Easter Weekend

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I’ve not posted this weekend so far, mainly as I’ve been undecided what to write.  However, to remind myself of the purpose of this blog, it is about food and life in London, therefore I should post about that.

I remember last year I wrote about how Easter is celebrated in the Polish community, but this year it’s been more of a break English-style in that in the UK it is mainly seen as a long weekend that is useful for things like gardening, sprucing up your home, enjoying the company of friends and family and enjoying, what should hopefully be some good weather.

Well, the first few days of April have been nothing special to write home about, mainly cloudy and rainy.  But the sun has come out today and I’ve been busy cleaning the house and gardening.   I don’t think I’m going to get any apples on my tree this year as I’ve not had any blossoms, it’s gone straight to leaf, so I won’t hold my breath.   I’m hoping to have better luck with my raspberries, although I think I may have left it late to plant any further canes.  I love raspberries, I adore their scent and taste.

I’ve looked at what treats there are in my freezer and found I have some patridge breasts, so I shall be having these lightly braised in a little white wine, with some roast rosemary and thyme potatoes and a large salad followed by a lemon tart (sadly bought as my time has been spent cleaning and gardening) and a glass of Tokaj wine.   It’s one of those wines I think is a great accompaniment to a good tart or cheese as it is perfect in its sweetness without sticking your teeth together.

Whatever you do this weekend, however you spend it.  Have a great Easter break.


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