Voting for WW3? Not In My Name

London Life

However much the UK government wants to bomb IS, ISIL, ISIS or whatever other name these terrorists call themselves this week, the reasons for doing so are at best tenuous. That we should worry of what other people might think is not a good enough reason to ask young men and women to throw away their lives.   The 77,000 names of terrorist groups that have been conjured up by Cameron have the familiar ring of WMD and we all remember how well that went down! In this I fully support Jeremy Corbyn in his opposition to wanting to bomb terrorists in Syria.  The UK should lend backroom support but bombing is not on, especially as the UK arms manufacturers have equipped and made money from these groups.

Has the British government in tandem with the US government not done enough damage in the Middle East with their founding, training, equipping and funding of such proxy armies? The claim that “Oh well, once we’d trained and armed them they just went elsewhere and sold the equipment” is not just gross incompetence, it is a flagrant disregard of the consequences of even thinking that such an “army”(and I use the word loosely) would be happy to be the puppets of such two-faced governments.

President Putin is doing a stellar job of targeting these groups and treating them as equal. Pushed to define “other terrorist groups,” Sergei Lavrov said: “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right?” There is no such thing as a “moderate terrorist”.   Today he may fight your cause, tomorrow someone else’s, what’s the difference? You’re still counting dead people who have nothing to do with the argument you have with the world.



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