A Londoner’s Look at the Week

London Life, Summer

In amongst the recipes that nuture us and give us enjoyment, there are times when a bit of reportage of what’s going on in daily life needs to slip in, so …

It’s been an interesting week where one of the most beloved entertainers, Rolf Harris, has been sentenced to 8 years in jail for molesting women and young girls over a 40 year period here in the UK. It then transpires he was doing the same thing in Australia. I feel sick as though my whole childhood was a lie.

Then an investigation into the long lost dossier on paedophilia within government, police, juidiciary, celebrity, media and even those working closely in royal circles first mentioned by the late Geoffrey Dickinson MP that was given to the then Home Secretary Leon Britton, himself a pederast. Well I think we can conclude what’s happened to that bit of evidence.

The stench of corruption is bad enough but THIS really is too much.

The BBC reporting has, recent years sunk to the mundane, the boring, the unimportant, suddenly in the furore of the latest round of revelations found itself reporting all sorts of interesting real news that deflected interest away from its own role in this most heinous of scandals. The fact that the BBC not only employed two of the most prolific child sex abusers, but turned a blind eye to what was going on and continued to feed the publicity that these were wholesome people who could be trusted with children is something it has not yet admitted in its own report a couple of years ago when the Jimmy Savile scandal first broke. “That was then, it’s different now”. It’s simply not good enough. How many others are also being hidden behind closed doors? How far up does it go?

MPs are the biggest cowards of all, they are so quick to tell us how we should live our lives, that we have to be accountable, but they are the least accountable of all. They are buggers, child fuckers and the most sordid of people.

The one common thread they have is they have all attended public schools. For those not familiar with the British school system, public schools are those that parents pay directly to educate their children while state schools are where everyone else sends their children.

Public schools seem to remove any notion of humanity in the children they produce, there is no compassion, no empathy, nothing one would recognise as common decency. They foster bullying, homosexuality, preying on younger children while being preyed on themselves. These are the virtues most of the newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express that encourage ordinary people to aspire to, that somehow those who attend these public schools are “better” than someone who attended their local comprehensive school. Public schools teach these children the assumption that they are born to rule over the rest of us, that life owes them, that the rest of us are vermin and to be treated as such.

Although it’s a good thing that an inquiry has been launched by the present home secretary, I think it was probably the right thing for Elizabeth Butler-Sloss to stand down. It looked just a little too cozy as her late brother was Michael Havers, Attorney General when the Dickinson dossier first broke out, and was instrumental in burying it. Highly respected as she is in her own right, heading an inquiry into this matter would not have been right.

What was also interesting was watching Norman Tebbitt, former cabinet minister in Thatcher’s government attempt to explain away why this dossier had been hidden away, that the establishment had to be protected. It seems to me that the establishment still wants to be protected, still wants this to just go away.

If anything other than a wholesale purge not just of everyone involved at that time, but of the whole lot of these sickening parasites, is recommended there will be riots in the streets and justifiably so.   No stone can be left unturned. Those who perpetrate, are complicit even if they do not take part themselves, or encourage this abuse of children need to be purged from public life forthwith and their assets removed. In fact it was very telling that shortly before this revelation David Cameron made a speech where a new law was to be introduced ensuring public institutions where ordinary people work are made accountable for any paedophilia, what was noticeable by its absence was any such accountability of those in parliament. Sad to say they really do deserve what they get.

The idea they would end up in jail sodomising each other would be just too much, I’m afraid something rather more grizzly would have to be considered.   Ritual humiliation is one possibility but I’m sure there are those who could think of more imaginative solutions.


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