Sense at Last – or is it?

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After his speech at the UN last week it seems Mr Putin has struck a cord with Obama as the whole American cover has been blown wide open.   There is no pretence at “bringing democracy” to the middle east countries, nor that the US has been training, arming, funding and supporting IS/ISIS/ISIL and whatever name they give themselves this week and next. There is no pretence that America is only interested in starting WW3 on European soil with Poland at the forefront as before (słaba Polska, kiedy zdasz sobie sprawę, Ameryka nie jest twoim przyjacielem?).

For his part Mr Putin’s air strikes have done more damage to in a week than all of America’s “great efforts” have in four years to these terrorists funded by the USA.   In return the media in the US and UK have ramped up the words of disapproval and condemnation of actually getting rid of the problem that caused the hundreds of thousands of refugees to cross the Mediterranean sea to the safety of Europe; and the world is now asking the question, “Whose side are the American’s really on?” Everyone except the servile idiots of the UK Government who are still too busy congratulating themselves on how clever they are at having got back into government last May.

This, together with the conditions of the Minsk Agreement that was reached earlier this year have shown Jean-Claude Juncker the reality of the situation and there seems to be a shift in his stance towards the USA rhetoric of slowly strangling any signs of life in the EU economy.   Russia is not the enemy, Russia was NEVER the enemy in the whole situation over the past couple of years.   I have been resolutely on the side of Russia because it is so blatantly obvious who are the wronged parties here, Russia and the EU.

I sincerely hope this is the case and that the speech given by Juncker in a refugee shelter in Passau will translate into momentum for a positive outcome for all EU citizens. If Juncker can lift sanctions against Russia as soon as possible and also scrap TTIP, TISA and any other transatlantic “trade” treaties with America these will restore some semblance of normality for EU citizens who have borne the brunt of such a brutal time in EU history.

The “austerity” that was forced onto EU countries by the IMF/USA must now be written off throughout Europe. Not a cent more should go to these discredited institutions that have done NOTHING for EU citizens but forced them to endure relentless hardships not seen since WW2. The Euro currency also needs to be dismantled as it has become a straightjacket for those countries unable to adhere to the fiscal disciplines demanded of it. These two actions have caused so much division in Europe and mistrust.   The influx of refugees from ME have not helped matters and the added tension caused by TTIP, TISA and other such trade agreements have fuelled nations in wanting to take back their own fate which is why there has been speculation over an exit by the Greeks, Spanish and also looming is the UK referendum over remaining in the EU.   This has culminated in the last few days with NATO announcing they will set up HQs in Europe facing Russia in the near future.   This does not bode well for the future.

The situations mentioned above have been festering like a boil with so much venom aimed at so many parts of society, the rich, poor, disabled, old, young and most of all complete distrust of politicians. The latter has been earned by the secrecy in which the above trade agreements have been discussed in and has to be addressed forthwith.

I have said this previously the EU is a wonderful institution for normalisation of trade within Europe and beyond, but we need to pick our partners carefully.   We have to understand that the EU is not a collection of counties or districts that can be bundled up in the same way the USA was. Each country within Europe has its own history, language, geography, wildlife and the talents of it’s people who make the best of those resources are the richest jewel they have. Individually each nation is proud of these things, collectively if shared in a common cause (i.e. to become better, stronger friends and partners) the EU has the opportunity to really make something wonderful of itself. However to think that each country either individually or collectively could be shoehorned into a conglomerate of a union is foolhardy. I also think that to attempt to do so would be the end of the EU.

Polska musi zdawać sobie sprawę , że nie każda historia opowiedziana przez USA i Wielkiej Brytanii spowoduje okupacji Niemiec lub Rosji , te czasy minęły . To jest czas, aby budować mosty , przyjaciół i zrobić dobrą przyszłość dla wszystkich. Świat zmienia się szybko i musimy zmienić się z nim. Być trochę mądrzy.


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