2015 is here in it’s fullness

Food, Polish, Weekday Suppers

Well its another year ahead of us, another year of wondering what the coming months will bring and already world events are shaping up to be pretty seizmic, if there is such a word!

I’m enjoying the cold weather as it’s a time when the usual aphids, bugs and other creatures that devour garden plants get culled, a proper frost should mean a good apple harvest later in the year and a chance to enjoy those big, hearty meals that warm the cockles of one’s heart and make you feel it’s great to be alive.

One such meal which is always welcome is a good meal of meatballs and pasta in a warm tomato sauce with a few vegetables such as carrot and celery, a bay leaf or two to the sauce, some thyme and fennel seeds to the meatballs, allowed to bubble away for about forty minutes and then served with a glass of warm Bovril (which is a beef tea, so warming).  If you still have any room after that, then a warm fruit crumble topped with sunflower seeds, oats and brown sugar should ensure your daily intake of vitamin C to fight off any chills.


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