A One Party State

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If ever proof was needed that the UK is in a one party state. that proof was provided this week in the form of a childish outburst by HSBC Bank stating at their AGM that they would relocate their headquarters outside of the UK if Labour won the General Election.

Considering that HSBC is the biggest launderer of crooked money, tax evasion on an industrial scale according to an ex-employee and whistle blower, Herve Falciani.  Yet despite this, no action has been taken so far by the Tory party who work directly for the banking industry.   Witness the rearranging of the financial regulatory system in the past year that was promised to have the teeth to implement whatever action it saw fit, has yet to announce anything against HSBC.

It is highly unlikely that HSBC would relocate anywhere in the world, the most likely place being Hong Kong, as their illegal activities would attract the most severe of penalties anywhere else, particularly Hong Kong.   China takes criminal activity with its currency very seriously indeed with the death penalty as an option to be considered.

The last Labour government were quite happy to continue the deregulated policies instigated by the Thatcher government, they even bailed out the banks when they crashed, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland has been used as an umbrella for all the bailed out banks) and they would continue to do the same as before.   HSBC thought that if they made this threat voters would suddenly decide not to vote for Labour, but would allow the Tories back in, which shows how stupid they consider the British public really are.

After five years of the most savage cuts to public services, standards of living and care in the UK anyone who thinks British voters would be stupid enough to vote for more of the same is deluded in the extreme.   Having said that HSBC and indeed any other banking institution is more than welcome to pack their bags to anywhere else in the world if they wish to continue their criminal activities.    Please be sure to close the door on their way out.


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