Food for thought ….

London Life, Scottish Referendum

I know I said I’d post something lighter as last week’s news about the beheadings and so on were a bit heavy and upsetting, but life in London is picking up somewhat.  The Scottish Referendum is only 9 days away, the leaders of all three main parties have even spurned Prime Ministers Questions to go to Scotland & woo the voters.  There are increasingly more shrill voices as the politicians are getting a taste of their own medicine, for once.  They are crapping themselves silly.

Politicians on both sides are making promises I doubt many of them will keep once the votes have been counted, but that’s nothing new under the sun.

You know they’re desperate when even politicians from the USA get involved (Obama) and try to sway voters.  It’s none of their business.

Depending on which paper you read, the margins for voting are very close, although mainly in the “no” camp I think it’s too close to call which way the vote will be cast.

Quite a few scenarios have been proposed as to what might happen if a Yes vote wins through.  Alex Salmond wants to keep Sterling which will be a bit difficult, even though a Scottish Pound has been well established for many years.  Adopting the Euro would be catastrophic, so the Scots would have to think up a new currency.  However they could adopt Bitcoin which could be interesting.

So far as trade is concerned I don’t think much would change except that any products could promote Scotland’s ability to make things -“Made in Scotland” would feature prominently.

Some newspapers tried to portray the Queen as being in favour of a No vote, the Queen said she was constitutionally neutral and would leave it to the Scots to vote as they wished, but she’s a Tory through and through and will be crapping herself as well as it will mean her position will be called into question.   However, if the Scots want a Monarchy they’re welcome to her and the expense of keeping an obscenely wealthy family at the expense of its people.

The elephant in the room is that in the wake of a Yes vote from Scotland, will Wales and then Northern Ireland also want independence?  Wales certainly will, which will only leave Northern Ireland as Unionists if they decide to stay.

It maybe that this is the last time we will have a United Kingdom, it will just be England.  As most of the factories that produced anything have now been sold off to investors abroad ensuring the City rules supreme, how will England support itself?  I realise there are plenty of artesan food producers but it doesn’t make an export industry.

Its going to be very interesting watching this, who knows I might even stand for Parliament myself.  I certainly don’t think I’d do any worse than the present incumbents.


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