To Labour Under a Delusion

democracy, democratic rights, London Life

At the risk of boring my readers, the shenanigans of the Labour Party as it undergoes a leadership contest have come under the spotlight in the last few days (20-25 July).   That well-known international criminal Tony Blair had the audacity to attempt to steer the leadership contest towards those who served under him and shared his view of the Labour party (i.e. Tory-Lite) by suggesting that anyone wanting to veer to the left needed a brain transplant.

I think he seems to have forgotten a few fundamental truths;

  1. His policies over the Iraq war that he went into with GW Bush, despite widespread opposition not just from within his party, but also mass demonstrations which Tony Blair ignored have not been forgotten, nor will they be.
  2. The Labour party lost the last two elections precisely BECAUSE it was TOO Blair-like in its policies.
  3. The Labour Party has lost its way according to the people that matter, the electorate, not the Party hierarchy.
  4. So-called pollsters who are employed with a view to trying to work out what policies would work and who would best represent them managed to get it wrong every time, none more so that in May this year. The bookies have consistently got it right every time.  If Corbyn were leader the Labour party at least 65% of voters would vote for him.
  5. The electorate (ordinary people) consider the Labour party to be too right wing and too many Blairites in place who they don’t trust.

What the bookies have said is that the front runner for the Labour party is Jeremy Corbyn who seems to be the only socialist left in town these days.   If Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour party they stand a very good chance of getting back into power.

What I find astonishing is that, having said the party should have a broad debate over which direction the party needs to go and who should govern it, having seen the late entrant overtake the “safe” choices have suddenly decided their entire careers have been forged in the wrong party and are desperately back tracking any support for Corbyn.   This begs the question, what are the Labour party afraid of? Being too right wing or actually getting into power again?

There are large numbers of former Labour party supporters who think what needs to happen is for a purge of Blairites (which is about 90% of the entire party).   Blairites need to either cross the floor and become the Tories they really are or simply leave and yes, we know they are unemployable anywhere else, but that’s not our problem.   There needs to be a new influx of MPs from ordinary working people to come into the House of Commons to represent ordinary working people with policies that benefit the many, not a small elite. This will mean a shift to the left in terms of policies, but that is what voters need and want.

If the MPs in the Labour party who have become so comfortable in their own seats can actually accept these truths and work with them we will have a credible opposition to the austerity led Tories now in place.   If not, Labour will spend a long time out of government.   However I suspect that none of the Blairites have got what it takes to be real leaders, none of them are leadership material and certainly none of them have what it takes to admit they are in the wrong party.   Regardless of whatever laws are passed banning any form of true opposition by our dictators, the void will be filled. If not by a simple left winger like Corbyn, then by more violent means suggested by the likes of UKIP.


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