Bombs, nukes & other assorted big boys toys

democracy, democratic rights

The Labour party is having its annual conference with a new leader, Jeremy Corbyn and, predictably he has said he would not want to push the nuclear deterrent button, which is causing a great flurry of excitment.  Some commentators are arguing that if he doesn’t it invalidates actually having a nuclear option, others are apoplectic at the mere suggestion of not employing it.   Corbyn makes the observation that it didn’t do anyone any good when the twin towers were attacked with planes in 9/11.

It’s strange that ideas among politicians have become so entrenched in a thinking that is actually outdated, they find it hard to even consider an alternative way of living.   I have said this before on this blog and elsewhere, THE COLD WAR IS OVER.  There are no “Reds under the bed”, no bogeymen who will somehow threaten how you live.   The world and the people in it are sick of war being waged against this country or that, because you don’t like them or how they live.   How about just letting people live how they want to and if you don’t like how they live, don’t go on holiday there.  Nobody is forcing anyone.

Jeremy Corbyn makes a good point that Trident and the use of other nuclear devices as deterrents are so outdated, as it the mentality that goes with it.   Just because I’ve got a bigger weapon than you isn’t really going to stop you sneaking up and taking me by surprise another way.  Its an absurdity.

Having said all that I welcome President Putin’s address to the UN yesterday and his honesty in setting out how he sees the situation and how to move out of the impasse created by US actions so far in Syria.   The current refugee crisis has been created by the US, Europe cannot cope with the sheer numbers of people coming in, something needs to be done to stop IS which is causing so much terror across Africa.

IS, ISIS, ISIL and other names they call themselves are a by-product of US and Europe-wide policies in the Middle East that have caused so much unnecssary bloodshed, and gone onto create a Frankenstein of a monster.  It is absolutely correct that these groups are eradicated completely.   These were created by people who thought they were being very clever at the time, and now it has come back to bite them on the arse.

The help given by the Russians is very much welcome and I hope it all goes well.

The point I am trying to make in both of these arguments is that most of the time people just want to get on with their lives, they want to live comfortably, be able to provide for their families and have a good life where they feel part of a community.  What they don’t want is to be controlled into every minutae of their lives that strangles creativity and the simple act of just living.   They certainly don’t want to live in perpetual fear and being drip-fed images and ideas of how scared they should be because of A, B or C.

Is it too much to ask politicians to stop peddling the same ideas we’ve been fed for the past 100 years and just allow people to have a little happiness in their lives.  You remember happy, don’t you?   It’s time for CHANGE.  The real thing, not just the word or sentiment but the real thing, CHANGE.


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