The TTIP of the Iceberg

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I feel I have to apologise to those readers of my blog that it has developed into a blog of political news and views, but there are events that are happening in the world at this time which I feel are of tremendous importance and if not aired, are likely to be either ignored or high jacked by those who state they have our interests at heart, when nothing could be further from the truth.

A couple of weeks ago the rightly maligned BBC published an excerpt from the forthcoming Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership.  Despite the many protests about this on this side of the channel, there has been a deafening silence about this since publication which I find astonishing.

I can only comment that anyone who has printed it out and read it is confused on reading it, as it reads as a preamble, or introduction to a document that is well advanced in its discussion and written form, and doesn’t quite know what to make of it.

Having worked for more than 13 years in law processing legal documents I can get an understanding of what it is trying to say and what it means.  While not entirely comprehensive I shall try my best to explain what it means for ordinary people and countries as a whole within the EU.

TTIP is a very long, detailed document dealing with many aspects of modern day life and the agreements, caveats and reservations under which this document is being discussed, which has presented a problem in how to bring this to a social media forum.    This is probably the reason why it’s not been discussed in any great detail.  I shall explain this by the most relevant sections, stating pertinent points of each, but would very strongly recommend reading this alongside the actual document itself.  Hopefully one will bring clarity to the other.

Section A, Reservations

Acquisition of Real Estate

The right is reserved to adopt or maintain measures … and each country (not UK) states its reservations.

1. Agriculture, hunting and forestry

The right is reserved to adopt or maintain measures … and each country (not UK) states its reservations.

3.  Mining and Quarrying

4  Manufacturing

Manufacture of refined petroleum products

The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to jurdical persons controlled by natural or juridical persons of a non-Community country which accounts for more than 5% of the EU’s oil or natural gas imports.  No direct branching is required.   (A juridical person is controlled by other natural or juridical person(s) if the latter has/have the power to name a majority of its directors or otherwise legally direct its actions.  In particular, ownership of more than 50% of the equity interests in a juridical person shall be deemed to constitute control).  In other words, companies outside of the EU can control more than 5% of mining and quarrying regardless of where in the world they are based.

5. Production, transmission and distribution on own account of electricity, gas, steam and hot water.

The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with generation of nuclear-based energy.  Nuclear based energy production is prohibited in some EU Member States.

The EU reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to production of electricity, transmission and distribution of electricity on own account (part of ISIC rev 3.1: 4010)

and so it goes on.

Time and again the phrase “the right is reserved to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to ….”  In this case the privatisation of privately-funded ambulance services.   Also, any measure with respect to all social services, whether public or privately funded.  (CPC933).  The right is reserved to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to publicly funded social services and to privately funded social services other than services relating to convalescent and rest houses and old people’s homes (CPC933).   While the phrase above may seem innocent, it would seem that changes would be put into place where previously held standards would be abandoned in order to accommodate the interests of US “investors”; or as now, are impossible to attain thereby paving the way forward to privatisation.  Both Labour and Tory parties in the UK are committed to this course of action at the expense of its voters.

The crux of the document lies in the words juridical person.  Even I had to look this up.  According to the Law Dictionary it is: “Entity, as a firm, that is not a single natural person, as a human being, authorized by law with duties and rights, recognized as a legal authority having a distinct identity, a legal personality. Also known as artificial person, juridical entity, juristic person, or legal person. Also refer to body corporate.”

Paragraph 19 says the EU reserves the right to maintain or adopt any measure with respect to telephone answering services, mailing list compilation and telephone-based support services.  In the UK there are mechanisms whereby you can ask to have yourself removed from lists that are used for the compilation of mailing lists so you don’t receive unwanted junk mail, which has been a problem in the past.  If a US based company decides to ignore this we are back to square one, more junk mail.

So far the worst I’ve seen is in Paragraph 19 section B which says, “In PL (Poland) … for all sectors except legal services and services provided by healthcare units, non EU investors may undertake and conduct economic activity only in the form of a limited liability partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, while domestic companies have access also to the forms of non-commercial partnership companies (general partnership and unlimited liability partnership).   This means that foreign companies are given preferential terms to conduct business over Polish nationals.   A limited company can only be sued for what it owes and can be closed down, whereas an unlimited liability company your business can be closed down, your personal property, car, possessions can all be taken from you whereas the outsider only having limited liability is still smiling.  Poles can sometimes really be their own worst enemies.  By allowing the US to base soldiers in Poland, the Polish government is stoking up problems for the future and by throwing its own people to the wolves, does itself no favours.   Little wonder so many Poles decide their lives are better in the UK.

