My Soul is so Empty

democracy, democratic rights, General Election, London Life

After the UK general elections the Labour party is searching its soul to find out why it failed at the polling booth and how it can regain the trust of the voters. It may come as a surprise but the defeat of Ed Balls and several others in the old Blair camp has been the first step. Ed Miliband standing down as leader was the second but the most important step is re-engagement with working people and this means electing as leader someone who has actually worked in the real world.

Again the Labour party seem to think that if they continue to appeal to middle class voters (who are shrinking in number pretty fast under the tory regime) they will win again. Wrong. The truth is, New Labour are Tory-lite. They do not have any idea of what it is to have to work every day in the real world with real world problems just to do the basic, keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back & food in your belly. Nothing flash. It seems there are Unions also taking the same stance ensuring their own demise.

Have people who work in the real world and can come up with real world solutions to problems, not be led by the nose by some editorial newspaper.   Secondly, have people who can count and run a budget sensibly. Tax revenues are not a free-for-all for ministers to do with as they wish. Tax revenues are there to be spent on things like education, healthcare, social care of the young and elderly, fire fighting, decent infrastructure (roads, trains) etc.   Certainly not on vanity projects that make good news headlines. Get these right and Labour should be electable in 5 years.


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