Snapshot of Current Political Landscape

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We have some interesting debates going on here in the UK. On the one hand we have David Cameron campaigning in Europe to change fundamental things such as the basis for the Lisbon Treaty which advocated ever closer union between the EU countries which would include fiscal, banking, military, taxes and judicial convergence; on the other we have the Labour party doing a bit of soul searching and still going in the wrong direction with some of their candidates.


I’ve already written my views about where the Labour party should go and how, despite hearing people on the doorsteps of Britain during the election hustings in the last month, very few politicians have actually listened to what was being said. Labour no longer connects with the ordinary working people, but seem intent on talking to themselves in Westminster, bugger the rest of the country. How much further do they or we have to go before their realise they are simply unelectable in their present state?

Cameron on the other hand is facing a very daunting prospect of renegotiating treaties signed up to, Maastricht and Lisbon among others. I think it is unheard of for an incumbent Prime Minister to decide that they would like to make amendments to existing treaties signed up to by Prime Ministers decades previously.   It is also a very dangerous path for Cameron to tread as he could find himself in conflict internationally (these same treaties have a bearing on agreements closer to home such as the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland), but that if politicians can pick and choose which treaties they will abide by and which they won’t, anarchy will truly prevail as, surely the rest of us can choose which laws we will and won’t abide by?

This is also very closely coupled with the Tory party idea of unhitching the UK from the Human Rights Act 1999 and goes some way to unveiling the real plans behind the future of the UK when TTIP comes into force shortly. At present there is a great deal of antipathy towards TTIP and the idea of corporations having a greater say in the lives of ordinary people above our elected representatives both inside Europe and also in the USA.   There has never been a time where anything other than those who are directly dependent on the support of the people, whether they are monarchy or government, seem to think they should direct how people should live. This isn’t merely a small change that will barely have any difference to how we live, but will impact on so many areas of our lives.

Furthermore the “sixty bastards” referred to by Paddy Ashdown during the election are threatening to resign if they don’t get their way. Utter arrogance and Cameron should call their bluff. Question is, where would they go? UKIP have been reduced to one MP from two, so clearly not as popular with the electorate as they like to imagine. Setting up a rival anti-EU party will equally go down like a ton of bricks with voters.   I think these politicians forget they are only where they are because the British public voted for them and they can vote against them in an election, so really they can’t do very much, but so predictably arrogant of them to imagine their considerations weigh far and above those of the electorate.

The Juridical Persons so often mentioned in TTIP (third party, or shell companies acting on behalf of a main company) will do all they can to avoid and evade liability. All the more reason to resist such entities.

My apologies if I appear to talk about little else than TTIP and the Human Rights Act at present, but these are so absolutely fundamentally pivotal to how we live our lives at present and how we also fear the HRA will be compromised by TTIP, as well as the looming deadline in both the USA and Brussels of voting this agreement into the statutes of both the USA and Europe; not to mention them as is being done in mainstream media would be criminal in my view.


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