David Cameron and THAT Deal

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Apologies to all my regular readers, I’ve been away on some personal business which is now (hopefully) sorted out and I should be able to write more regularly.

Well the press in the UK have been frenzied with excitement at the prospect of negotiations between David Cameron and our partners in the EU and it’s very clear that the UK Government branch of the Rothschild dynasty has only been interested in securing jobs and investment in the City of London, bugger the rest of the UK.   What scant information there is at present has changed considerably from what was first presented back in November 2015.

The main points that have been reported are that there will be a limit on the amount of child benefit an EU worker can send back to their home country, equivalent to the amount that would be paid in their home country for the first four years.

There would be an emergency brake on paying benefits to EU migrants if there is a severe (no definition of severe) strains on public services.   Why does Cameron assume everyone is on benefits?  The vast majority of EU migrants, particularly those from what is termed the Visigrad Four countries, that is Hungary, Poland, Czech and Slovakia come to the UK, work hard, pay taxes and do the jobs the English have no interest in doing, but it’s ok for the UK government to take tax off those hard-working Slavs.  How typically xenophobic and small minded of the English.

There is an exclusion from the UK having to integrate any further into the EU, and does not include being part of any future treaties.   A “red card” to slow down any future EU legislation if acting in unison with other EU nations, but no veto to prevent legislation going through.  Having said that he has been given short shrift over the EU Working Time Directive which he wanted to change (presumably so that he could ensure that doctors would work an 100 hour shift every week as they used to before the Directive came into force).  I’m actually glad this wasn’t conceded as there is an enormous battle being played out at present regarding NHS junior doctors.   The Directive has no doubt saved many lives as doctors are no longer tired beyond belief and making mistakes in diagnoses and treatment as they did prior to this piece of legislation.
However one important concession he has managed to get is that the UK will not be part of any further bail-outs for EU countries and if those countries receiving bail outs default the UK won’t be penalised.

Having said all of this I don’t think there has ever been a prime minister who has set the bar for negotiations so low that even the meagre “victories” he has managed to obtain are largely muted and confined to peripheral areas where the EU could actually just throw the odd bone in the hope the English electorate would be happy to settle for so little.  What has to be borne in mind is that the current government of the UK are no better than football yobs with posh accents, and it shows.  They are appealing to the lowest common denominator.

Since the mid-1990s I have observed the UK becoming less and less tolerant of migrants.   This has been strongly encouraged by the popular press who have regularly run stories about “work shy migrants” who are on benefits and  how migrants were bleeding the UK dry.  The scary thing is, the working class English actually believe this, I’m talking about the not very well educated, not well off English who blame migrants for all the ills the politicians have heaped on them.

The question that needs to be asked is if the Tories are so keen to ditch Europe what horrific alternative have they got in store for the UK in the months and years ahead?

We’re pretty much on the same path we were a year ago, at that time people voted for the devil-you-know because the alternative was so bad it couldn’t be considered seriously.  This time there IS an alternative, one we should consider because if we don’t we will slide back into the 1970s and life won’t be so rosy when the Brits decide to holiday in Ibiza, Athens or the Dordoigne and bring back their Duty Free goodies.


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