War, What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing

London Life

December 2nd 2015 will go down in British history as a date where politicians finally proved they are incapable of thinking in anything other than clichés, and very few have any integrity or are able to think independently.

In recent weeks David Cameron has waved a piece of paper bearing 77,000 names of various factions of terrorist groups in Syria, much to the surprise of other Tories (reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain) and asked what would our grandchildren say if we did nothing.

The debate is being held in the wake of the appalling attacks in Paris in an attempt to personalise the non-evident “threat” to the British people. This is in the face of UK arms manufacturers, among others, who have repeatedly been supplying arms to those considered firstly “rebels” then freedom fighters, now they are moderates and tomorrow, who knows?

Cameron has called for everyone to call these fighters by whatever name they choose to call themselves at whatever juncture in time, I wonder whether this is in an attempt to treat them with some kind of respect. Maybe he is under the impression that if they are correctly addressed they might not bomb us in retaliation, or that Muslims in the UK will see him as somehow well mannered and respectful of these people he is. I wonder if he would think this if the same fighters he supplies with arms were pointing guns at him and his family.

This is Cameron’s Tony Blair moment. This is when he tells us how much “he believes” something will or will not happen. How if we bomb IS/ISIL/ISIS it will make the world a better place.   What he is not making clear (one Cameron’s favourite phrases) is that the UK along with other countries, have no intention of bombing IS/ISIS/ISIL as these are their proxy armies whom they support because America tells them to. What Cameron is not telling the House of Commons or the people of the UK is that President Obama has approved $800 million in support of IS/ISIS/ISIL over the next three years.

I sincerely hope there are enough MPs in the House of Commons who will vote against the motion as it will be the biggest mistake of the whole political system which is already rent with divisions from the electorate who simply don’t trust many politicians with very good reason.

Amongst all the hand wringing and justification going on today in the House of Common, I have yet to hear a single MP state that if there is to be a vote for bombing in Syria, those voting to do this will be first in the front line of fighting IS/ISIS/ISIL.

I have previously written that it is far too easy to ask other people to do something you are not prepared to do yourself and return to your cosy life.   MPs are asking a generation of young people to give up their lives, any prospect of a normal life, a normal family life just so the likes of Cameron can save face.

Using soldiers, civilians for political gain, paying tribute to them on 11th November each year knowing that as they are dead they will never make any demands on the state, never ask the state “why them?”   It is dishonest and a betrayal of civil values past and present.

Cameron has already asked “what will our grandchildren think if we do nothing?” Reminiscent of the poster campaign of WW2 where a small boy seated on his father’s knee asks “what did you do in the war, daddy?”

My answer is that the current crop of MPs are made up of the children and grandchildren of those who fought in WW1 and WW2, what do they think of their relatives exploits on the battlefield as they are so very keen to continue them.   It seems history teaches us nothing as we are quite happy to continue making the same mistakes as previously. If it is the case that we will go to war, then the same result will be as was in the two world wars of the previous century and whole generations and families will be wiped out.   Is that what we really want?

Cameron forgets the UK no longer has an army as it is now under the auspices of France, having signed a 50 year treaty with France 5 years ago, he is unable to back out of this and decide to undo this.   Furthermore, the only countries that have been invited to fight IS/ISIS/ISIL are Russia and Iran by President Assad. Russia and Iran are the ONLY LEGALLY ENTITLED countries who can bomb these fighters.   All other countries clamouring for a piece of the action are merely doing so to protect their positions so they can continue their murderous wars.

There is more than enough blood on the hands of the UK and its allies and this is the time to concede the UK has not been acting in its own interests, never mind the interests of those nations it seeks to dominate.


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