The aftermath

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I didn’t post yesterday as I’m rather shocked, as are a lot of people in the UK.  We’ve elected yet another tory government, only this time there won’t be much of an opposition to stop them implementing what will be the harshest, most divisive programme of legislation ever devised anywhere, except perhaps the USA.

I can’t quite come to terms with it and I’m still trying to make sense of it all.  I suppose you can only say that the “opposition” in the form of UKIP which allowed the tories to lurch even more to the right than they already were, were finally outed as just being anti-foreigners.  Farage blamed everyone else but himself for his rubbish performances, like a petulant child (a bit like the tories in the last 5 years).  Labour were absolutely abismal.  Mr No-Personality (Miliband) was a disaster from the start.  No backbone with the looks and manner that just turned my stomach and made me want to physically vomit.  I would not be able to put up with having him as PM for five years.  The LibDems were wiped out completely as I’d predicted.  Although they finally managed to get their act together from the second year in, they made the fatal mistake of capitulating on tuition fees for students and the British public never forgot and didn’t forgive this at the ballot box.  It’ll be a long time before they will be allowed anywhere near the number of seats they finally managed to get together after 100 years

Still, the good part of it is the opposition, such as it was has diminished hugely and there will be a lot of soul searching among them, particularly the LibDems and Labour.  Both parties forgot what they were there for and why.  The Labour party was set up as the party of the working people. Under Tony Blair the Labour party became the Tory-Lites, trying to be like the tories but not as nasty.  It lost the support of, and forgot about working people.

If the Labour party really want to reinvent themselves they need to remember this.  The fact they rely on the unions for their funding is no bad thing.  They are not in the pockets of the corporations and can honestly say their funding is based on the wealth and production of working people and because of that it makes them free-er to shape policies geared towards making life better for working people.

Of course working peoples lives should be aspirational, they should go to universities and evening classes to pursue qualifications that will further their careers and pursue interests. But it is by making working peoples work pay proper wages and salaries that more reflect the value of what they produce, giving working people a better quality of life that isn’t all about working until we drop dead, that there is the time for family committments which enhance communities, make lives richer to the point where everyone benefits in society.  While the UK is an island, as people we are not individual islands.  We rely on each other for things we use to make our lives better, on services that make our lives easier and stronger.  This is the world we need to build if we really want to go forward as a species.


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