The Evening before …… decision time

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Well, the hustings have now closed, as is usual politicians have made their promises, told their lies, obfuscated, dodged the hard questions and now 5 weeks on, there has not been any change in the polls.  Strangely there are suddenly arguments about the legitimacy of who is going to be in power with the main three parties arrogantly assuming its going to be business as usual., but that’s for another article.

For those readers of this blog not in the UK it goes like this

Conservative (Tory) – Right

Labour – centre Right

Lib Dem – Centre Right

UKIP – hard Right

I include UKIP as a fourth silent party as they have yet to get enough support to form a majority government, never mind majority party.  But their policies are such they have made a sizable impact on British politics with both tory and labour trying to out-do UKIP on its stance on immigrants.

At present it looks as though there will be a labour minority party with the smaller parties lending their support either on a piece by piece basis (which is the most likely) or to go in and form a government.

Considering the savage cuts that have been made in the name of austerity in the UK over the last 5 years with none of the supposed benefits it should have brought, our deficit is 3 times the size it was 5 years ago, there are more unemployed people or those on zero hours contracts that don’t cover the cost of living.  The use of food banks has quadrupled in the last five years, our beloved NHS is being sold off piece by piece to vultures and this will continue under a labour government.  The BBC is a disgrace and should no longer be funded through a licence fee.  Our public services have been cut to the bone and they will continue to be cut under labour, it is important to consider the type of society we want to be.

Personally I would prefer to have a society that puts the blame for the hard time we have had squarely where it belongs, on the bankers.  They are the ones who squandered millions and asked the taxpayers to foot the bill, which we have done to our detriment, while the bankers continue to pocket millions in bonuses.  I would like to see these people pay for the disaster they caused from their own pockets & leave the rest of us alone.  I would like to see a society that gives a damn about each other on a human-to-human basis.

To that end I would advocate voting for the minority parties as much as possible, each vote counts.  The reason for this is that each of the minority parties is against austerity and would redress the balance of endless cuts.  These are:

Green, SNP, Plaid Cymru.  There are other independent candidates who may garner a few protest votes, but I would like to see votes where they will make a difference to our lives.

Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru are more left leaning and actually give a damn about the kind of society we want to be.  These are where the votes will make a difference.

I think once the votes have been counted I would like to make a case for proportional representation which would be a better option and give more stability for government, but that’s for the days and weeks ahead.   Let’s make it happen.


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