A Personal View on the EU Elections 2014

Food, London Life, Polish

The results of the EU elections are now known and it seems EU citizens have become rather more than disenchanted with politicians than previously imagined.   I can undersand the disaffection in the EU as several countries have borne the brunt of austerity measures in the past 6 years, some of them quite brutal.

Politicians have to answer for this state of affairs as well, many politicians in the West have become a kind of exclusive club where they imagine only they have the answers and these are imposed upon the elctorate who are increasingly treated with contempt quite openly.  Such arrogance has a price and it was paid in the EU Elections.

Here in the UK UKIP have made some strong gains both locally and in the EU election and, although the rhetoric has been mainly against immigration (which is unfounded and been argued against vociferously) the main unease has been with growing federalism within the EU, particularly the EU US Free Trade Agreement which is so one-sided it’s tragic and should be scrapped immediately.

How things go from here can only be guessed at this point, but it’s certainly a big wake up call to the established parties that if they thought things would only go their way as always, the electorate have other ideas and change has to happen.

From a personal perspective I’ve enjoyed the recent immigration of EU nationals from the Slavic countries who have come with good intentions of working hard to make a living and earning a better life, which is no bad thing as the economy benefits all round.  One of these benefits is that there is more variety in the kind of food we eat, a better quality and even supermarkets are having to improve the kind of food they provide if they are to keep a share of the markets.   The best thing about living in London is hearing different languages being spoken in public without feeling self conscious, the open friendliness that has transpired in recent years and a realisation among other immigrants that if you come and work hard you can make something of yourself.  The mistake the indigenous people make would be to suppose that is a weakness as, if these immigrant families moved out tomorrow, the UK would collapse inside a month. 


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