Oh Dear, Here we go again

democratic rights, European Commission; trade agreements; environmental impact; employment rights; democracy, London Life

Our inept PM has been playing host to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping this week and while, for once, he didn’t embarrass himself, he managed to sign an agreement for a joint venture between France and China to build a nuclear reactor to supply energy where the Chinese will have a free hand in the modality of its construction.   The news on 31st October is that a building collapsed in Beiwudu in Wuyang County killing 17 people, leaving 23 injured.   I wonder whether Dave might want to reconsider such a partnership scheme as there won’t be a UK if this goes ahead. I would certainly have reservations that below-standard building techniques could be used which would be disastrous and cause another Fukishima.

I have previously stated my preference for renewable energy to be nurtured as it is quicker, easier and more effective to get up and running and there is a long-term pay off for these. The same cannot be said for nuclear which, by its very nature, needs to be carefully managed at every stage and I wonder if Dave has thought this through thoroughly enough.



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