However, it is in the acquisition of real estate that this agreement really goes to town.  In Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia there is no limit to the amount of land US “investors” can take.  Well done.  Former Iron Curtain countries and those the EU wants rid of can be swallowed up by these “investors” who can do as they want with them.  Those countries that had to endure hard times under the Russians have no idea how much harder times will be once US “investors” have ruined the beautiful countrysides of these countries.  Ancient forests will be felled, fisheries and aquifers will be poisoned, there are no bounds for the amount of land that can be taken for mining, extraction of petroleum and natural gas (fracking), mining for metal ores, other mining or quarrying.  It also explains why David Cameron was so keen to revoke any ownership of private property that might stop fracking companies in their search for oil or gas.  Any rights any individual has over freehold land would have the right to ask for compensation from the companies for spoiling their land and extracting a commodity.   Indigenous natives would be marginalised to the same extent as Native American Indians who are only permitted to settle on useless, infertile land while white Americans have taken all the fertile lands they can for themselves.  Think Polish Corridor and you get an idea of what is in store for EU countries.

Impressions & Recommendations:

The idea of sovereign countries or states are at an end.   The idea of democracy is, and has been false.  TTIP, TISA, TPP and other such “trade agreements” are nothing of the sort.  These are documents that will make corporations of countries, worker bees of its people, but where worker bees are rewarded worker bees will not be so.  Any protections so far gained will be swept aside if it means the corporations (sorry, outside countries (USA)) are prevented from making a profit.

Basically, this is rape and pillaging on a massive scale by way of legal process rather than by invasion and war.  The result is the same.  The USA wants to ensure that whatever Europe has the USA will take and ensure it is utterly dependent on what the USA allows it to have.   That’s the real condition.  Europe is agreeing to be slaves to the USA.

One has to ask, who do these agreements benefit?  If you subscribe to the idea that when you vote for a person to represent you in government, or senate, parliament, it is that person’s job to stand up for your interests and those of your community.   The fact that all these agreements are being discussed in such secret talks not even elected representatives of countries involved are allowed to see the documents as they are being discussed and make recommendations, one can be sure these documents are not being negotiated with the electorate in mind or their benefit.

One has to ask what benefits are there for those people discussing such agreements, how are they going to benefit?  If it is the case that any money made from the firms “trading” in the new corporations (not sovereign countries anymore) are going to be funnelled through tax havens to avoid paying tax whilst the burden of paying taxes to treasuries of former sovereign countries will fall to those of us working for pennies while governments continue to rack up debts for vanity projects and award themselves handsome pay rises at the expense of those who actually do the work of maintaining the infrastructure the rest of societies rely on, who exactly are they serving?

US companies have no respect for the land they have, habitats of whatever age and regardless of how unique creatures maybe will be ruined.  I wonder whether there is a link between the decline of the bee population in the USA, fracking and loss of habitat that would accompany that.  Might be worthwhile studying that.

This is also why Jean-Claude Juncker recently announced it might be a good idea to speed up the process where individual countries that make up the EU become one superstate with a single army, taxes and so on.  It might be easier for the Americans to deal with us as one conglomerate, but those of us in each country would object most strongly.   Each member state has its own language, customs, traditions, methods of working according to geography. Trying to homogenized 28 countries into one would be an impossible and foolhardy exercise.

It may seem as though those parties in Europe saying that perhaps we need to put our own people first even if it means leaving the EU may have a point.

It seems that the true reason for the unrest fuelled by the USA towards Russia is very plain.  Russia has no interest in being taken over and its people marginalised by foreigners, even if it means having to endure sanctions to show this.  It’s a shame the spineless politicians in the EU have no interest in protecting the very people it relies on making the EU work.  Marine La Pen is correct; we now have to decide where we want to go as individual countries as well as a whole.  Do we become corporations or remain as people?

It is clear the financial experiment is now over, the Euro as a currency is unsustainable and measures used to prop it up with pretend money printed, devalued, worthless will only drive EU economies to bankruptcy, which is where America is.  This is why the likes of Mario Dhragi and Mark Carney are keen to promote QE (quantitive Easing).  There is no effort in producing pretend money, producing “debt” with pretend money that doesn’t really exist and telling ordinary people they have to pay the profligacy of those in government.  This is not democracy, this isn’t even slavery, it is theft pure and simple.  Theft of hard-earned money from ordinary people’s labour, their dignity and freedom to choose their own paths.

This is the time we need to consider where the world and EU needs to go.  Like sheep to the slaughter as the EU Commission would have us go, or down the road of self-government where we can decide to work together for the benefit of ourselves and each other.   The EU as a trading block within itself and other countries is a good thing, this is where we need to return to, to get the benefit of what we can achieve.  Surrendering nationality, property, land and resources to others who would not appreciate these things in the same manner is the road to destruction.

This is by no means the only article I will write on the matter, as I  have stated before, there is a general election in the UK in a few weeks time and I will try to highlight as many paragraphs as I can which will have a direct bearing on promises being made, that politicians know full well there is no possibility of being made good when the votes have been counted.  What a sham!!


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