Afterthoughts on the EU Deal

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 The UK State Media aparatus has already rolled into action on David Cameron’s pronouncement of a deal with the EU.  To a certain extent I’m glad my parents aren’t around to witness just how corporatised the world has become, they would certainly be making comparisons with Stalin’s occupation of Europe after WW2 and how every minutiae of daily living was absolutely controlled by the State, but I digress.
The BBC are proclaiming a “victory” over europe, the Telegraph is a little more balanced and the Guardian seems rather disinterested having only talked about four main items discussed, that of the four year freeze on in-work benefits EU citizens would have to remain in employment before being allowed to claim any benefits.   Transfer of child benefits to those countries WITHIN the EU (remember part of the deal of being a member of the EU is that if people migrate for work or relocate they are entitle to the benefits of that country as they would in their own), being able to stall any regulations coming into force in concert with other countries, but not stop them (so no change there then) and exemption from “ever closer union” with the EU.
Governments of both Tory and Labour have each been supine to the interests of the USA and have deliberately diverted attention away from their own shortcomings blaming migrants, immigrants and refugees for the state that the UK finds itself over the last 20 or so years, that people actually believe what they are told.   Thatcher said that if you tell a lie often enough it will eventually be believed, this is what’s happened here.
If immigration is really an issue in Britain then why have the Tories cut back on the amount of immigration officers at the borders?  At present immigration policies can be co-ordinated between EU countries quite quickly, I doubt France would be so co-operative in Calais once the UK has decided to take up the drawbridge.   There is a part of me that thinks that the political machinery of the EU has made politicians in each country lazy and unable to implement policies that would benefit each country individually.   “Someone else will take care of it” seems to be the attitude.   It would explain why so many politicians are brain-dead mediocrities who are only interested in furthering their own careers rather than making a difference to the people who elected them into their positions.  There are very few politicians who have a vision of any sort, those who have in recent years and months emerged (and I’m talking about Nigel Farage of UKIP and even Donald Drumpf in the USA) are actually more divisive and would make the world a lot more dangerous than it is now.   Calling a spade a spade is fine when you’re down the pub with a few like-minded mates, its something else when you’re  advocating banning all foreigners, building walls to keep them out and returning the UK back to how it was in the 1970s.   Those are the kinds of policies guaranteed to turn a country into just another backwater one horse town nobody wants to associate themselves with.
In trying to imagine how the UK would be in 12 months time I’m thinking that imported food from abroad will be more expensive so we can say goodbye to all those lovely treats we take for granted.  Going on holiday to Spain, France or Italy (the usual popular holiday destinations) wouldn’t be so easy.  There would be visas to complete months ahead of the holidays, long queues at the airports, a limit on what can be brought back to the UK and I’m sure a whole host of other rules and regulations as to what is and isn’t permitted.   Any idea of just hopping on a plane for a weekend break would simply be unheard of.   The plus point would be that UK farmers would benefit as food production would have to increase to feed the population adequately.  This in itself would raise food prices since farmers would want the best prices for their produce.
However, the thing that weighs most on the minds is TTIP.  As I’ve said before many of the politicians in Brussels have been bought off, threatened with blackmail and genuinely will accept the agreement even though many people in Europe oppose it.   Although TTIP will be approved in Europe, when the UK quits it will not be a part of this but I don’t for a moment doubt that Cameron has something quite similar in mind for the British people which is why he is so busy trying to sell off the NHS, throw the young, old, poor and vulnerable out of social housing so his mates can makes massive profits without having invested a single penny.  If these groups of people die, so what they deserve it, Right?  Just goes to show the lack of any kind of humanity these rich, privileged people have.
There is also another scenario which will run in tandem and that is that as the UK leaves, so other coutries who are becoming tired of being dictated to by Germany, particularly over the migrant issue will decide they can take matters into their own hands and deal between like-minded neighbours.
