Week of 4th Oct 2015

democracy, democratic rights, London Life

Its been a week of tawdry ups and downs. The highs were brought to us by the Labour Party Conference in Brighton where we heard the newly elected leader Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet speak on key issues such as communities, defence, economics and the UK envisioned by Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet.   Much of this was uplifting, sober and made common sense to many people.

The other high was brought by Vladimir Putin’s address to the UN where he pulled no punches and made no apologies for taking the bull by the horns to say that Russia and Iran, among others were to instigate strikes against IS, ISIS, ISIL and whatever other names they choose to call themselves as the random hits against these targets by US, UK and EU forces have systematically failed to meet their targets in the last four years.   Moreover this action has been welcomed by President Assad of Syria who has been fighting single handedly against these same factions. The reason for this is that both Iran and Russia have a better idea on the ground where such factions are located and, rather than through indiscriminate bombing of towns, villages and cities that includes civilians more often than not; Russian and Iranian actions would be more effective.

Several reports from the Middle East region have stated that they do not believe the sincerity of the USA, UK and other countries engaged in air strikes against these groups as they have compounded the difficulties faced by ordinary citizens of these countries.   Immediately it was announced such action was to be taken the media sniping started.   Accusations of civilians and other “soft” targets being bombed were screamed across the world’s new front pages – even before they had become airborne, if you please!! This is the lowest point of the stories this week.

What could possibly be the reason why there is so much carping and sniping about the incredible success rate of the Russian and Iranian assistance in such a short space of time? The cynic in me would postulate that these groups were originally trained, funded and equipped by the USA, the US is keen to protect its investment by ensuring there is as much instability in the Middle East which allows the idea that the US economy is stable and growing (covered in the blood of many millions of lives taken during these phony wars).

The hundreds of thousands of refugees coming into Europe aren’t coming over by accident, although as I have said previously there are a good many of those from other countries coming in as well who are not Syrian. They are seeking some kind of stability, societal and economic.   As a Londoner we have a saying about people who like to cause trouble and then walk away when it gets a bit too hot to handle, we call them shit-stirrers and that’s what American politicians are, shit-stirrers.

Our wonderful Paper PM David Cameron has also not escaped the news either.   Here is a man who excels in alienating himself from society and not giving a damn what anyone thinks, including former supporters and friends. Michael Ashcroft (Lord Ashcroft) who donated £8m to the Tory party, some of which bore the fruit of a peerage for him.   However Michael Ashcroft wanted a more substantive post in the new Government but Dave by-passed him for others. Ashcroft has decided to exhume the dead bodies in Cameron’s tawdry life very thoroughly in his book “Call Me Dave” which was serialised in that awful rag, the Daily Flail(Mail).

The most salacious story was that when Dave was a student at Oxford (where else?) during a dinner one evening he put his private parts in a dead pigs mouth.   I feel sorry for the pig, was the act consensual or forced, one will never know.

Where the account gets interesting is in the description of how Ashcroft was promised a job in his cabinet which was reneged on when the time came for Dave to meet his obligations, sounds familiar? There seems to be a pattern of familiarity here which was very evident during the election in May this year. Dave isn’t someone who can do face-to-face discussions, he’s more comfortable to insinuate, undermine and capitulate at a distance.

As I sit with the BBC website open writing this article, the headings read “ PM Resists Call to Ease Tax Credit Cut” and “PM Plans More Drones to Fight ISIS” – Gameboy warfare for outright cowards and bullies of the lowest calibre.   It fits the description of Dave so well.

While Dave is so busy rubbishing the pig story as sour grapes, one should bear in mind that Ashcroft speaks with some authority having been a personal friend of Cameron’s for many years. What goes around, comes around.


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