Brexit, TTIP & All That

European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

After months of wrangling with EU officials about getting a supposed better deal for the UK, now the scare tactics are being brought into play pretty much as David Cameron did when we had the Scottish Referendum.  Everyone from the UK military, Businesses, Bank of England, neighbour’s cat, the man down the road is telling UK voters how to vote and putting the arguments for and against.

So far those against remaining in the EU outnumber those wanting to stay, whether they will vote as such remains to be seen and it maybe that events take a different turn that will ensure that there may not even be an EU to vote about in the coming months.

Pressures about the influx of Arabic/moslem migrants entering Europe are putting resources under increasing strain, not to mention the tensions between two very different cultures clashing.  Ongoing austerity for the sake of austerity is also coming under increasing tension as the commodities markets, shares and bonds are in ever greater flux with those in the banking industry chasing fewer and fewer returns, nobody with any sense is actually buying property at present unless it is going to be the “forever home” (i.e. you intend to stay there for many years to come), both politicians and financiers alike increasingly resemble  rabbits captivated by strong headlights with no idea which way to turn and you have a recipe that dictates that something will just have to give sooner rather than later.  Nothing and nobody can live under such pressure indefinitely.

David Cameron is trotting out his favourite line about how UK security is reliant on remaining in the EU and also how imperative it is that the UK renews Trident.  Enter the most sensible politician the UK has ever produced, Jeremy Corbyn who argues and even demonstrates against renewing Trident.

It seems that the main player in the UK and EU dictating a disasterous foreign policy in both places is the good old US of A.   The Pentagon this week announced a further $582bn to be spent in Europe.  This is a massive quadrupling of the existing budget currently.  They obviously think things are going to kick off in Europe and that if the EU disbands we will instantly be at each others throats.   Somehow I don’t think so.   If anything, over the last 60 or so years the EEC as it was then has done us all a great favour.  We’ve got to know each other rather better than we had previously, people from all over Europe are happy to holiday in  France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic and so on and I’m pretty sure that even if the EU were to collapse under the present strains there would not be an outbreak of war immediately nor in the near future.

No, the biggest threat to world safety is the USA itself.  The neverending war machine that just rachets up more and more spending on killing human beings while its own citizens are made homeless, denied healthcare and free, good quality education and supporting (financially as well as equipment and training) of mercenaries and terrorist groups such as IS, ISIS, ISIL or what ever they want to call themselves this week.

By not renewing Trident the UK will save itself an estimated £170 billion which would be better spent on more and improved housing, schools and healthcare.  That’s just in the UK.   The EU and USA have agreed with “written assurances ” that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on that any future US administration won’t spy on EU citizens indiscriminantly.  Facebook and Google will have to abide by these rules as well.   This is an alleged “improvement” of the previously rejected Safe Harbour agreement.   This, together with the proposed TTIP and continued support of the now discredited Ukraine government gives some idea into the real reason for the war in the Ukraine in 2014/15.  The reason being that Ukraine as a lot of land and a largely agrarian culture, perfect for the likes of Monsanto to come along and not just gift (no, that would be too generous) but loan poor farmers money to buy the seeds that they would then have to repay and of course, being poor they could never repay, but it would kill everything on the land including native flora, fauna and insects leaving a poisoned land and hungry, impoverished people.   Together with the most disastrous foreign policy interference the US has imposed on Europe forcing the EU to impose sanctions on Russia, our biggest trading partner and you get an idea of how far the USA is prepared to go to get what it wants by simply bullying a supposedly large block of countries into doing what it wants.  Angela Merkel hasn’t told Obama to get lost and is quite happy to be a part of the demise of Europe.   It seems the Germans, this time backed by the USA quite openly can’t stop themselves from bossing everyone else around while looking terribly smug themselves, regardless of how much it hurts their neighbours.

I think the best thing to do is look at American society, how divided it is, how it has reduced its people to brain dead zombies who just eat McDonalds, fried chicken and watch TV all day and then go and kill anyone they disagree with.  Is that the kind of society we want to live in?  Yes, I know there is tiny bit of exaggeration there, but from the outside looking in, that’s what it looks like, it’s just not the kind of place I want to have the rest of the world turn into.

What happens when the rest of the world has been trashed like America has been?  When everyone in the world has been neutered so they are unable to think for themselves?  Humanity is on a hiding to nothing if that’s where we’re all headed.  It offers NOTHING for people who just want to live peacefully, make a contribution to the society they live in and mind their own business.

If the UK does not renew Trident the UK will be free from US interference in our foreign policy, if the EU stops taking funds from the USA and kicks out the IMF then even without its bloated institution the countries in Europe will still do well, probably even better.   After all, everyone points to Iceland who didn’t follow the advice of austerity back in 2007 when the Icelandic banks Kaupthing, Landsbanki and Glitnir, were allowed to go to the wall, bankers were jailed for their part in it and now it is a thriving economy.   This is in stark contrast to the rest of Europe which is struggling and even the most ardent supporter of this austerity madness “Dr Death” Shauble acknowledges that the chickens are coming home to roost.   I am leaning more towards the UK leaving Europe and doubt it will be as stark as it is portrayed to be so.

Yes there are advantages to remaining in Europe such as workers rights, closer ties with our nearest neighbours, but not under the present system which has outgrown its natural lifespan.


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