Polish Elections

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So the Polish people have decided to elect a relatively young, ultra conservative party that espouses closer ties to NATO and having a permanent US military base as well as denying women the right to safe abortions on the negative, but on the positive has stated Poland will not adopt the Euro as currency, will lower retirement age from 67 which is currently due to come into force and spend more on welfare, while pushing for a permanent US military presence in Poland to bolster Polish security against an assertive Russia.

The latter troubles me as the USA has been pushing for WW3 for the past 2-3 years. The US economy is in deep debt which is why it is desperately entering into “trade treaties” that have nothing to do with trade but everything to do with the rape and pillage of the rest of the world’s assets for its own use. The USA is doing its best to undermine the Minsk Treaty between France, Germany, Ukraine & Russia where hostilities would cease, withdraw weapons and look at solutions to the various positions.

The USA is sending “humanitarian aid” to Ukraine in the form of weapons, armour, training and such like as well as stepping up NATO exercises along the Polish border.  If that’s not undermining a treaty I want to know what is. What is the point of having treaties where one country decides it is above normal considerations of conduct between countries, it can do as it wishes to undermine and push forward its own agenda?   After all, if its ok for the US President to ignore laws and treaties, can’t we all do the same? Doesn’t it underline the fact that laws are only there to control the little people and that we’re the only ones they are supposed to control while powerful, rich people can do whatever they want, especially when they are Americans? Such arrogance.

Poland needs to be careful who it chooses to be friends with, as it prepares to become the battlefield for the next world war Poles need to ask themselves why are they always in the firing line when it comes to being obliterated as a people? Polish people are a lot smarter than many other nations in many ways and the world needs the ingenuity of the Polish people as well as the hard work ethic. Not many nations have come as far in 20 years of independence as Poland has. Poland needs to remain independent in some ways and yet able to work with other nations in its own interests as well as common interests and not allow itself to keep looking over the shoulder at past ghosts.


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