The festive season beckons

Celebrations, Food, London Life, Polish

The start of December heralds the run-up to Christmas which seems to start earlier each year in the shops.  There’s been another year of the “Black Friday” phenomenon in the UK which is going a bit crazy.  Another import from the USA which in some senses is welcome as everyone loves a bargain, especially in the run-up to Christmas, in another sense it’s another excuse to overdo things.   I have to say I’m rather ambivalent about it.

I’ve already started buying my bits for Christmas starting with some cheeses for the Christmas table.  I love cheese, but cheese doesn’t always love me back.  I have a dairy intolerance which I’ve lived with all my life and learned to manage, but at Christmas I love cheese, the smellier the better.  I may try making truffles nearer the time and will keep you posted on how that goes.  For now I’m enjoying the window shopping, watching the price of everything hoik up the nearer to Christmas Eve it gets and trying not to buy into the “gifts” and “stocking fillers” that seem to get on the shelves each year that you wouldn’t even consider any other time of year.



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