2nd TTIP of the Iceberg

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Having read through the remainder of the preamble of TTIP I have it goes into further details about the film industries of European countries, telecommunications, transport, hospitals and that standards already in place to be maintained, or not.

However, one particular point in mind, particularly during the campaign of a general election in the UK are assurances of the NHS, which are conspicuous by their absence.

There is a side letter from Cecilia Malmström, a member of the European Commission negotiating TTIP, in which it declares that there is no provision for the takeover of publicly funded healthcare systems such as the one in the UK (NHS) by private companies, that any such takeover is at the behest of the government in question and it is for the government of that country (UK) to make such recommendations as it sees fit.   This puts the ball very firmly in the UK government’s court.

There are MEPs (Member of the European Parliament) of all political shades represented in the European Parliament and it is utterly shameful that for all the stirring up of feelings for the NHS by the media and politicians themselves. One can only conclude it is because the UK government is hell bent on privatising the NHS for its own ends (usually for their own personal gain once they have finished with politics, i.e. a director’s position with commensurate salary & share options). This is utterly disgraceful and underlines that none of the major parties now seeking voters’ approval have the interests of the UK at the core of their policies or business.

I haven’t published the second part of my examination of TTIP when I said I would and I’m glad I hadn’t as something quite extraordinary has happened which hasn’t been reported in any of the mainstream media in the UK, that is the USA has said it will accept TTIP in its entirety as it stands. When I read this I was and still am, astonished. This is unprecedented and really good news. This means there will not be the usual amendments, adjustments, playing with words to ensure paragraphs are palatable to the electorate over years which for once, will mean the protections sought will be kept, but there are enough concessions to ensure that America can continue its expansionist programme, which is worrying in itself.

It seems that America’s attitude is surely changing towards the rest of the world and I hope this continues. We all inhabit the world, but we are not all enemies.



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