The Scottish Question

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There has been a lot of debate on the Scottish Referendum whether Scotland ought to go independent after over 300 years of English domination, or stay.  It’s been interesting not least because for once the politicians have had a taste of their own medicine and have run to Scotland scared out of their wits there’ll be a “Yes” vote.

Last night I watched Channel 4 The Great British Breakup – a Live Debate which was passionate, well thought through and had many contributors on both sides.  As the programme progressed the arguments for remaining were less convincing, there was less of an argument for remaining in the UK.

The argument for voting Yes was more convincing with young people saying there is a disconnect with the government in Westminster.  I would argue that this disconnect is not just felt in Scotland, but by many people in the UK.

The problem lies in the fact that so many of the politicians have made a career out of politics, they have never worked in any other industry that wasn’t related in some way to politics.  They are mostly public school educated, went to Oxbridge and have formed a kind of bubble amongst themselves. They have removed themselves so far from the people they seek to govern they are a danger to themselves and to the rest of the country.  The British Monarchy which has long espoused values of tradition, countryside, loyalty and so on come from the same background, even a few of the politicians are related to the Monarchy in some cases.  Public school educated with no idea, bar academic, of what ordinary people have to go through.  They and their politicians are of the same ilk and feel comfortable with each other, and therein lies the danger.

The politicians of all parties have run to Scotland, garnered various supposedly influential people to warn against the dangers of an independent Scotland, not realising the politicians and royalty are a complete irrelevance to the rest of society.  One of the speakers in last night’s programme put it very eloquently.  The British Isles that were in existence 300+ years ago was a very different country to the Great Britain that exists today.  The world has changed so much with politicians in cahoots with big businesses.  corporations bleeding the country dry.

In a way I hope Scotland does vote Yes, and I’m really excited for them as they have an opportunity to create something unique for themselves, however hard it may be to start off with.  I hope they vote Yes because it will mean that politicians will have to listen to the voters, the people who put them where they are in the rest of the UK.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Wales and then Northern Ireland didn’t go it alone as well.

This leaves a wider question.  Since the 1960’s every government has sold off industry to foreign investors piece by piece.  The most flagrant was Thatcher followed by Blair and Brown.  The shower currently in goverment want to sell off the NHS and whatever else is left.  What does this country currently make that is a recognisable product across the world?  Cadbury’s was sold off and no longer exists.  British Leyland was sold off in the 1970’s, we no longer produce our own coal as Thatcher decided it was better to import than be self sufficient.  Education has been dumbed down so much its hardly worthwhile sending children to.  Degrees are, by and large worthless unless you want to enter the professions such as engineering, medicine, law or architecture.  This country is in the gutter and our Sovereign, Regina, gifted a baronetcy to Thatcher as a personal gift and attended the bitch’s funeral for setting the ball rolling.  Unforgivable.

This means when the balance sheet shows a balance of Zero we will truly struggle our way out.  Homes will be forfeit so various Dukes, Earls and other assorted bastard offspring of past monarchs can cash in under the guise of property companies while the rest of us beg for whatever small crumbs are allowed to fall from their overloaded tables.

When I wake up tomorrow I would like to see the promise of a new country for Scotland, which will reverberate around the rest of the UK and the world for many other people and that we actually get the opportunity in England to reshape the political spectrum into something where people are engaged on a daily basis in decision making, politicians realise they are there to serve US, the people; and we can have the kinds of lives where everyone can make a contribution to the sum total of the country and everyone’s lives.  Make things that can be sold or bartered to each other locally and further afield.  That’s where the future lies.  Where we have time for each other and our families because without families we have nothing.

I have said that we start our lives with family and, if we’re lucky we end our lives with family.  What happens in between is just stuff and we should just been nice to each other and contribute towards a good life for everyone.


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