Shape up and shut up

London Life

There are two stories this week in the newspapers I would like to comment on, both are closely linked and I feel are a microcosm of what is going on elsewhere in the world. The two stories are that the New Zealand judge appointed to head up the inquiry into paedophilia among the establishment has quit before starting the enquiry itself, but not before she made a large amount of money on the salary she was paid nor before being made a dame. The other story is of Shami Chakrabarti’s appointment to the House of Lords by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the criticism it is drawing from the split Labour party who have decided they want to destroy the party and some Jewish groups. Both stories have a couple of familiar threads running through them.

The inquiry into the historic abuse of children by members of the establishment and well known figures in entertainment is one that a high ranking judge ought to be able to conduct without fear nor favour but equally should not have any personal links to anyone in the establishment that might be perceived as favouritism in any shape or form. This is why the first two high court judges were forced to resign, they had personal links (Dame Butler-Sloss was neighbours and had dinner parties with one of the named perpetrators, hardly suitable to conduct such a high level investigation). Then in comes a respected high court judge Lowell Goddard from New Zealand. Independent, knowledgeable and familiar with the set-up of the establishment and yet not tainted by familiarity of anyone in the establishment. A good start. Only now do we find that she has been made a dame after she said everyone in the establishment was within her remit, including royalty.

Although Dame Lowell Goddard has not given her full reasons for her resignation, it seems she felt unsupported in her position, among other things. This may well be the reality of the situation and she has been asked for a full explanation before a committee of MPs in the coming days and weeks, although having spent a total of 70 days in New Zealand and Australia which seems rather excessive.

Before Judge Goddard’s appointment to the inquiry it was commented that because the inquiry would involve questioning of establishment figures there was a danger it would be kicked into the long grass. It seems as though that point of view is looming every more truthful as time goes on.

The second story of Shami Chakrabarti being appointed to the Lords on the Labour benches reveals even more about the state of the Labour party itself than it does about Ms Chakrabarti. In the UK it is the convention that there are a few times in the year when the ruling party (at present the tories) can appoint those people it feels would be suitable and qualified with enough expertise and life experience to be a part of the law making process that make up the checks and balances of MPs. The opposition party can also do this, but don’t usually appoint as many, but it’s just enough so that the numbers are relatively even.

Shami Chakrabarti is a very well respected human rights lawyer who has frequently been the voice of reason, particularly in the last 6 years of a rabid, tory government trying to push through some of the most draconian law and strip away hard earned rights of the ordinary person. Several members of the Labour party, namely Tom Watson and others who decided to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the back have come out and said this is the wrong time for such an appointment. Various jewish groups have come out against Ms Chakrabarti’s appointment because through her inquiry into rampant racism in the Labour party found none to speak of. She found there may be ill informed or even ignorant comments but no racism or anti semitism. How typically jewish and childish. They didn’t get what they wanted so they’ll stamp their feet and accuse everyone of anti-semitism and/or racism until they get what they want.

Let’s take a closer look at both situations. Two of those accused of historical paedophilia were both jews, Greville Janner who pretended he had Alzheimer’s and Leon Britten. Both were elderly men who died just before their cases came to court. The jews have been and are being protected by the establishment who are themselves guilty of participation in such acts against children, this is a big part of their religion encouraged by the Talmud. Then you have the situation where one MP made some crass remarks years before she became an MP and was pilloried for it. She resigned her position and apologised. She has since been re-admitted to the Labour party. An inquiry was held by Ms Chakrabarti who concluded that although there maybe the odd arsehole, there are no racists. The jews don’t like it because it didn’t give them what they wanted and so they behave like children who didn’t get what they wanted. Here’s the thing, everyone has a right to be an arsehole whatever form that takes. It doesn’t make them a racist, sexist or anything else, just an arsehole, and guess what? The world is full of arseholes.

What is very revealing is that the Tory Party is now dead in the water, even if Theresa May gets elected again. They are giving the impression they aren’t interested in being in government, that’s too much like hard work.  If that’s the case, just shut up shop and walk away. That’s right nobody in their right minds would employ them in the real world because they are utterly useless liars and hypocrites. In which case, shape up and shut up.


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