A Long Weekend and the Week that Follows

London Life

In a week where the Chancellor of the E xchequer has finally been revealed for what he has been parading as the new fashion, i.e. fiscal probity is nothing more than just that, nothing.

In the last six years the economy has shrunk so far it is not feasible for anyone to do anything than survive to keep a roof over one’s head and food in your stomach. This is true for whether you are single, have a family, coming up for retirement, already retired, or simply just working to survive. Nobody is buying anything, clothes, white goods, cars, property. Most of the monthly budget goes on paying bills, fares and some food. People can’t afford days out, evenings out (I certainly can’t remember the last time I went out in the evening, maybe 5 years ago).

The poor and disabled are being asked to do without even basic dignity as personal independence payments (PIPs) are being reduced or abolished while the money “saved” go to fund tax givaways to rich people and businesses who don’t need the money. Frontline public services are also being shrunk to pay for the pensions of those public servants which are part of the payment package. This is being done so that those who are not in secure employment become aggrieved and decide that pensions should also be taken away from public sector workers, despite the fact that public sector workers are not very well paid unless you happen to be a Deputy head teacher, head teacher, research nurse, doctor or a manager in the NHS.

While I’m not a fan of Ian Duncan Smith, I’ve always considered him to be a bit of a yob, his resignation over the weekend has highlighted what has been long suspected, that is the UK is as broke as every other country in Europe.

Very far from being “a strong economy” as George Osborn boasted on Wednesday last week, he is having to pull money from one section of society to fund those who don’t need it so he can call it “growth”. I would argue that the kind of “growth” increasingly being chased down fewer and fewer alleys is the wrong kind. It does not benefit the many but the very few who are moaning they’re down to their last £million.

There are ways to stop the rot and none of it would be pallatable to the rich friends of the Tory party, but it would ensure everyone gets a fare crack at being able to pull themselves out of the ever decreasing, grinding poverty we all seem to be headed for.

Tackle the financial sector so that they pay their way in the form of taxes not just on profits and but also on transactions (the Tobin tax). Jail those at the top (CEOs, etc) in charge of the banks involved in LIBOR and mis-selling. This would be clearly understood by all concerned that this kind of greedy behaviour is not to be tolerated.

Invest more in public services, more in infrastructure. Don’t renew Trident. We don’t need it, we can’t use it even if we wanted to. It’s a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere in society. It’s also a way of thinking that is so out of date, its prehistoric. Trident didn’t help the Paris bombings, didn’t help when the UK was being blown up by the IRA and won’t help with any other atrocities that may happen in the future.

Stop selling weapons and arms to countries. Stop encouraging wars we are then obliged to “rescue” and deal with the fallout. This is not a mark of civilisation but just the opposite. It is barbaric and inhuman.

Close down newspapers and media outlets that promote racial disharmony. It serves no purpose other than to create tensions that would not otherwise be a part of everyday life for people. There are sections of society who will always feel threatened by foreigners but there is no need to fuel those fears by regular demonisation of them.

Finally, and most importantly, the USA needs to get its nose out of everyone’s business and countries. In the last 50 or so years America has brought nothing but instability, death and destruction onto the planet and continues to do so. Everyone now is an “enemy”, Russia is now “enemy number one” for no other reason in that it has revealed what so many people have known for many years, America is an outlaw country with an outlaw mentality, manned by criminals who will do whatever it takes to get what they want and they don’t give a damn who they hurt in between. TTIP needs to be stopped. TPP and every other so-called “trade agreement” with America needs to be stopped as there is no trade with America that anyone needs that would benefit the world. Only death and destruction.


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