Thank You

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This morning I woke up to the news of the “No” vote of Greece to becoming lifelong slaves to the Troika of IMF, ECB and Germany.  I feel calm that the correct outcome has been voted for and there is hope yet for true democracy, not the corporatism peddled by governments worldwide that only answer the agendas of politicians at the expense of ordinary working people.

Of all the people it had to come down to the fact the only people truly interested and intelligent enough to act upon the idea of being free individuals and communities are the Greeks who gave birth to the idea of democracy 6,000 years ago.  Thank you.

However, it is with great sadness I note that Yannis Varoufakis has resigned as Finance Minister as it was felt by those in Brussels that his manner can be rather aggressive.  He brought a breath of fresh air to proceedings, his manner may have been brusque but plain speaking is sometimes needed in situation to cut through the BS, plus he was the sexiest Finance Minister I’ve ever seen.  Let’s face it, politicians are mediocrities in every sense of the word now.  I continue to wish Greece well in its further negotiations with the Troika.


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