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London Life, Scottish Referendum, Summer

Well it’s been more than a day after the Scottish vote for independence and sadly the Scots voted No.  Yes, I’m disappointed, but a lot of promises were made by politicians of all shades in the closing days of campaigning and they are being held to keep them, although they are wriggling out of the timing of these already.  Wales, Northern Ireland also want devolution as does England which begs the question, what relevance is Westminster now?  What relevance is the Monarchy now?  With devolution of the four countries that make up Great Britain, what is Elizabeth to be queen of?

Let’s be clear, the monarchy costs a great deal of money to keep up, they are also a very wealthy family who continue to demand more money to continue their lavish lifestyle at the expense of ordinary British families.  At a time when ordinary people have been squeezed financially for the past five years by a government that is only interested in propping up corporate businesses and the City at the expense of the good of the country, it’s probably time to say goodbye to a wasteful, profligate and increasingly irrelevant monarchy that does not help the people.

Certain newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express have with regularity written stories on the rich, famous and the royals, with the idea that their lifestyle is something to emulate, to aspire to.  In the same breath they condemn those who life their lives on benefits, whether it is because they are unemployed, sick, disabled, caring for members of their family who are themselves sick and disabled.  And there are those who are just shirkers and have no intention of working for a living.  The last group are only emulating the royals albeit on a far reduced budget than they.  Monkey see, monkey do.

Its not a healthy way for a society to be.

I realise devolution will take a while, but I hope the politicians don’t take too long over it and any more money going to Scotland comes out of politicians’ wages.   However it happens, it really is the end of the old ways of politics, time for something new.  Personally I would prefer that those who get involved in politics and aspire to office have first worked in the real world of work, got their hands dirty, so to speak and understand the concerns of those they seek to represent.  The current crop of self serving bastards need to be fed to the sharks at the London Aquarium which is only a few hundred yards from the House of Commons.  That Houses of Parliament also needs to be bulldozed as it is unfit for purpose.

Politicians have, at last realised there is a massive disquiet which will not go away now, will not be appeased by some gimmickry and a promise of jam tomorrow.  The disconnect felt for so very long has to be transformed into a tangible way in which ordinary people can engage in the political process and have ownership of what is done in our names.  Anything else just spells trouble.



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