Stop Press, Move to the Left, Move to the Right

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I just have to post a quick comment on the anticipated results of the elections in Poland and the results in Portugal.

Whilst I’ve never been a fan of the Duck Brothers (Kaczynski)* when Lech and Jaroslaw were in parliament together, considering them to be country bumpkins who lack finesse in some of their ideas and in foreign affairs and in some of their views, Jaroslaw seems to be on the verge of pulling off a big result.   As his views are rather more than simply eurosceptic as in the UK, he would be joined by other smaller parties in Poland advocating heavy taxes on banks and higher spending on welfare for the majority of its people.   In this he seems to have hit a cord with the electorate.  However it turns out, I wish Poland well in her pursuit of self determination.

Portugal on the other hand left me absolutely gobsmacked when Anibal Cavaco Silva, Portugal’s constitutional president, took the unprecendented step of banning eurosceptic parties and any move to the left, even though the anti-austerity parties won a staggering 50.7% of the vote.  Led by the Socialists, they control the Assembleia

Anibal Cavaco Silva declared “Democracy must take second place to the higher imperative of euro rules and membership”.   He is terrified that any deviation of the path laid down by the Troika will spell years of further disaster for Portugal, but 7 years of utter hell for the Portugese people and they, among others have had more than enough.

There seems to be a trend started in Greece at the beginning of the year and it shows no sign of stopping.   It will gather momentum until each country in Europe can determine for themselves how they wish to live.   It does not necessarily mean enmity, but a necessary respect that is currently not there and certainly not something any politician in Brussels bothers themselves with.

I have said this before, the financial experiment is over in Europe.  The fiscal discipline is more than can be borne by any country other than Germany, in which case Germany is welcome to it.  By trying to sneak in a kind of statehood of Europe by the back door is the most stupid thing that anyone could even think of doing, and yet, here we are.   The Lisbon Treaty, the Fiscal Compact, the Growth and Stability Pact are works of fiction and unsustainable.  Each country has its own history, culture, language, traditions and topography within which it works and lives and each citizen of these countries is very proud of, and rightly so.   To think that Europe can be one homogenous mass beyond a trading partnership is an exercise in the foolishness of politicians.

*kaczka is Polish for duck, the name Kaczynski is a derivation of that.


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