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The deadline for Greece to make payments has yet again been delayed with a view to hammering out a new deal to keep Greece within the EU.  The IMF & ECB have made an “extraordinarily generous offer” to the Greeks which include deeper, rather than just new spending cuts, cuts to public sector salaries and pensions, a special benefit paid to low paid pensioners to be scrapped and a wider VAT base.  the IMF & ECB are against tax rises for companies and rich people.

Alexis Tspiras is very right to hold a referendum on the situation for the Greek people and calls it a humiliation of the Greek people.  It also betrays the true nature of the intentions of the banking world.   These proposals are not about relief of debt and looking after the poor and disadvantaged (the rich will always be able to take care of themselves and need no special favours), this is about bringing about the situations that have plagued the African continent for decades and continue to do so; namely division between those who have and those who do not, famine, ill health which will ultimately lead to unrest and civil war.   Or to put it another way, the decimation of the human race in Europe.

It is interesting that the Human Rights Act which is a fundamental part of the EU and how it views how citizens are treated by it’s own criteria are so blatantly flouted while EU politicians stand by shrugging their shoulders as though there is nothing they can do.

This is a foretaste of what is to come if TIPP is to be implemented.  We are being broken down so the corporates can come in and take what is left to create their nightmare of a world.    The government bonds are made up of bad debts created by bankers such as Goldman Sachs, who are running the whole show now.  These bad debts are worthless to begin with, therefore these “debts” are a figment of the imagination of the bankers who created them in the first place and do not need to be repaid by anyone.  Greece is not defaulting on a legitimate payment made by banking institutions who are solvent, but telling the broken banking system who creates these worthless bonds, it is not selling its people as slaves for the bankers to do as they wish with them and the bankers can take their “debts” with them.

I wish him luck and support his endeavours.  People like him, who have the guts to stand up and question the motives of the corporates, and so revealing their true intentions are few and far between.   I applaud his efforts and wish him every success.


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