Quick Suppers

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Like most people I have days when I’m undecided as to what to eat, or what to do with the ingredients I have that will inspire me.   To this end I’ve got a small selection of books that I delve into when I find myself getting into a culinary rut.
Its now past Summer Solstice, the sun is shining, its warm and I just wanted something to celebrate this brief moment of joy.  I found a great recipe from Nigella Lawson’s Forever Summer that allowed me to put a slightly different take on it which I’ll share with you here:

250g tagiatelle or fettucine
15g butter,
1 tblsp olive oil
4 courgettes or round squash cut into rough strips
1 clove garlic

A real mix of arabic and mediterranean influences in one meal!

A real mix of arabic and mediterranean influences in one meal!

50g sultanas
2-3tblspn sherry
25g pine nuts or sunflowers if you haven’t got pine nuts, they make a perfectly respectable substitute.
1 tin of sardines in oil
zest of ½ lemon & the juice of a whole lemon
25g feta cheese
small bunch parsley chopped.
salt & pepper to season

Put the pasta into boiling salted water.  Melt the butter into the oil and saute the strips of courgette turning every 30 seconds or so, adding the sultanas, garlic, sherry and lemon zest once the courgette has gained a bit of colour.  Add the sardines and lemon juice and heat through, you don’t want to break up the sardines to a mush, crumble the feta into the pasta with the parsley.  Taste and season as necessary, you may find this is salty enough with the feta and sardines alone, in which case as much pepper as you like and serve.

A real mix of arabic and mediterranean influences in one meal!


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