Budget 2015

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It seems my worst fears of this current Tory government is coming to pass. The Budget on Tuesday confirmed spelled out that the poor, sick, vulnerable and even children were being targeted in a bid to balance the government’s books rather than the banks and big corporations who avoid paying taxes.

The most cynical, even insulting move was to call the minimum wage a living wage. The minimum wage at present in London stands at £7.20 per hour. Next April this will rise to £7.25. Contrast this with a rise MPs have given themselves of £7,000 is enough to make me feel physically sick.

Public sector workers who do the jobs that keep this country going and maintain its infrastructure have been given a measly 1% for the next four years, having borne the brunt of the recession caused by Tory banker friends for the past 5 years and seen salaries diminish in value in real terms.   Child benefit is being cut to the first two children alone.   Total benefits for families have been cut to £23,000 per year, even for those who rely on benefits to top up meagre wages.

There is no skill to being an MP. Anyone can do this job, particularly if you are able to look someone in the eye and lie to them without flinching. And yet they are awarded the handsome salary of £67,060 which is rather more than the national average of £25,000.   They are incompetent, only interested in making a name for themselves at the expense of the misery inflicted on the rest of the country and, considering how badly the economy fared under the Tories in the last 5 years, should take a pay CUT of 25% with no perks whatsoever.

I would like to see these MPs live on £7.25 per hour they are advocating is a living wage rather than the perks and privileges they award themselves and without the benefit of dipping into their own personal fortunes. Every single one of them would soon come to the conclusion it is a pitiful amount of money and very far from a living wage.

Both the Budget details above and my previous post on the Greek situation show a familiar, continuing pattern of a financial war being waged against ordinary people the outcome of which will be genocide against the young, old, sick and vulnerable as a start.  Each of these groups are seen as “a problem” who need to be provided for in some way or other.  The rest of us will be dealt with in time.

When Yannis Varufakis said that what was being done was nothing less than terrorism I believe he was speaking not just for Greece but for the whole world.  I thank him for his frankness, something the ordinary politicians couldn’t stomach as it revealed them for the psychopaths they really are.   We need more frankness like his in the world, not less.


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