As the reality of what TTIP really means dawns on each country, there will be a stampede for the exit door and Germany can be the only person at it’s own party, just so long as it is realised that as each country exits so the funds that go into the common pot for pilfering by MEPs will also reduce.   There is no point in contributing to a  political (or insurance) scheme that is worthless.
I think to a certain extent this entire scenario has been engineered as I wondered why a couple of years ago the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.   It has brought peace, but now the USA has decided it wants to start WW3 so the EU must disintegrate.   The danger then is that each country would be played against each other.  Those of us who have lived with the EU as an entity have learned about our neighbours and find no real enmity with them.  However with the Visigrad Four countries, their wounds are still healing, the sores have crusted over but the memories remain.  Those are the countries that require the most help and assistance not to give into the fears of invasion and subsumation that took place in the past.   This is where it is important to confront the ghosts of the past, reconcile with what is really happening at present and deal with the reality now rather than what happened in the past.
Jednak rzeczą, która najbardziej waży na głowach jest TTIP. Jak już wcześniej powiedziałem wielu polityków w Brukseli zostały zakupione off, grozi szantażem i rzeczywiście będzie zaakceptować umowę, mimo że wiele osób w Europie jest mu przeciwna. Chociaż TTIP zostanie zatwierdzony w Europie, kiedy w Wielkiej Brytanii zostanie zamknięty to nie będzie częścią tego, ale nie wiem na chwilę wątpliwości, że Cameron ma coś bardzo podobnego w umyśle dla brytyjskich ludzi, dlatego, że jest tak zajęty sprzedać NHS, rzucać młody, stary, słaby i podatny na mieszkania socjalne więc jego koledzy mogą sprawia ogromne zyski bez zainwestował ani grosza. Jeśli te grupy ludzi umiera, więc co oni zasługują na to, prawda? Tylko dowodzi braku jakiegokolwiek człowieczeństwa tych bogatych, uprzywilejowanych ludzie mają.
Istnieje również inny scenariusz, który będzie realizowany w tandemie i to, że w liście w Wielkiej Brytanii, więc inne kraje którzy stają się zmęczeni są podyktowane przez Niemcy, zwłaszcza w kwestii migracyjnych zadecyduje mogą wziąć sprawy w swoje ręce i radzić sobie pomiędzy podobnie myślącymi sąsiadów.
W rzeczywistości to, co TTIP naprawdę oznacza olśni każdego kraju, nie będzie panika do drzwi wyjściowych i Niemiec może być jedyną osobą w jego własnej partii, tylko tak długo, jak to jest realizowane że każdy kraj wychodzi zatem środki, które przejdź do wspólnej puli na kradzieży przez posłów również zmniejszy. Nie ma sensu, przyczyniając się do politycznej (lub ubezpieczeń) programu, który jest bezwartościowy.
Myślę, że w pewnym stopniu cały ten scenariusz został zaprojektowany tak zastanawiałem się, dlaczego pare lat temu Unia Europejska została wyróżniona Pokojową Nagrodą Nobla. To przyniósł spokój, ale teraz USA zdecydowała, że chce rozpocząć WW3 więc UE musi rozpadać. Zagrożenie jest więc, że każdy kraj będzie grał przeciwko siebie. Ci z nas, którzy żyli z UE jako podmiot dowiedział się o naszych sąsiadów i znaleźć żadnej realnej wrogość wobec nich. Jednak z Visigrad Cztery kraje, ich rany wciąż się ran, owrzodzenia są skorupą ponad ale wspomnienia pozostają. Są to kraje, które potrzebują najwięcej pomocy i wsparcia, aby nie dać się obawom inwazji i subsumation, które miały miejsce w przeszłości. To jest, gdzie ważne jest, aby zmierzyć się z duchami przeszłości, pogodzić z tym, co naprawdę dzieje się w chwili obecnej i radzić sobie z rzeczywistością, teraz, zamiast tego, co wydarzyło się w przeszłości.

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