Where are we going?

London Life

I’ve not posted for a few weeks as I’ve been busy decorating my living room.   My head has been full of colours, what goes with this, or that rather than food.

Life is taking on a very strange tone in that there seems to be some kind of purge going on in British public life.  The latest scandal is that of 1,400 children being sexually abused in Rotherham in Yorkshire and nobody taking any responsibility.   I find it staggering.   The men who perpetrated this were mainly of Pakistani origin.  The excuse given by authorities why they didn’t intervene, they didn’t want to offend the perpetrators.  The local councillor has said the real reason was that the girls weren’t considered important enough to bother about.   There may be a bit of truth in both arguments as there is a country wide breakdown in social services towards children.  Everytime a child is killed by it’s carers, be they parents, relatives or friends of the family, there is the same hand-wringing and platitudes about “learning lessons”, “not repeating the same mistakes” and so on.

Despite the fact there are laws enacted in the UK to protect children from abuse they mean nothing to those in authority.  They are simply there as guidelines and as social services are cut back through government cuts, those in the front line have taken on larger workloads beyond safe capacity where each child can be individually helped, the same stories will continue to be publicised.  The bottom line is vulnerable children need to be protected for their and our good.  We don’t have much of a society if we can’t protect them.

I’ll post up with more food stories and recipes next week.


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