News Alert – Mass Delusion Sweeps the UK

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If ever there was a man completely deluded in his mission George Osborne is that man. It seems the current Tory government are continuing in their myopic quest for total annihilation of Great Britain, its people and economy in the quest to reinstate feudal governance.

Since being re-elected with the slimmest of majority in May last year he together with his accomplices David Cameron and other members of the Tory government have gone hell for leather to implement this policy. Welfare has and is being cut for the poorest and most vulnerable, the NHS is being starved of new resources to the point where just prior to the last general election it was announced that no further junior doctors would be trained up by the NHS, any doctors coming through now will be sourced from abroad. Junior doctors are now being presented with a “take it or leave it” cut in pay, longer hours and systematic downgrading of their skills and working lives forcing them to strike, something junior doctors are very reluctant to do.

Whole industries are being taken over by asset strippers, asset stripped (including pensions workers have paid into all their working lives), workers laid off without redundancy pay.   In the case of manufacturing even size makes no difference as demonstrated by the largest steel factory owned by Tata is closing production in Scunthorpe and Scotland due to the drop in the price of the metals commodities market and yet the government of each shade of the political spectrum stands by wringing its hands, saying it is unable to help.

I have said this before, there is little faith in the labours of the British people by successive governments even where they have been well trained and are highly skilled at their respective jobs. The current government is hell bent on decimating the UK, its industries and to ensure the British people (and I count those Europeans who have come to the UK to work and make their homes here) are reduced to nothing more than servants and slaves.   Why is nobody saying anything? Why are the few voices that do speak out silenced or drowned in a sea of propaganda?

The so-called “great and good” who are the pillars and guardians of the masses are conspicuous by their absence.

The Tory tactic of blaming everyone else in order to deflect attention away from their own inadequacies has been stripped of all pretension and is clear to see.   The policies of running down industries that would enable Britain to produce goods the rest of the world would want, be they renewables, design, technology, scientific breakthroughs are deliberate. The policy of ensuring the banking system runs as before (“business as usual”) is deliberate. The policy of ensuring the people of Britain are brainwashed into thinking this is the new normal is deliberate. The policy of returning Britain to a feudal society is also deliberate.

The supposed checks and balances of advice from the monarch are a flagrant distortion of what really goes on and another layer of lies the public are fed. The monarch is a tory and very much in favour of a feudal society. She and her family are tory supporters through and through. This is evidenced by how little she pays her staff (much less than the minimum wage), that she takes kick-backs from the government in the form of a raise to the Civil Purse and, of course, how can anyone miss the shiny new state coach she was given over a year ago? I’m afraid the only people who will shoulder the blame for the crash when, not if it comes will be the tory government alone and Elizabeth Windsor and her family of in-breeds.

Britain is in an even more precarious position in terms of being able to sustain itself and grow most of it’s own food.   This week it was reported that Britain imports over 52% of the food in our shops. At the same time farmers are finding it more difficult to make ends meet and many are giving up farming altogether leaving land that would previously be used for grazing or growing to be bought up by developers and built on, sometimes the same land is unfit for developing hence the use for either growing or grazing.

The current downward trend of the shares and commodities markets will continue.   They have become overheated, overinflated and have run out of steam. What goes up must, invariably, go down. The laws of gravity as purported by Isaac Newton are about to be played out in the most dramatic fashion in the coming months and yet I would bet a fiver Cameron will cling onto his position in the face of growing evidence that the economic “miracle” of austerity is not working.   I have said this before austerity is an illusionist trick of smoke and mirrors designed to fleece the common man and woman of what small comforts they have worked hard to provide themselves with. A con trick, nothing more. By extension this makes the Tories thieves, conmen, spivs, shysters, crooks, liars; those supporting and colluding with them are tarnished with the same brush.

I just hope when the inevitable happens we have the balls to do what Iceland did.   Then and only then will Britain and other countries in Europe have the capacity to emerge into stronger, more capable countries, able to sustain themselves and trade with other nations.


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