Where do I Begin?

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This week has been very interesting and provided a lot of material that should keep everyone engaged in the political scene for some time to come.

America’s continued meddling in the world’s affairs as it alone sees fit remains unabated. That great arbiter of lawlessness and cavalier attitude continues to wreak havoc and undermine the Minsk Agreement by continuing to arm and support Ukraine’s war-like intentions and dragging Europe’s main battlefield into its murky intentions by staging NATO exercises along the Polish border.

Desperate to sustain its hold over the world as a superpower despite its financial problems, pursues European assets through Greece even though Greece can no longer repay its forced loans from the IMF, Obama attends the G7 summit to urge maintain sanctions despite the fact they have no effect on Russia at all. If anyone is suffering it is Europe alone.

I find it hard to believe our so-called political leaders are so utterly spineless when it comes to nurturing Europe’s interests and those of its citizens that it is happy to be led by the nose like a docile bovine creature. Surely it cannot be that the entire world is dependent on the IMF for its continued survival at the expense of its own citizens? If it really comes down to this then we really are lost as a species.

I would like to know how many violations of protocols, agreements, treaties does it take before EU leaders finally realise there is nothing to be gained from aligning itself with USA interests which serve only America’s elite? There have been the NSA revelations by Edward Snowden showing that Angela Merkel’s phone conversations were being monitored (and probably still are), the complete undermining of Minsk 2 Agreement by Ukraine which is dressed up as Russian aggression. Not to mention the rape and pillage by the IMF and former Goldman Sachs employee Mario Draghi, now head of ECB and the complete capitulation by Brussels to US interests in TTIP which effectively sells every European citizen and descendants into slavery which has been negotiated in secret and about to be voted on simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic.

What is amusing is that this last week the Patriot Act was effectively filibustered by Rand Paul which breaks the legality of NSA activities. This is indeed enlightened (for once) and only the idiot dinosaurs in the American Congress bleat about “national security” being compromised. The fact that not a single “terrorist” has been caught by such tactics is irrelevant to them.   This is about fear and control.   That it coincides with Theresa May asking for more powers for GCHQ to allow more spying against its citizens under Emergency Surveillance is really too much and must be resisted.

Which brings me to another, rather chilling story about the next USA elections being chosen not by the many, but by a very few qualifying voters.   Whole swathes of people are being denied the opportunity to vote for the next president of the USA in what are called “minority voting” such as poor people, students, people of colour, among others.   I would be happy to hear from any readers of this blog to let me know the veracity of these reports.   It belies the propaganda that the USA is a democratic country. This is the lie it has pushed for decades across the world and now is being exposed for what it is. America is NOT a democracy. It is very much Anti-democracy. It is a dictatorship and sees itself as the arbiter of how other countries should conduct themselves.

Wherever America has conducted war it has not left anything of value in its wake, only destruction. At the very least where Hitler brought Nazism, the trains ran on time and he created the autobahns, the Americans have no such positive attributes. Iraq is still decimated by the American occupation and ISIS now holds large parts of it, along the north African border chaos rules with various factions making life hell for their citizens causing them to flee into Europe for safe haven.

One has to ask “What are the Americans afraid of?”

It is happy to send its citizens into battle to defend its warped idea of democracy. It is happy to profit by taxation from the labours of these same minority citizens, but denies them the vote.

By the same token one has to question what is the real motivation of TTIP? Through the IMF, the ECB, the forced loans and imposed sanctions against Russia which have no effect on the USA itself, it is seeking to separate the EU from a valuable source of revenue, make it more dependent upon American patronage which will only come in the form of more war and economic hardship. Far from raising standards America’s lack of standards would drive down standards across Europe which is why we are seeing a race to see how quickly various standards can be dismantled in the name of “free trade”.

If Russia feels itself to being “got at”, it has a right to.   Far from cowering into a corner Russia, through President Putin, has reached out into the world and made alliances with neighbouring countries and those further afield with whom it can do business and build mutually beneficial relationships. When President Putin says it has no intention of invading Europe I believe him as it would not benefit him to do so. The world has changed a great deal in the last 20 years, it’s a pity the American mindset hasn’t kept up with the rest of the world. It is stuck in a time vacuum of the 1950’s. The Cold War has ended, its time America realised that.


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