Ice cream heaven

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It’ s muggy and cloudy, the calm before the storm.   Hurricane Bertha is about to hit the UK in the next few days and it’s sweltering, humid and I just wanna keep cool, so here’s my easy recipe for ice cream that’s a breeze.  You will need an ice cream maker.  The best ones are those that have a paddle that is centrally placed.  Having done my research for a year before I finally took the plunge the two that I would recommend are Cuisinart, there was a similar one under the John Lewis brand but I haven’t seen it this year so I don’t know if its still made by them, and a new contender by Lakeland, although they have a timer added to theirs – not sure why as it’s unnecessary.

Basic ice cream mix

1 ltr ready made custard

300ml single cream

3-4 desertspoons caster sugar or to taste.

Any fruits or flavours you want to add.

Mix the ready made custard & single cream together, add them to the ice cream maker as it’s churning.  As the mixture thickens the sound will change and you can add the sugar slowly, keep tasting to ensure it has the right flavour.   Place into a plastic container and freeze for a couple of hours until firmer.


Lavender Ice Cream

Use the basic ice cream mixture as above.  Instead of using ordinary caster sugar, get or make some lavender sugar (easily made ahead of time, place a good ½lb caster sugar with 2 tblspns lavender flowers into an airtight container and leave for a minimum of 3 weeks).  You can then use it to make lavender biscuits, lavender ice creams, in fact anything lavender flavoured.

1 drop of lavender oil measured on a teaspoon.

This may seem like a small amount, but lavender is a very strong oil (esp the aromatherapy oils) and 1 drop goes a long way.  You want it to taste delicate & floral, not like Granny’s soap.

Place the mixture in the ice cream maker as above and serve.  The taste of summer – very grown up indeed.


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