Now that summer has arrived at long last, there is an air of lightness in how people dress, that the days are longer, warmer and the ability to enjoy what life has to offer is so much easier in some respects.  Something I like doing making up menus on a theme as I go along and lately it’s been minute steak which seems to be very much to the fore in supermarkets at present.  This is either beef or pork very thinly sliced so that it just needs to be fried for a minute on a very hot pan.  I find the best way to have this is to oil the meat, not to put oil in the pan, season both sides with salt, pepper and garlic finely sliced.  This can be served with salad, chips; or in a wrap with avocado and tomato. 

Although London is brimming with colour at the moment because of the sun my small garden is a little unkempt because I was quite ill a few weeks ago and need to do some work to it to make it tidier, I found today my redcurrent bush is brimming with beautiful, sharp, fruity jewels, my white current bush is gallantly trying it’s best to provide its share of spoils, although not yet ready for a week or so and my raspberries are already ready for picking and made a wonderful accompaniment to some saturn peaches I bought.   I love saturn peaches, or doughnuts as they’re colloquially known among greengrocers.  White flesh peaches are like pure nectar, perfumed, sweet and juicy beyond belief, if you put them together with raspberries and redcurrents and ice cream you have the best summer can offer. 


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