Women Aren’t Essential – It’s Official

democratic rights, European Commission, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy

It’s been a busy week internationally. The EU have decided to impose a tampon tax as it’s become known. It seems not enough that women are already taxed on sanitary pads, they are also to be taxed on tampons as they are deemed “not essential” by male politicians in Brussels.

I think this is a very dangerous path of thinking. Women are expected to work harder than men, have relationships, enter into marriage, juggle babies and jobs, yet our contribution (particularly in the UK) is hardly acknowledged, under-appreciated and we continue to be paid less than men for the same work and work of equal value. Yet a bodily function we have no control or say over is ok to be taxed by male politicians.

I think the solution is very clear. As many women as possible should go into public spaces, including government buildings when parliament is in session when they are menstruating, not wearing any sanitary protection and sit wherever they can.   They should sit on whatever surfaces they can and allow nature to take its course.   Those ladies who are perimenopausal (pre-menopause) or those ladies who have heavy periods and prone to flooding would be particularly good at making the point.

Those politicians who complain should be reminded that these are simply bodily functions we have no control over and over which we are expected to pay a tax on. This is a tax on being a woman. Are we to be deemed “not essential” as well?

And yet, by some grotesque irony is that transgender people, especially those men who decide they’d rather grow a pair of boobs and have a surgically constructed vagina are considered “the perfect woman”.

I wonder whether there ought to be a tax on every sexually orientated thought a man has, after all, it’s well documented that men think about sex every 10 minutes, should be a nice little earner for the treasury coffers.


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