The more divided the country is the better, so long as the Tory party remains together and appears strong, whatever that is.

If anyone is in any doubt about TM’s Brexit strategy I will spell it out in plain English. TM’s team will flounce out of negotiations because none of them could negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag, will claim victory and we will have to trade on WTO terms which are not always beneficial. The world has, is and continues to change very rapidly and we will need to ensure we are either in a position to take part in the changes and benefit from them, or we will go the same way as the USA,
redundant, ridiculed and surplus to requirements. The UK certainly should not emulate Trump and practice isolationism.


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