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I’ve not posted for a few weeks as life has been very busy and as soon as I’d settled on a theme to write about, things changed.  Yes, I can be quite fickle like that.

Having said that I would like to return to a theme I spoke about a while back which is the state of the UK parliament.  It transpires that the two people who were to lead an inquiry into the abuses were very closely linked to those in Government at the time, and in one case continue to be so.  It has also come to light that the dossier compiled by the late Geoffrey Dickinson MP has gone missing.  How convenient.

Now the most incompetent Home Office Secretary says the inquiry will go ahead without someone to head it, which is an interesting exercise in itself as there would be no one to ask questions, no one to come to conclusions.

This in itself answers more questions than it would be possible had there been a straightforward appointment of someone untainted by association.  This is not the first time documents pertaining to accusations of child abuse have vanished, other people who have compiled extensive documents were made to hand them over to Scotland Yard only for those same documents somehow cease to exist.

The association of child molesters, pederasts and associated perverts with the late Jimmy Saville is cast far and wide in the British Establishment.  How far up it goes one can only surmise, but I think it is safe to say one can tarnish all those who preen themselves behind wigs and robes of office of one sort or another are a target.

The fact that loss of such a detailed and extensive dossier has happened on the Tory watch is very telling.  The Tory party has always been the party of the Establishment.  In the 19th Century the Liberals were known as the Whigs made up of those opposed to the Stuart kings.  The Tories were and are made up of landed gentry, and supporters of monarchy in various guises.

In 21st Century media is also embraced as part of the Establishment and explains why the UK is and has been so skewed in its choices of government.  Increasingly it has been decided before the parties go to the hustings who will lead the next government, a great fuss is made in newspapers, TV news and so on, voters go to the polls and duly vote in whoever they have been told to vote for.  Except in the last election where a coalition was voted in.

For decades newspapers, TV news ran stories that there is a pervert on every corner.  Indeed as a child I remember being warned not to take sweets from strangers, and would go so far as to say that before Myra Hindley and Ian Brady (the Moors murderers in the 1960s) it was unheard of that children could be abducted and killed.   In this media has a lot to answer for as, having found one such grisly example sought to feed on the fears of parents everywhere.  Previously children were allowed to play outside with friends in the same streets, are now kept indoors, given playstations and games for amusement.  Now child obesity is a concern.

What none of these media divulged was that the real perverts, paedophiles and those of such sordid persuasion were actually running the country, sitting in judgment of other people’s misdemeanours and parading themselves around in the cause of “celebrity”.

It is quite clear there is no appetite for any inquiry, it is also clear there is guilt by association as all those who are seeking to bury this so far and deep it should never see the light of day are tarnished in the same vein as those who perpetrated such acts against innocents.  The stench of corruption grows ever stronger.  There needs to be a purge of all those in parliament as they are all guilty by association and their positions are increasingly untenable.



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