Chicken Brain or Intelligent Homo Sapiens?

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It seems that not just in Europe but across the world we are being increasingly told that in order for countries to survive those with a lower population must accept more people from abroad and not to do so labels those countries, their people and governments as backward and racist.   This is a subject that has been mired in misinformation and childish cat-calling which diverts attention from the reality of the matter.

After WW2 there was a “baby boom”, except in what are now called the Visigrad Four countries who were still under the yoke of communism.  From the 1970s onwards we in Europe have been repeatedly told there are too many people on this planet and we need to curtail the amount of babies each family have.   To this end women have enjoyed emancipation, contraception and the ability to choose if, as and when to have children.  Some women have had babies, raised their families and others have chosen to pursue a career.  We are now at a point where such choices no longer attract opinions as it is accepted women make a profound contribution to the workplace, but there is a fly in the ointment.

Women live longer than men, the majority of care still falls to women although men are also in this position.  In the interests of equality the retirement age for women was raised a few years ago so that many women now have to wait until they are 66 before being able to claim the state pension in the UK.
The Tory Party loves to paint itself as the Party of the Family and yet in the last 6 years and before that when Margaret Thatcher was PM, the Tories have torn families apart and undermined what small gains they managed to get in order to fulfil their ideological goals.

If the retirement age was reduced to 64 for both men and women then you would have proper equality.   Those OAPs (Old Age Pensioners) who felt able to work could do so, but it would free up work places for younger people and would allow grandparents to care for younger relatives if they were able to.  This would be such a saving to the government and would also bring more cohesion to family life in the UK.

The current situation in Europe regarding the Syrian immigration is also another fly  in the ointment.   Germany has a low population because the Germans aren’t interested in having children.  By contrast those former Soviet countries – Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, but particularly Poland, have increased their populations since 1990 and continue to do so.   Angela Merkel is accepting Syrian immigrants into Germany some of whom are genuine, others are not, on the basis that Germany needs immigrant labour in order to keep their economy afloat.   At the same time she is telling the Visigrad Four countries to also accept these immigrants into their countries, all of whom have, quite rightly said “No”.

As I have explained previously here in my blog, these countries recognise this as an invasion of almost military nature.   If the current and future EU is that where “further integration” means subjecting a country to the whims of a single country, then each country has the right to say “thus far and no further”.   Each country is just that, a country in its own right.  Not a state as the USA would have us.  As such each country has the right to decide who it allows into its own borders and under what terms.

However, yet another lie has been exposed for what it is, a lie.   If we need immigrants in order to keep our economies going, then we need indigenous people to have more babies and for the infrastructure of the same to be made available.   Unless, of course, the whole plan is to ensure white Europeans become extinct in place of everybody else!

Forcing mothers to return to work after having babies instead of supporting them at home should never be allowed.  Parents need to be able to have the time to bond with their children and build a family life.   There also needs to be more respect between the genders rather than looking at them as a means to an end.

Despite the Women’s movement in the 1960s and 1970s, contraception and labour-saving devices work practices in the UK have not changed since the 1950s.  Work is still pretty much Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and if you want to get ahead you have to forget you have a family and home and put the hours in.
In order to bring some sanity to the work place I would propose that the working week is no longer than 20 hours in a week on full salary and with holiday, sickness benefits intact.  This would allow people to actually have a life, spend time with friends and family, care for younger or older relatives and more than likely ensure full employment for each country and the economy of each country would rebound.   Now if that was adopted across Europe there would most certainly be a vote to stay in.


3 thoughts on “Chicken Brain or Intelligent Homo Sapiens?

  1. This is a lot of poppycock! Poland is facing its own demographic crisis, and is currently promoting a baby boom to stave off its certain future financial doom. Prior to the migrant crisis, future demographic projections were already showing an irreversible Muslim-isation trend in Europe, with Muslims becoming the majority by 2050. This is not a concept being forced by Germany onto others, its already happening, now! I’ve always agreed that people nowadays work far too much, a 20 hour work week will never happen in the western world. I like the idea of the four day work week currently used in some places, but will not hold my breath for it to become the norm. ‘Tis to dream!


    1. Agreed, Poles are breeding like rabbits to stave off any future economic crisis, but it’s the only country doing so. The so-called “muslimisation” you talk about was previously only very gradual, what we have at present is muslims not just from Syria but every other muslim nation descending on Europe in their millions with more to come. It is not an inevitability that they come in so many numbers, but that other countries are being told by Germany to accept more. This is an affront to the sovreignty of each country within the EU. Germany has no right to tell other countries to accept more or any at all. How dare Merkel do this, who does she think she is? At the same time there are millions across Europe who are unemployed because the IMF and ECB forced loans on their governments rendering them without jobs or resources to make jobs. Are you seriously telling me that those Europeans wouldn’t love to travel to Germany for work? because I think they would given the opportunity. We will have to agree to disagree on this matter.

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      1. I’m not on the Merkel-hating bandwagon, at least not yet. She is merely asking that the EU member nations each do their share, according to their individual situations and abilities. Any reaching historical perspective shows that the US and their allies, aka ‘The West’, is the cause of a lot of the civil unrest in the middle east. Some of the refugees will undoubtedly have to be absorbed into Europe, among other places, while some will eventually return to their homeland. The question at hand is about what is the responsible (the right) thing to do in this crisis. Those that are deadset against accepting refugees seem to want walls to go up everywhere to combat them. That’s not a society I want to live in. There needs to be unified European answer from the members of the EU that sits somewhere in the middle, and that everyone can agree upon. Otherwise, the EU is going to fail as a result of this.


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