Solar Power – The time has come

London Life, Summer

A cheering piece of news albeit on the back of the Russian sanctions. America has announced a NASA-Style programme of promoting and utilising Solar energy so that the world becomes independent generators of their own electricity. This is a really superb initiative and one worth pursuing.

I have been an ardent supporter of solar power and have these powering my home for the past few years. They work, my energy bills are so much lower than previously and I have advocated that wherever you are in the world, there is enough sunlight to be able to power your building to keep you warm and well lit for generations.

The technology is there and has been for a few years. Many buildings are capable of generating their own electricity through solar panels. Even those skyscrapers mainly built of glass are capable of this as there are thin films capable of generating solar power which can be used on the glass to do so. Now that Tesla have come up with the technology to be able to store such power it would make so much sense for so many businesses, households and communities, especially those in rural settings to be able to generate and store electricity for those months when there isn’t so much sun around and be independent. It certainly makes the case for nuclear power less persuasive.



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